How To Overcome The Pride Of Life [In 5 Practical Steps]

Overcoming the pride of life can be a big challenge to overcome and if you are strolling with this type of lust, then this post on how to overcome the pride of life is for you.

The pride of life is one of the common 3 types of lusts mentioned in 1 John 2:17 that are found in this world that a Christian must not have.

If you are struggling with overcoming the pride of life that has ruined many Christians, this post on how to overcome the pride of life will show you how to do it before it destroys you.

What Is The Pride Of Life?

The Pride of Life is the love of admiration, worldly honor, attention, praise, or the desire to be admired. It is one of the seven deadly sins in Christian theology.

Pride is a very powerful force or spirit that can affect anyone and makes one desire to be better than others, to stand out, and to look good.

The Bible teaches us that this is a wicked attitude and those who have it will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 John 2:15-17).

Pride of life is a sin that has been defined by many different religions, cultures, and eras. However, the pride of life is always considered to be a sin because it causes a person to want more than they need or deserve.

Also, the sin of pride isn’t just about being proud: it’s about being proud for the wrong reasons such as loving ourselves too much, loving what we have too much, and loving our gifts more than God who gave them to us.

Pride or the pride of life can cause us to think that we know better than God what His plan for us should be or how He wants us to live our lives which is why it’s dangerous.

What Causes Pride?

Pride comes from a desire to be more important than others. We want to be seen as superior in some way, whether it’s in our appearance or our abilities, or our achievements.

We may also want to make ourselves look good in front of other people, so we will make up stories about ourselves or exaggerate what we have done to impress them.

When we do this, we often overlook the good qualities of other people and focus only on ourselves and what makes us unique.

This can lead us away from God because when we love ourselves too much, it becomes difficult for us to love God as much as He deserves.

Sin is also the cause of pride in our lives. In fact, sin is the reason why people are prideful such that they think highly of themselves and look down on others.

The devil, too is responsible for our pride in our lives that makes us want to be superior to others and causes us to think we are more important than others.

Satan is the father of all pride as we know it and he got his pride when he forgot that he was a created being and wanted to be like God and to receive the glory He as this is only meant for Him (Isaiah 14:12-14).

5 Ways Of Overcoming The Pride Of Life.

Below are the 5 practical ways that will help you overcome the pride of life with references to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament.

  • Recognize Your Sinfulness.
  • Ask God To Give You A New Heart And Mind.
  • Recognize Its Dangers.
  • Avoid Carnal Comparison To Others.
  • Ask God To Make You Humble.

1. Recognize Your Sinfulness.

The first thing or step you need to take to overcome the pride of life that’s about to ruin your life is you need to admit your sinfulness and repent of it.

You need to understand that the pride of life you may be having in your life comes from the sinful nature you are born with that makes you want things that make you exalt yourself or make you feel more important than others.

Admitting the sin of pride in your heart that makes you boastful or arrogant about your earthly achievements making you think that you don’t need God or salvation is the first thing you need to do to overcome this deadly sin.

Remember as Proverbs 16:18 states that pride only leads to destruction and if you don’t want it to lead to your ruin, the best you can do is repent of it by giving your life to Jesus Christ so that He can make you a new creature who’s meek and humble.

2. Ask God To Give You A New Heart And Mind.

Adding on to the first point, the second thing you need to do to overcome the pride of life is you need to ask God to give you a new heart He promises in Ezekiel 36:26 and remove the prideful and sinful heart you are naturally born with.

In the above verse, the Lord has promised that if you give your life to Him fully, He will transform you from the inside by removing the sinful stony heart you are born with and replacing it with the new heart of flesh that will make you humble.

The reason why we are naturally prideful and hate to submit to God’s word is because of the natural sinful pride we are all born with that resides in our hearts that makes us high-minded and arrogant as if we came into this world by ourselves.

However, when you fully repent of your pride and become truly born again in Christ Jesus, you receive a new heart, a new mind, and a new spirit that makes you meek, humble, and lowly in spirit.

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3. Recognize Its Dangers.

When you begin to recognize the dangers that come with the pride of life and the destruction it comes with, you will begin to refrain from it and start embracing the life of humility.

The bible in Proverbs 16:18 tells us that pride comes before destruction and this can be seen in Satan who fell from heaven and lost all the glory he once had due to pride and arrogance that made him want to be like God.

I am sure just like myself, you have seen and witnessed the horrific destruction and ruin pride brings to one’s life to people who were on top in life but fell due to their pride and arrogance.

Knowing all the above consequences that come with pride will make you realize that pride and arrogance don’t make sense and that you have nothing to lose when you embrace a life of humility that will make the Lord exalt you.

4. Avoid Carnal Comparison To Others.

Another thing you need to do to remove the pride of life you have developed over time is to stop carnally comparing yourself to others who seem to have more or have what you don’t.

The bible in Philippians 4:11-13 tells us that we must be content in all we have no matter how little it may be. Having this godly contentment in your life will stop you from comparing yourself to others.

But if you are not content with what you have, you will start comparing yourself to others and if you have more than the people you are comparing yourself to, you will begin to think that you are better than them due to your pride.

You need to understand that God is the one who gives the power to be rich and wealthy. Knowing that will help you avoid the pride of carnal comparison to others who have less and think you are better than they are as you know all you have is because of God.

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5. Ask God To Make You Humble.

Last but not least, the last thing you need to do after doing all the above is to pray and ask God to give you a heart of humility that will avoid you from being high-minded and thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to.

1 Timothy 6:17 tells us we must not be high minded especially if we are rich and trust in uncertain riches instead of the Lord Jesus Christ who’s the perfect solution for all the life problems we face.

If you have been high-minded in the past but want not to as you are reading this, you need to pray and ask Jesus Christ to remove the spirit of high-mindedness that may be active in your life and replace it with a meek spirit that will help you avoid being prideful.

Having a meek spirit of Christ Jesus in your life is what will keep you humble in life and help you not boast of what you have as you know you are what you are because of God’s grace in your life and not by yourself.

Closing Remarks.

I hope the above article on how to overcome the pride of life will now help you avoid being prideful but pursue humility as having a prideful and a haughty spirit in life only leads to ruin. In closing, if this post has benefited you in some way, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay humble always.

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