7 Examples Of Those Who Waited On The Lord & Got Blessed

Waiting upon the Lord can be challenging but this post on 7 examples of those who waited on the Lord will give you the encouragement you need to wait upon God.

The Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament is full of stories of people and heroes of faith who waited upon the Lord and were richly rewarded for their patience.

As we look at these bible characters, we will be reminded that God’s timing in life is always the best and patience pays.

If you want to receive the best the Lord has to offer, you have to learn to patiently wait upon Him even when it’s hard. Many don’t receive the best the Lord has to offer due to impatience.

With that said, let’s look at 7 examples of those who waited on the Lord and the great rewards and blessings they received for their patience.

7 Bible Characters Who Waited On The Lord.

Below are the 7 examples of bible characters who waited upon the Lord with unwavering faith until they received the blessings God had promised them.

  • Abraham.
  • Hannah.
  • Elizabeth & Zechariah.
  • Job.
  • Noah.
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Esther.

1. Abraham.

The patriarch Abraham in the Old Testament dubbed as the father of faith is one of the most common bible characters who waited on God’s perfect timing to receive His promise of being a father of many nations as promised in Genesis 17:4.

As you may be aware Abraham and Sarah were childless for quite some time but still waited in faith upon the Lord to fulfill His promise of him having a child and being a father of many nations even if it took a long time for that promise to be fulfilled.

Due to His patience, God finally blessed Abraham with a child named Isaac when he was 100 years and went on to be a father of many nations as promised. You as well, if you are waiting to have a child for a while, you will have one in due time just don’t give up.

2. Hannah.

Hannah too was a great woman of faith who also waited upon the Lord to bless her with the fruit of the womb as she was childless for quite some time just as Abraham was (1 Samuel 1:1-20).

However, she didn’t give up and hoped God will one day bless her with a child, and answer her prayer request, which eventually was answered.

As we see in 1 Samuel 1:20-28 Hannah was finally blessed with a Child names Samuel who became a great prophet of Israel. You as well, if you have been praying for a child for a while, your prayer will be answered and you will have your child. Amen.

3. Elizabeth & Zechariah.

Elizabeth and Zachariah are also famous bible characters who waited on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. Just like the 3 above, this couple too had been childless for a while but don’t give up hope on quitting waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb.

Eventually, as we see in Luke 1:41-44, Elizabeth and Zechariah were blessed with a child named John the Baptist who became a great forerunner of our Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

As we see in all the above 3 cases, the above persons were blessed with wonderful children who made it worth the wait and didn’t give up hope. You as well must not give up hope, as God will bless you with children as well at the right time.

4. Job.

Job is another person in the bible who waited on the Lord despite the horrible pain and suffering He went through in his life. As you know, Job was tested and he lost everything he had as we see in Job 1:13-22.

However, in all his suffering, Job never gave up his faith or hope that the Lord will one day restore all that he had lost which the Lord eventually did in Job 42:10. Consequently, Job had twice what he had at first.

You as well, if you are in a similar situation to Job, where you seem to have lost everything you had, don’t quit waiting on the Lord for restoration as He will bless you 10 fold than what you have lost or had earlier just as He did to Job.

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5. Noah.

Noah in the Old Testament is another person who waited upon God. As you know, Noah had to build the ark and warn the people of the impending destruction of the world for 120 years which was quite long if you ask me as we see in Genes 5:32 & Genesis 6:13-22.

By faith, Noah obeyed what the Lord told him to do and built the arak. He listened and trusted God that He can’t break His promise, which is why he and his family was rescued from sudden destruction when others perished in the flood.

The story of Noah’s ark is another example of why trusting and waiting upon God to fulfill His promise at the right time is beneficial. If Noah was impatient and never trusted God, he would have perished, as he wouldn’t have built the ark that took 120 years to build.

6. Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This post will be incomplete if the Lord Jesus Christ wasn’t included as He’s the perfect model and example we must follow in the new testament when it comes to waiting upon God.

As we are all familiar with the story of Christ Jesus, we also see that Christ had to wait as well for 30 years to begin His ministry His father had called Him to which began when he was 30 (Matthews 4:1-17).

Jesus Christ waiting on God to fulfill His mission at 30, is a reminder of why we must not be in a hurry if we are to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. If Christ were in a hurry, He would not have fulfilled His great mission of being our savior by dying for our sins.

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7. Esther.

Last but not least, we also see that Ester in the book of Ester also waited for the right time for God to deliver herself and her Jewish people from sudden annihilation and extermination from the face of the earth.

It’s why she risked her life by approaching the king as we see in Esther 5:1-10 for the plight of her people by faith knowing that she could die. Her story is a perfect example of how God timely delivers His children from the enemy.

Eventually, the Lord saved Esther and managed to deliver her people with the help of Mordecai who showed up at the right time in her life when King Haman who wanted them and all the Jews killed was hanged instead (Esther 7:10).


The above 7 examples of those who waited on the Lord are among many in the bible who waited upon God and were blessed in the end.

My prayer after reading this is that you will learn to wait on Go the right way as the above people did as waiting on God always pays off big time.

In closing, if this post edified your trust in God’s perfect timing in your life, even more, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave, God bless.

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    • Oh, dear sis in the Lord that’s good to hear and glad your faith was renewed by reading this post and may the Lord continue blessing you and renewing your strength day by day on your Christian walk with the Lord..

    • That’s sweet to hear dear sweet sis in the Lord. Indeed, there are great blessings that come when you wait upon the Lord as only those who wait on Him receive the Best from Him. God bless.

  1. Biggest AhHah moment for me is Wait because things happen! Miracles happen when a person waits!

    Jesus waited for 30 years to start his ministry.
    Jesus waited 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.

    If he can wait so can we!

    One of the biggest examples that stood out to me during this reading was about Noah.


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