10 Characteristics Of God’s Mercy {That Make It Special.}

The Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament talks a lot about God’s mercy and this post will look at the 10 characteristics of God’s mercy that makes it special.

God’s divine mercy and compassion are the reason why we as fallen sinful humans can be saved from sin and its horrible consequence, which is death. It’s also the reason why you are alive and breathing today as you are reading this.

Without God’s mercy, none of us will exist now which makes God’s grace and mercy very special and priceless. We all need God’s divine mercy as we are fallen sinful humans who need God’s forgiveness.

This forgiveness of sins is made possible via God’s divine mercy and love that none of us can earn without good works. It is by His grace and mercy we obtain salvation and eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

With that said, let’s look at the 10 major characteristics of God’s mercy that goes hand in hand with His love and grace which are one of the most important divine attributes of God.

10 Characteristics Of God’s Divine Mercy.

Below are the 10 major characteristics of God’s divine mercy and grace that makes it possible for us to be saved today.

  • Brings Forgiveness Of Sins.
  • It’s A Free Gift.
  • Based On Love.
  • Infinite.
  • Based On Grace.
  • Brings Salvation.
  • Delays God’s Judgment.
  • God’s Mercy Is Unconditional.
  • God’s Mercy Is Unmerited.
  • Universal.

1. Brings Forgiveness Of Sins.

One of the most important characteristics of God’s mercy is that it brings divine forgiveness of our sins no matter how much our sin offends Him.

We can know that if we ask for forgiveness for our sins, He will always forgive us and save us from our sins if we believe and accept His forgiveness through Christ Jesus (Romans 10:9-10). We don’t have to try to deserve His forgiveness because He already loves us so much.

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2. It’s A Free Gift.

Another trait that makes God’s mercy special is that it is a free gift and it’s something we can’t earn through our good works which will never be enough to repay the underserved mercies we all enjoy in our lives.

God’s undeserved love, grace, and mercy are the reason why sinners have another day to live and the opportunity to repent and turn from their wicked ways, which sadly most ignore, and take for granted.

3. Based On Love.

Love is the foundation of God’s mercy as without love, there cannot be divine mercy. The reason why the lord is rich in merciful as Ephesians 2:4 tells us in the New Testament is because of His great love for us.

If God didn’t love us, He wouldn’t be merciful to us at all considering all the bad things we do against Him almost daily. However, God’s undeserved mercies and goodness in our lives are the reasons why we are alive today.

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4. Infinite.

Just as God’s love, grace, and forgiveness are infinite, God’s mercy is also unsearchable and infinite. Implying that you can’t measure God’s mercy as His mercy is vast and able to forgive any sin and offense one commits.

If God’s mercies were finite, then, I don’t think many of us will be alive today as we would have quickly exhausted our mercy quota with the sins we regularly commit knowingly and unknowingly.

5. Based On Grace.

God’s divine mercy He shows in our lives even when we don’t deserve it, is all due to His undeserved grace as without grace, there can’t be mercy as mercy by itself is unmerited.

It’s why the Psalmist King David writes in Psalms 86:5 in the old testament that the Lord abounds in steadfast love and mercy which is why we can be forgiven of all our sins we commit against Him if we confess and forsake them.

6. Brings Salvation.

You can’t talk about God’s mercy without including salvation in the picture as salvation is a product of God’s undeserved tender mercy and divine love He has for us.

As you may know, we are all sinners by birth worthy of death and judgment but as Romans 5:8-10 tells us due to His great mercy, God loved us so much even while were yet sinners deserving of death that He sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins.

If God wasn’t rich in mercy, He would have let us die and perish in our sins in hellfire without remedy. The fact that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for your sins even if you did not deserve His mercies is a testimony of how merciful God is.

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7. Delays God’s Judgment.

God’s mercy is also one other special trial it has which is why any sinner gets a second chance and is never judged immediately after they sin. If that were the case, no one would be saved.

It’s why 2 Peter 3:9 that the Lord is longsuffering not willing that any should perish and face His wrath on judgment day but all must come to repentance. Sadly, many take this for granted and continue to live in willful sin.

God’s mercy is the reason why this world and every sinner in it hasn’t been judged yet as God is giving everyone an opportunity to come to Him in repentance even when sin is on the increase as you can see for yourself.

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8. God’s Mercy Is Unconditional.

Another attribute of God’s mercy is that it’s unconditional just as His love, grace, and compassion are. Implying that anyone regardless of their ugly past or sinfulness can obtain God’s mercy today if they come to Him in repentance.

God’s mercy being unconditional is what makes it possible for all of us to be saved because the truth of the matter is none of us deserve His mercy.

Any sinner regardless of how grave their sin, can obtain God’s mercy and pardon for their sin if they repent and come to Jesus Christ to ask for the forgiveness of their iniquity.

9. God’s Mercy Is Unmerited.

By being unmerited, it implies that we don’t earn God’s mercy through our good works or deeds as our good deeds are not enough to pay off our sins but on Christ’s sacrifice for us on Calvary’s cross as He bore our sins (1 Peter 2:24).

Thus, God’s mercy does not depend on how good of a person we are but on His unmerited grace that makes it possible for everyone regardless of their sinful condition to be saved at the mercy seat of Christ Jesus.

10. Universal.

Last but not least, God’s mercy is universal. Implying that it is available to all people everywhere on earth, at all times, regardless of their sinfulness or condition.

The mercies of the Lord know no race, color, social status, gender, or creed as anyone anywhere is a candidate of His mercies He shows to all.

Whether you are rich, poor, educated or uneducated, white or black, you can partake of His mercies that don’t discriminate against anyone as we are all sinners who need God’s mercy and forgiveness of our sins.


I hope the above 10 characteristics of God’s mercy will now help you appreciate the grace and mercy God has and is still showing in your life.

My prayer after reading this is you don’t take the mercies of the Lord for granted but repent and turn away from sin if you haven’t done so yet before it’s too late when you die.

In closing, if this post has been edifying to you, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. God bless.

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