54 Strong Faith In God Quotes (That Will Motivate You.)

Below is a list of 54 strong faith in God quotes and faith quotes to help you strengthen your faith so that you don’t lose your faith in times of adversity like most people. Everyone’s faith will be challenged at some point. Here are some 54 strong faith in God quotes and quotes about having faith in God to help your faith stand in times of trials.

54 Faith In God Quotes.

1. Be a man or woman of strong faith even during hard times and don’t let your faith in the Lord fail in hard times. Samuel Zulu.

2. All you need is unshakable faith in God to go through trying moments in your life as trials are just for a season. Samuel Zulu.

3. Having faith in God is all about trusting your uncertain future to Him and knowing that all things will work for your good in the end. Samuel Zulu.

4. Remember, your faith is as good as nothing if it hasn’t been tested before. Samuel Zulu.

5. Our faith becomes stronger through the refining fire of trials. Samuel Zulu.

6. Without trials to polish and refine our faith, our faith wouldn’t grow and will not be genuine. Samuel Zulu.

7. True faith is based on Jesus Christ and any other faith apart from Jesus is hopeless and will just lead you to a dead end. Samuel Zulu.

8. This world is full of different faiths from different religions but only faith in Jesus Christ will not let you down when the storms of life come. Samuel Zulu.

9. Real faith, hope, and love that satisfieth the soul are only found in God through Christ. Samuel Zulu.

10. Remember, you are saved by God’s grace through faith and not your works because salvation comes by faith. Samuel Zulu.

11. God’s timing will always be the best. So, just trust God’s timing and everything will fall in place for you when the right time comes. Samuel Zulu.

12. Faith in God’s word is all you need to face all the storms of life that come your way. Samuel Zulu.

13. True Christian faith is based on God’s word which standeth for sure and not mere feelings that can fail you. Samuel Zulu.

14. All those that put their faith in the Lord are like houses built on a rock that can’t be blown down when storms come. Samuel Zulu.

15. Men of great faith, too faced trials but it’s their strong faith in God that made them not give up when most did. Samuel Zulu.

16. Without trials, there is no trust in God. Lailah Gifty Akita.

17. No situation is beyond God’s reach, because there is no place He cannot reach. Gift Gugu Mona.

18. God can multiply your blessings. You just need to trust in Him. Gift Gugu Mona.


19. Great tribulations should lead us to a greater trust in Lord God. Lailah Gifty Akita.

20. With hope in the Lord God, hard trials that come to you will never hurt you. Lailah Gifty Akita.

21. Trust in the process means you are allowing God to handle the situation and moving out of the way. Germany Kent.

22. Leave worry aside and live with the hope that your dominion is not determined by people’s negative opinions. Israelmore Ayivor.

23. If God makes you wander, keep calm, don’t worry, and go by His rules for He will surely show you what will make you wonder. Ernest Agyemang Yeboah.

24. Thank God for allowing you to see another day. No matter what, keep trusting, keep believing, be strong, have hope. The best is yet to come. Germany Kent.

25. No need to try to explain to others what’s in your heart. Some things are just between you and God. Karen Gibbs.

26. We can trust in God to rescue us from life challenges, but it has to be in His time and not ours. Anikor Daniel.

27. God hears and answers every prayer in His sacred time. Lailah Gifty Akita.

28. You can conquer any challenge with daring faith and hope. Lailah Gifty Akita.

29. One may have an abundance of faith in God, but do we trust Him when we don’t understand? What good is faith without trust? Danny L. Deaube.

30. When we lack faith, God is not surprised by it. When we lack faith, God can supply it. When we receive the faith He gives us, God is honored by it. Jennifer L. Lane.

31. Faith and fear don’t go hand in hand. If your faith has fear in it, then, it won’t move any mountains. Samuel Zulu.

32. If you are of little faith, you can always ask the Lord to increase your faith. Samuel Zulu.

33. Grace and faith go hand in hand. No wonder salvation and eternal life come from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Samuel Zulu.

34. You need the living faith and not just a mere belief if you are to move mountains in your life. Samuel Zulu.

35. If your Christian faith falters in adversity, then your faith is good for nothing. Samuel Zulu.

36. You can’t have courage without faith as those two things go hand in hand. Samuel Zulu.


37. Leave everything in God’s hands and all will be well with your soul ASAP. Samuel Zulu.

38. Perfect faith in Christ overcomes all fears and mountains in life. Samuel Zulu.

39. God’s gift of eternal life cannot be obtained without faith. Samuel Zulu.

40. Fear not but be of good courage because the battle belongs to the Lord and He will win them for you. Samuel Zulu.

41. If you are a double-minded person, don’t expect to receive anything from the Lord. Samuel Zulu.

42. You are either living by faith or living in fear. There is no middle ground. Samuel Zulu.

43. He who walketh by faith, not by sight will reach far in life and do great exploits. Samuel Zulu.

44. Real faith always has works to back it up because without works your faith is dead in the water and is good for nothing. Samuel Zulu.

45. If you trust your future to a known God who knows all things, you need not worry about anything. Samuel Zulu.

46. With men, it’s impossible but with God all things are possible. Jesus Christ.

47. If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Jesus Christ.

48. In life I will fall, I will backslide, but mark my word I will never give up. Jonathan Anthony Burkett.

49. Step out on faith and walk into your purpose. Germany Kent.

50. Whatever the future brings: have faith that you can’t fall deeper than in God’s hands. Lily Amis.

51. With God, you are stronger than your struggles and fiercer than your fears. Germany Kent.

52. With God, there’s always an appointed time for things, and when you put Him first, trust in His timing, and keep the faith, miracles happen. Germany Kent.

53. When you walk with God, you will never be lost. Karen Gibbs.

54. Faith Never does seem Feasible. Jocelyn Andersen.



I hope the 54 strong faith in God quotes will now help your faith even stronger than before so that your faith doesn’t fail when trials of life come. Stay blessed.

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