7 Powerful Prayers For Overcoming The Flesh {In No Time.}

In this post, you will discover a list of 7 prayers for overcoming the flesh that will help you overcome the lust of the flesh in no time.

It’s just a matter of fact many Christians out there seem to struggle a lot with lust and dirty lustful thoughts that leads them to sexual immorality.

If you are to overcome the lust of the flesh, lustful thoughts, and dirty fleshly desires wreaking havoc in your Christian life, you need prayer in your life big time.

You need to understand that you can only overcome the lust of the flesh if you are a true born-again Christian and through prayer as overcoming sinful fleshly lusts is a spiritual battle that can only be won through prayer.

So, if you are a person who’s been struggling to overcome the lust of the flesh leading you to all manner of sexual sins such as fornication etc., then, the 7 prayers for overcoming the flesh below will be of great help to you to win this battle of the flesh.

What Is The Lust Of The Flesh?

The lust of the flesh simply refers to sinful lusts and desires such as sexual immorality, fornication, adultery, and all other works of the flesh Galatians 5:19-21 talks about what our sinful flesh naturally wants to do.

The lust for the flesh is the reason why sexual immorality, fornication, and adultery are rampant in our society and even in the church today. Also, the spirit of lust reigning in a lot of people is the reason why there is so much sexual perversion in our society today.

All the abortions and unwanted pregnancies you see all due to the spirit of lust reigning in many people’s hearts, especially the young people of today’s wicked generation.

You need to understand that since we are naturally born sinners, we naturally desire to fulfill these sinful fleshly desires that are contrary to God’s word.

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You Can Only Defeat The Flesh Via Christ Jesus.

The only way you can overcome the spirit of lust in your life and the immoral evil thoughts that make your mind dirty is via the help of our Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins so that sin does not have dominion over you.

When you invite and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior, you inherit a new nature Ephesians 4:24 talks about the new testament created in God’s likeness that will help you to no longer fulfill the sinful desires of the flesh.

You also need to remember that without Christ Jesus in your life, you can’t overcome the evil desires of the flesh as they come embedded with the natural sinful nature we are all born with.

So, if you are struggling with sexual sin, immoral evil thoughts, and evil desires, you need Jesus Christ in your life now so that you can be saved and no longer controlled by evil fleshly desires of the flesh.

Only when you become truly saved and give your life to Christ Jesus, will you find it easy to overcome the lust of the flesh along with its evil desires and passions it comes with.

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7 Prayers For Overcoming Fleshy Lusts.

Below are the 7 prayers that will help you overcome lustful thoughts and any evil fleshy desires of your sinful flesh hindering you from living a holy life.

Prayer # 1.

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray and ask you to help me overcome the spirit of lust in my heart causing me to have impure lustful thoughts responsible for making me fall into sexual sin. I know you died for my sins and you died so that I can live a holy life that’s free from sinful thoughts of the flesh and evil desires making me fall into sexual immorality. I pray for the sanctifying power of your precious blood to cleanse me from all the impure thoughts and lustful thoughts I am struggling with leading me into sexual sin or looking at the opposite sex with an evil lustful mind.

Give me a new mind and a new nature, O Lord that is created in your likeness and righteousness so that I will no longer struggle with impure thoughts in my mind or desire to fulfill my evil fleshy desires that come with my sinful nature. I know you are faithful and just to forgive my sins including those due to the lust of the flesh and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness and evil thoughts. Amen.

Prayer # 2.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you create in me a new spirit and take away the spirit of lust in me making me have evil thoughts that subsequently lead me to fulfill evil desires of the flesh you detest. I pray that you fill me with your Holy Spirit that will transform and renew me from the inside for I know that it’s your Holy Spirit I desperately need to help me deal with my problem with lust.

My prayer Lord is that your Holy Spirit transforms and gives me a new mind formed in your likeness that is not overcome by evil thoughts and lustful thoughts of the flesh and the evil sinful mind that comes with my Adamic sinful nature. I know that through your Holy Spirit, I can have a clean and renewed mind that will not entertain evil thoughts and that will help me overcome any temptation of the flesh to have evil thoughts.

Prayer # 3.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you give me the grace to overcome every temptation and desire to do evil and to fulfill my evil passions and desires that come with my sinful flesh. My prayer is through your Son Jesus Christ, you give me the grace to overcome the flesh so that I don’t become enslaved to its evil sinful passions. Help me stop pleasing my sinful flesh and its evil lusts but to please you instead by waking after the Spirit to follow righteousness and holiness, as I know without those things, I can’t see you nor enter heaven. Amen.

Prayer # 4.

I pray that my body is free from all evil desires and lusts of the flesh because you say your body is your temple and that you don’t want to be defiled by sin or evil lusts of the flesh. Therefore, I pray to you Jesus Christ my sanctifier that you help me keep my body holy and pure by not waking after the flesh and fulfilling its evil lusts. Cleanse me from any sinful desires that my old nature of sin comes with and give me your new nature so that I don’t please the flesh but overcome its evil desires to sin.

Prayer # 5.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you sanctify my life and every member of my body so that none of my body members will be instruments for sin and unrighteousness. My prayer and desire are for you to sanctify me inside out and uproot the old Adamic nature in me that makes me go after my sinful fleshly desires to sin. Sanctify me so that I no longer desire to please my sinful flesh nor desire to fulfill its evil passions through the new heart and new spirit you have promised to give me if I submit myself to you and say no to sin by faith. Amen.

Prayer # 6.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to cleanse and free me from lust and every immoral desire to commit sexual sin with the opposite sex. Cleanse me from all immoral and unclean thoughts that make it easy for me to fall into sexual temptation and the sexual sin of fornication that you detest as you created sex only to be enjoyed among married couples, husband and wife in the holy matrimony of marriage. I believe by faith that you are faithful and just to cleanse me from all sinful desires of the flesh that make me want to sleep around like a wild animal.

Prayer # 7.

I pray that today Lord Jesus will be the day you will help me crucify my sinful flesh along with its evil passions and desires that make me manifest the works of the flesh and all manner of moral perversions such as premarital sex, homosexuality, pornography, etc. that you find abominable in your sight. I pray in Jesus’ name that my sinful flesh will no longer have dominion over me and make me a slave to its vile and evil desires since you now live in me. Amen.


I hope the above 7 prayer points or prayers for overcoming the flesh and its lusts will now help you have victory over the flesh so that you are no longer a slave to fulfilling its evil desires.

My prayer is after reading this that the above prayer points for overcoming the lust of the flesh be what you have been looking for to finally put your carnal flesh in its place.

In closing, if this post has been helpful to you, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave as many need to see this. God bless.

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