How To Prepare For Eternity In 7 Simple Steps [+Sermon].

Have you ever wondered where you will spend eternity when you die? Or how to prepare for it? Then this post on how to prepare for eternity is what you need.

It’s just a matter of fact that one day we will all die and will have to face eternity beyond the grave which is why you need to start preparing for eternity right now before it’s too late.

And this post on how to prepare for eternity will help you be ready for eternity and where you will spend it at any moment as death can come to you at any moment.

What Does It Mean To Live For Eternity?

Living for eternity simply means living your life for the world to come by setting your affections on things above and not on things of the earth as Colossians 3:2 wonderfully puts it.

It means that you don’t live for this world but live for Jesus Christ in whom everlasting life can only be found so that you can be with Him in glory when you close your eyes in death.

And if you are living with eternity in view, the things of this world be it riches won’t be appealing to you as you know God has prepared better things for you in heaven where your true riches are.

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7 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Eternity.

Below are the 7 steps you must take to prepare yourself for eternity and where you will spend it when you die so that you don’t end up in hellfire with the devil and his angels.

  • Be Saved.
  • True Repentance.
  • Be Heavenly Minded.
  • Remember This Word Isn’t Your Home.
  • Pray For God’s Grace.
  • Read God’s Word.
  • Live A Holy Life.

1. Be Saved.

Being saved is the first important step you need to take to prepare for eternity so that you can spend eternity in heaven with God, Jesus Christ and the redeemed saints of all the ages when all is said and done with your earthly life.

Remember, salvation is a free gift from God, but it’s not automatic. We must individually accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord Savior by faith which is why Acts 16:31 says, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”

Accepting Christ as your personal Lord and saviour is the most important decision you will ever make in your life before you die and it’s not one to be taken lightly. Remember, without salvation which brings eternal life, you can’t enter heaven.

If you are not saved yet, I encourage you lovingly that you must be saved right now as you are reading this because tomorrow isn’t promised and at any moment, you can slip into eternity.

Remember, when you die, judgement is what follows next as Hebrews 9:27 wonderfully sums it up. And if you die without salvation in your life by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour, you will be very unfortunate indeed, dear.

I encourage you to earnestly pray about your salvation so that you can escape the wrath and judgment that’s coming on all unsaved sinners who rejected the offer of salvation while on earth (1 Thessalonians 1:10).

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2. True Repentance.

For you to be saved and be prepared for eternity, you need to truly repent and forsake your sins so that Jesus Christ can forgive you of your sins (Proverbs 28:13).

Without true repentance, you can’t be saved and go to heaven because genuine repentance precedes salvation. The reason why most people don’t have a real salvation experience in their lives is that their repentance isn’t genuine.

And one of the signs that will show that your repentance is genuine is that you will have godly sorrow for your sins which leads to true repentance as 2 Corinthians 7:10 puts it. You will also desire to sin no more or have nothing to do with your past sinful lifestyle.

Remember, genuine repentance means changing your mind about sin and turning away from it and unto God. Anything less than that isn’t true repentance.

Most people say that they have repented of their sins and are born again on their way to heaven but their lifestyle prove otherwise. It’s these same people who repent on the altar call but a few minutes later are back to their old sinful ways.

Bear in mind that unless you truly repent and forsake your sins, you will likewise perish as Jesus Christ said in Luke 13:3-5 as true repentance is what leads to salvation and eternal life.

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3. Be Heavenly Minded.

To prepare for eternity, you need to be heavenly minded by having your heart, mind and affections set on things in heaven and not the corruptible thing of this earth which will one day pass away as Colossians 3:2 says.

If you are not heavenly minded but are too engrossed with the things of this world, you won’t be ready for eternity if you die today as your heart will have been carried away by the things of this world and the mundane cares of this life.

This is why our Lord Jesus Christ told us in Luke 21:34 that we must not let our hearts be overtaken with the surfeiting, drunkenness and cares of this life which has carried away many people such that eternity isn’t even in their minds anymore.

As a truly born again Christian or believer, you must remember, that this world is temporary and that you won’t live here forever as the heathens erroneously think like the rich fool in Luke 12:13-21.

Don’t be like that rich fool the above verse talks about who only cared about his earthy riches and had no regard for where his precious soul will spend eternity when he died.

