Why Is Prayer Important To Christians? [+ Animation]

The importance of prayer be it corporate prayer in a Christian’s life cannot be overemphasized and this post will show you why is prayer important to Christians and believers.

There are many reasons why you need to pray as a Christian if you are to live a victorious Christian life all the days of your life.

Without wasting your time, let’s look at the 14 reasons why is prayer important to Christians so that you stop taking prayer for granted and see its importance in your Christian life.

Why Is Prayer So Powerful?

Prayer is powerful because prayer is an intimate conversation between you and God in heaven. It’s an opportunity to share your concerns, ask for help and receive the love of God.

When you pray, you are opening up your heart to God and allowing Him to enter into every aspect of your life. Prayer opens our hearts and mind to the infinite love of Jesus Christ.

It allows us to see Him as our perfect example of how to pray or live our lives each day. Praying also lights up our souls with His presence, giving us hope for the future and peace in today’s struggles.

Furthermore, prayer connects us with others who are in similar circumstances as ourselves and strengthens our faith through witnessing others’ trials and triumphs.

It also helps us stay connected with one another as we walk through life together, even if we don’t see each other daily like family members or friends do which is why James 5:16 tells us to pray for each other.

Lastly, Prayer brings us closer to God and His Holy Spirit more than anything else can because it allows us to see Him working in our lives even when we can’t see Him with our physical eyes.

14 Reasons Why Prayer In Important.

Below are the 14 reasons why prayer is important in the life of every Christian that will remind you why you must not be lazy to pray.

  • Makes Healing Possible.
  • Helps Us Cast Out Devils.
  • Helps Us Strengthen Out Christian Faith.
  • Prayer Helps Us Overcome Temptations.
  • Makes Repentance Possible.
  • Makes The Forgiveness of Sins Possible.
  • Prayer Enables Us To Talk To God.
  • Prayer Promotes Spiritual Growth.
  • Prayer Feeds & Nourishes Our Spirit.
  • Prayer Protects Us From Evil.
  • Attracts God’s Presence In Our Lives.
  • Helps Us Connect With Other Believers.
  • Jesus Christ Commands Us To Pray.

1. Makes Healing Possible.

One of the main importance of prayer is that prayer makes healing possible be it spiritual healing or physical healing. This is why James 5:15-16 in the New Testament encourages us to pray if we are sick as there is power in prayer. So, if you are suffering from any illness, just take it to the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer by faith and you be healed according to His will.

2. Helps Us Cast Out Devils.

The other reason why prayer is important in your Christian life is that it enables you to cast out devils that are oppressing you and the people you care about. Jesus Christ tells us in Mark 16:17 that if we believe in Him and come to Him by faith in prayer, signs, and wonders will follow us and we will cast out devils wreaking havoc in our lives.

3. Helps Us Strengthen Out Christian Faith.

Helping us to strengthen our Christian faith is another reason why you need to have a strong prayer life if you are a Christian because if your prayer life is weak, your Christian faith will be weak and unable to withstand many trials and temptations. This is why Luke 22:46 tells us to pray so that we don’t get overcome by every little temptation we come across.

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4. Prayer Helps Us Overcome Temptations.

In Luke 22:46 as we saw earlier, Jesus Christ tells us we must pray so that we don’t enter into temptations as the spiritual strength we need to overcome every temptation comes from prayer which is a vital spiritual weapon in the arsenal of every professing believer. If you have a weak prayer life, you will be susceptible to Satan’s temptations, which will overcome you.

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5. Prayer Is A Vital Spiritual Weapon.

2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us that the weapons of our spiritual warfare aren’t carnal but mighty in God through the pulling down of strongholds through prayer. If you are to pull down every demonic spiritual stronghold in your life causing you to suffer, you need prayer. Without prayer, we won’t be able to overcome Satan and his demonic spiritual strongholds.

6. Makes Repentance Possible.

Prayer also makes the repentance and confessions of our sins possible which is vital for us to have our sins forgiven so that we can have salvation and eternal life through Christ Jesus. Luke 13:3 tells us that unless we repent, we will likewise perish in hell. So, if you want to be forgiven, you need to repent and confess your sins as you pray for forgiveness.

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7. Makes The Forgiveness of Sins Possible.

Similar to the above point, prayer also makes the forgiveness of our sins by our Heavenly Father possible, which is why Proverbs 28:13 in the Old Testament tells us that if we confess our sins in prayer and forsake them, we will obtain mercy. This is because prayer is a communication link that enables us to communicate to God and ask for forgiveness.

8. Prayer Enables Us To Talk To God.

I am sure you have heard this common saying among all believers who say that prayer is talking to God which is very true indeed. Prayer is important because it established a communication link between us and God so that He can hear us and the petitions we make to Him. No wonder Philippians 4:6 tells us that we must make our requests known to God through prayer.

9. Prayer Promotes Spiritual Growth.

Prayer helps us grow spiritually by connecting us with our Heavenly Father, who cares about us deeply and wants us to flourish in all areas of life be it in our spiritual or secular lives. This is why 2 Peter 3:18 tells us that as Christians, we need to grow in grace and knowledge o our Lord Jesus Christ which is made possible only through prayer when we ask for those things.

10. Prayer Feeds & Nourishes Our Spirit.

Prayer also helps us feed and nourish our inner Spirit or inner man with spiritual food essential for our inner man to grow and be established in the things of the Lord so that we don’t suffer from spiritual malnutrition. Henceforth, Psalms 63:5 tells us that prayer is the food that our inner spirit feeds on that enables us to grow in the Lord.

11. Prayer Protects Us From Evil.

Being protected from all the evil and snares of the enemy are one of the benefits of prayer in the life of any believer, which is why you must not neglect prayer in your life. There are many evil things that we are unaware of that God protects us from when we pray. This is why Isaiah 59:19 tells us that God’s Spirit raises the standard when the enemy attacks us like a flood.

12. Attracts God’s Presence In Our Lives.

Prayer allows God’s presence in our lives to become more real because we’re actually talking with Him rather than simply thinking about Him or reading about Him in the Bible, church bulletin, or website article. No wonder Psalms 95:2 tells us to come to the presence of the Lord with prayers and thanksgiving so that He may be with us.

13. Helps Us Connect With Other Believers.

Prayer also helps us connect with other Christians who are going through the same things that we are going through and can be used to support each other in our spiritual walk with Christ (Romans 12:12). This is why James 5:16 goes on further to say that we must confess our faults to each other and pray for each other so that Satan doesn’t divide us via misunderstandings.

14. Jesus Christ Commands Us To Pray.

Last but not least, the final reason as to why we must pray is because Jesus Christ commands us to do so just as He did to His disciples. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself prayed for His disciples (John 17:25) so that God preserves them from the evil one. In like manner, we must pray for others so that Satan doesn’t sift them as wheat or ruin their lives through sin.

Final Remarks.

The above 14 reasons as to why is prayer important to Christians are one of the many reasons in the bible as to why you need prayer in your Christian life so that you can live a victorious Christian life. In closing, if this post helped you understand the importance of prayer, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay prayerful.

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