5 Reasons Why Jesus Is Our Only Hope [In This World.]

In this post today, you are going to find out the 5 major reasons why Jesus is our only hope in this fallen world we live in and why you must Hope and have faith in Him only.

There are many reasons why our Lord Jesus Christ is our only true hope in this life and other than Him, there is no other hope for humanity to be saved from the impending destruction.

Many people in this world put their trust and hope in many things such as money, riches, friendships, relationships, religion, etc. but sadly, all these things just end up disappointing these people who place their hope in them.

The reason for this is because apart from Jesus Christ, nothing in this world can give you real hope as all these other things can fail you and will fail you eventually unlike Jesus Christ who can never fail or disappoint you.

With that said, let’s look at the 5 major reasons why Jesus is our only hope in this world and why you must hope in Him alone and not in any other thing with references to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament.

Why Should We Hope In Jesus Christ?

There are many reasons why as a believer you must put your faith and Christian hope in Jesus Christ alone and one of the major reasons for this is that only He can save you from sin as He’s the only one who died for your sins on the cross due to His great love for you.

Other than Jesus Christ, you have no hope of your sins getting forgiven or reconciled to God and that you will eventually have to pay for the penalty of your sins in hell if you didn’t put your faith in Him for your salvation.

The Bible also tells us in 1 Timothy 2:5 that we only have one mediator between us and God who mediates on our behalf who is no other than Jesus Christ who gave Himself a ransom for all so that we don’t have to face the horrific consequences of our sins in hell.

So, if your hope is in any other person other than Jesus, you are lost and doomed as all these other things you have placed your hope in cannot save you from your sinful condition and later alone grant your everlasting life with God in heaven in glory.

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5 Reasons Why Jesus Is Our Only Hope.

Below are the 5 major reasons why our Lord Jesus Christ is our only true hope of salvation, and eternal life that only He can give.

  • He’s Faithful & True.
  • Only He Can Grant You Salvation & Eternal Life.
  • He’s The Truth.
  • He’s The Life.
  • Only He Can Forgive Your Sins.

1. He’s Faithful & True.

One of the reasons why Christ Jesus is our only true hope that never fails is because He’s faithful and true in all situations, unlike humans who can fail you or disappoint you when you least expect it.

The Bible in Revelations 19:11 tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ is faithful and true and He always keeps His word, which makes Him a perfect candidate for our living hope in Him.

You need to understand that you can never find true hope in something that isn’t faithful or something that can fail or disappoint you which is what happens when you place your trust, faith, and hope in humans or anything other than Jesus Christ our true living hope.

If your hope is in people or things of this world, I can tell you that your hopes will be crushed and disappointed because unlike Jesus Christ, people can never be truly faithful, and true at all times in all situations.

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2. Only He Can Grant You Salvation & Eternal Life.

The other reason why Jesus is our only living hope is that only He and no one else can grant you salvation and eternal life that will enable you to spend eternity with Him in heaven that’s full of everlasting joy when you close your eyes in death.

God’s word tells us in Acts 4:12 that there is no salvation in any other or no other name under heaven that’s been given to mankind or sinners to be saved of which we all are by birth.

This implies apart from Jesus Christ, no one or any false religion of this world can save you or grant the remission and forgiveness of your sins because only He died for your sins to save you from hell.

So, if you place your faith for your salvation in any false religion of this world or your good works other than Jesus Christ, you will be greatly disappointed in the end and you will have to spend your eternity in hell after your earthy physical death.

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3. He’s The Truth.

In John 14:6 Jesus Christ tells us that He’s the way, the truth, and the life and that none can come to the Father except through Him implying that without going through Him, you can’t enter heaven.

Therefore, if you are searching for the truth, Christ Jesus is the only truth you have been seeking all this time as all other avenues that promise you the truth will only lead you astray and to a dead end.

Jesus is God’s ultimate truth because only He revealed the Father to us, which is why He said in John 14:9 that anyone who’s seen Him has seen the Father. Furthermore, Jesus revealed God’s redemptive plan for us to save us from our sins and the consequences it brings.

All these other false religions that promise the truth are just there to lead you astray and have been put there by Satan for this purpose as all of them don’t promise you the hope of salvation, the forgiveness of sins, and eternal life as they can’t offer that.

4. He’s The Life.

In the same John 14:6 we saw earlier, we also see that this bible verse also tells us that apart from being the truth, Jesus Christ is also the life which implies that you can only have abundant life if He is in your life.

This is why we are told in 1 John 5:12 that if you are a person without Christ Jesus, God’s Son, you have no life in you implying that you won’t be able to take part in the first resurrection, which is for all believers who put their faith in Christ for their salvation.

Yes, you may have all the money, riches, education fame, and success this world has to offer but my dear if you are without Christ in your life, you are nothing and when you close your eyes in death, hell will be the place where you shall spend the rest of your eternity.

Jesus Christ is also the life because only He can give you, peace, abundant life, love, and hope that truly satisfies your soul. All these other things that promise you hope and peace cannot give you the peace that satisfies your soul.

5. Only He Can Forgive Your Sins.

Finally and yet importantly, the reason why Jesus Christ is your only true living hope you will ever need in this life is that only He can forgive your sins and mend the broken relationship between you and God that sin caused.

In 1 John 1:9, we are told that if we confess our sins our Lord Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive our sins as well as cleansing us from all unrighteousness that comes with our fallen sinful nature.

If you are a sinner who wants to have your sins forgiven, I encourage you that you come to Jesus Christ now as you are reading this in repentance and He will gladly receive you and make you spiritually alive in Him.

I can promise you that if you do this today, you will be eternally grateful that you came across this post in eternity when we meet in glory that encouraged you to give your life to Jesus Christ who can save you from the eternal suffering of hellfire.

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I hope the above 5 reasons why Jesus is our only hope will finally help you understand why your hope and faith must only be in Him and no other as only He can give you everlasting life.

If your hope isn’t in Christ Jesus, I can tell you that you are a lost cause and I encourage you that you start putting your hope in Him as only He can meet the greatest needs you have.

In closing, if this post edified your soul, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Always keep your hope in Christ.

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