Remember, you are only passing by in this word to a far better county whose maker and architect is God where everlasting life, joy, happiness and glory of the Lord resides and will be for all eternity which you just can’t afford to miss just because of this world dear saint of God.

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4. Remember This Word Isn’t Your Home.

This is one of the most important things you need to remember as a truly born again Christian that this world isn’t your home and you are just passing by to a far better country (Hebrews 11:16).

Sadly, most people including many Christians behave as if this world is their home and they are too earthbound and care little about things pertaining to eternity that will last forever.

Many people are concerned about accumulating wealth and riches in this world which will pass away one day instead of laying themselves treasure in heaven as Jesus Christ said in Matthews 6:19-21 where Moths and thieves can’t break in to steal.

This ought not to be so dear saint if you want to spend eternity with God in heaven and not in hellfire with the devil and his angels which is full of everlasting misery, regret and torment.

Remember, when your earthly life comes to an end one day and all the riches and wealth you accumulated in your life will be left behind as you came naked into this word and so will you return to the grave.

And beyond the grave, eternity is what follows and if you were carnal and never minded heavenly things during your earthly life, you will be at a great loss indeed.

5. Pray For God’s Grace.

Prayer is very important in the preparation for eternity in one’s Christian life. You need prayer if you want to be ready for eternity when you leave this earth and stand before the judgment seat of Christ to account for how you lived your life on earth.

You need prayer because there are so many things and temptations from Satan that will come your way and try to hinder you from getting to heaven.

Remember as Ephesians 6:12-18 says, we are in a spiritual battle and the devil will bring many things and temptations your way to draw your attention away from heavenly things.

There are many things the devil will use on this earth to make you be careless about your life and forget that there is still life after death beyond the grave.

Some of the things Satan will use to hinder you from entering heaven will be sin, the pleasures of this world, riches of this world and so on.

This is why you need to pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to grate you the grace you need to overcome this world just as He did so that the things of this world may not be the reason why you fail to make it for heaven in the end when you leave this earth.

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6. Read God’s Word.

Reading God’s word daily will help you put your faith in God and believer the promise He has made in His word of which being with Him in heaven is one of those promises.

Since according to Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing and hearing from God’s word, you must read the bible daily that will help you be established in His word.

As it’s His word that will act as a lamp and guide in your path (Psalms 119:11) so that you don’t fall into sin which brings death and eternal punishment in hellfire. Also, His word is what will help you examine yourself whether you are in the Lord or not.

God’s word is what will keep you from stumbling and falling into sin which hinders one from getting to heaven in the first place which is why you need to read the bible daily as it’s life unto your soul responsible for the salvation of your soul.

Without reading God’s word which brings salvation and eternal life by grace through faith to all those who wholeheartedly believe in it, how will you be saved or know that there is a wonderful place called heaven?

So, if you want to be prepared for eternity and make it for heaven and not face eternal death or eternal punishment in hellfire when you die then, reading God’s word must be your daily ritual dear saint.

7. Live A Holy Life.

Last and not least, for you to prepare for eternity which immediately comes after your physical death here on earth, you need to live a holy life.

We are told in Hebrews 12:14 that without holiness, no man shall see the Lord and later on be with Him in heaven for all eternity.

Living a holy life that’s pure, free from sin and unspotted from the evil pollutions of this world is a must if you want to spend eternity with God in heaven as nothing unclean or unholy will enter there as Revelations 21:27 wonderfully puts it.

Sadly, most people don’t pursue holy living and erroneously think it’s not possible to be holy in this present evil world but if that was the case the Lord would not have told us to be holy just as He’s holy in 1 Peter 1:16.

The fact that Lord calls us unto holiness, He knows that by His grace, we can live a holy life that’s above sin only if we are willing to. Most people love their sin which is why they say holy living is not possible.

However, you must remember as Jesus Christ said in Matthews 5:8 that only those with a holy and pure heart that is washed and cleansed by His blood that cleanses one from all sin will make it for heaven and see God in all His glory at last. Won’t that be wonderful dear saint?

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Closing Remarks.

Those were the 7 steps I had to share with you on how to prepare for eternity so that you can have everlasting life in heaven and not in hellfire with the devil and his angels when you die. In closing, if you found this post edifying, let me know in the comments below any questions you might have on what you have read. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share.

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