What To Do When Prayers Are Not Answered As A Christian?

In this article today, you will learn what to do when prayers are not answered and the appropriate response you need to make as a Christian or believer if you find your prayer requests not being unanswered.

There are times when we can’t help but feel that God is not listening to our prayers. Maybe you feel like you’ve been praying for a long time, and still, nothing has happened. Or maybe you’re afraid that God doesn’t want to hear from you anymore.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that prayer is never wasted. In fact, it changes your life in ways both large and small even if it doesn’t change the outcome of a situation you pray about.

So what should you do when there seems to be no answer to your prayers? This is what we will look at today so that you don’t lose your Christian faith just because of unanswered prayer.

Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered.

You may be wondering, “Why aren’t my prayers being answered?” You might even be feeling frustrated and disappointed that God is not answering your prayers.

 It’s not uncommon for us to feel down about ourselves when we have a hard time believing in our own righteousness. But you need to know that there are many reasons why your prayers may not be answered. Here are some of the most common ones:

(i). Not Asking The Right Questions Or Being Specific Enough With Your Prayers: Sometimes, it can seem like we have all the answers for our lives, but sometimes we don’t know what to pray for or how to go about accomplishing it.

If you find yourself struggling with this, try asking God to help you ask him questions so that he can answer them through his word instead of directly through you.

(ii). Your Heart Is Not Right Before God: maybe because of past mistakes or sin in your life or maybe because of something new that’s come into your life today. If this is the case, then you’ll need to ask God for forgiveness for him to hear and answer your prayers more fully.

(iii). Unconfessed Sin: Unconfessed sin is perhaps the biggest reason why the prayers of most Christians aren’t being answered. If you have any unconfessed sin in your life, you need to repent of it.

If you don’t, the Lord won’t Hear nor answer your prayers because He doesn’t hear the prayers of the wicked as Proverbs 15:29 tells us but only hears the prayers of the righteous who have no secret sin lurking in their lives.

(iv). Not Praying The Right Way: When we pray, we should be asking God for things that matter to us and respecting His will for our lives if we want our prayers to be answered as well as trusting God’s timing that all our prayers will be answered in due time.

If you don’t pray in a way that is pleasing to Him, then it’s unlikely that He’ll answer your prayer, anyway because it isn’t aligned with His will for your life.

(iv). Lack Of Faith: The lack of trust and faith in God in many believers when they pray is another major reason why their prayer requests aren’t being answered at all.

James 1:5,6 tells us that if we lack wisdom or anything in life, all we need to do is ask of God who gives liberally in faith without doubting or unbelief. So, pray prayers of faith if you want them to be answered by the Lord.

Verse 6 tells us that if we lack faith when we pray, we are like troubled seas and we should not expect to receive anything from God if we have such a mindset or trust issues when it comes to trusting God that He will do what He’s promised.

3 Correct Responses To Unanswered Prayers.

Below are the 3 appropriate responses you need to do if your prayers are not being answered instead of giving up on God or your faith which isn’t a smart thing to do at all, dear.

  • Check Your Life.
  • Check If You Are Praying Rightfully.
  • Check Your Faith ASAP.

1. Check Your Life.

The first appropriate response you need to do if you see that every prayer request you make to our Lord Jesus Christ isn’t being answered is first check your life if it’s in right standing with God.

The reason for this is for you to receive answers to your prayer requests you make, you first need to ensure that your relationship with God isn’t severed by sin as sin blocks and hinders your prayer from being answered.

In Isaiah 59:1,2 in the old testament, we are told that the hands of the Lord are not short to save nor are His ears deaf to hear and that the reason why the Lord isn’t answering our prayers is the sins in our lives that have separated us from Him that He won’t hear.

The presence of sin is the number one reason why prayer requests of most people don’t get answered. You need to understand that God won’t hear your prayers if you regard sin in your heart as Psalms 66:18 reminds us because God doesn’t hear the prayers of the wicked.

Therefore, if you have any secret unconfessed sin you may be hiding blocking your prayers from being answered, repent of it now and Jesus Christ will forgive you and repair your broken relationship with Him so that your prayers start being answered again.

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2. Check If You Are Praying Rightfully.

The other thing you need to do when your prayer requests are not being answered is to check if you are praying in the right way. By that, I mean praying prayers that are in line with God’s will.

Many times as Christians we get frustrated at God as to why He’s not answering our prayer requests we make to Him not realizing that one of the reasons for that is we are praying amiss and not in accordance with His will.

You need to understand that God will only always answer your prayer you make to Him if it’s in line with His will which is why we need to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us to pray according to God’s will so that our prayers don’t receive a silent treatment.

James 4:3 tells us that one of the reasons we don’t receive what we’ve asked for in prayer is that we pray and ask amiss so that we may consume what we are asking for upon our own lusts and selfish desires.

Sadly, this is the case with most Christians who pray carnal prayers that have ill motives and God has no business in answering such prayers. If you want God to answer your prayers, let your prayer be in line with His will without any carnal or ill motives.

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3. Check Your Faith ASAP.

Lastly, if you want to start getting answers to your unanswered prayers you need to check your Christian faith as faith is crucial if you want God to answer your prayers as God operates by faith.

The apostle Paul tells us in the New Testament in Hebrews 11:6 that without faith, we can’t please God nor receive anything from Him. Therefore, faith is crucial to having your prayers answered by God as such prayers please Him.

You need to understand if you want God to answer your prayer request about something you make as long as it’s in line with His will, you are to believe that He’s the rewarder of all those who diligently seek Him wholeheartedly.

Only then, will you have your prayers start getting answered in no time and sometimes, speedily but if your prayer is without faith, they will just end up in the ceiling and won’t go any further.

Faith is what moves mountains and as a believer, you need to ensure that your Christian faith is on fire and that nothing is making your faith falter. Remember, only prayers of faith move mountains as Jesus Christ tells us in Mark 11:24.

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I hope the above post on what to do when prayers are not answered has now given the practical solutions you need to do if you are struggling with answered prayers in your Christian life. In closing, if this post was of great help to you, let me know in the comments below, and remember only prayers of faith move mountains and get answered by the Lord.

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