7 Vital Roles Of A Virtuous Woman In The Bible.

Who is a virtuous woman? What are the roles of a virtuous woman in the bible? This is what this post will discuss today.

I am sure if you are a Christian woman, you have heard of a Proverbs 31 woman in the bible and what her roles are and I pray you become such a woman of virtue if you are not yet one.

By definition, a virtuous woman is simply a woman of virtue, wisdom, noble character, and one who fears the Lord as Proverbs 31:30 tells us in the Old Testament.

By the end of this post, you will know what the roles of a virtuous woman in the bible are especially in this time we live in where feminism has tainted a lot of women.

Without wasting your precious time, let’s discuss the 7 major roles of a virtuous woman in the bible, church, and marriage that will help you be a better Proverbs 31 woman who fears the Lord.

7 Major Roles Of A Proverbs 31 Woman.

Below are the 7 main roles a virtuous woman plays in the bible that will remind you of what a Proverbs 31 woman is all about.

  • Fears The Lord.
  • Her Husband’s Helpmeet.
  • Keepers Of The Home.
  • Industrious.
  • Modest.
  • Gentle & Quiet In Spirit.
  • Builds Her Home.

1. Fears The Lord.

Fearing the Lord is one of the major roles and character traits of a Holy Spirit-filled virtuous and godly woman. By fearing the Lord, a virtuous woman seeks to honor and glorify God in whatever she does.

Proverbs 31:30 tells us that beauty is vain but a virtuous woman who fears the Lord will be praised. Implying that if you fear and honor the Lord, He will honor and praise you for your godly character and virtue.

You need to understand as a Christian woman who desires to be a Proverbs 31 woman that your real inner beauty comes from within and not outside through your good looks that fade over time as you get older.

We live in a time where outward-perishable superficial beauty is praised more than the inner beauty of a person. As a Christian woman, you must not conform to worldly beauty standards and fashions but your true beauty must come from your heart.

2. Her Husband’s Helpmeet.

The other vital role and characteristic a virtuous woman who’s after God’s own heart has is she’s a great supporter and helper to her husband (Gen 2:18).

If you are a godly wife who’s married, you need to understand that you are your husband’s greatest support and cheerleader. Sadly, many so-called Christian women have forgotten this major role they have in a Christian marriage.

This can be attributed to the negative influence of feminism on many so-called Christian women who are stubborn, argumentative, and unwilling to submit to their husbands.

However, if you are a feminine virtuous woman, you need to understand that your main role in marriage is to act as a helper and support to what God has called your husband to do be it ministry or any other calling your husband may have on his life.

3. Keepers Of The Home.

Another vital role a virtuous woman plays in the bible is that she’s a keeper of the home and a good homemaker who ensures her home is a place garnished with love and a place where a husband is glad to come back to after work.

As a virtuous wife, you need to understand that homemaking is one of the highest callings and ministries you have here on earth. Let your home be a place where your husband is glad to come back to.

Titus 2:5 in the New Testament reminds you as a Christian wife that you must be discrete, chaste, obedient to your husbands, and be keepers of the home.

Don’t allow worldly Jezebel feminist women to deceive you that your role as a Christian homemaker isn’t important. In fact, for your information, being a godly homemaker is the most vital role you have on earth more than any career in this world.

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4. Industrious.

Proverbs 31:15-17 also tells us that a virtuous woman is also hardworking and is not lazy. In that verse, we are told that a virtuous woman wakes early morning, ensures her family is well-fed, and takes good care of her servants under her.

Being a hard-working virtuous woman doesn’t just apply to a home setup but to your professional secular business life as well.

Sadly, many women due to the bad influence of feminism that tells them that they are slaves if they take good care of the home have now neglected this vital role of being good homemakers.

I hope if you are a Christian wife reading this, you haven’t fallen for these gullible lies feminism has indoctrinated many women. Worldly careers are replaceable but your godly role as a homemaker to raise godly children is irreplaceable and has eternal value.

5. Dresses Modestly.

If you are a woman of virtue and self-respect, you will also be modest in the way you dress. Indicating that you will dress in a feminine and godly manner that glorifies the Lord as 1 Timothy 2:9 commands.

A godly woman who’s modest in her appearance and dressing doesn’t dress in a lustful, immodest, and sexually provocative manner like worldly women without the life of Christ in them do.

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where dressing immodestly for women who reveal their sensitive body parts that aren’t made for public show has now become a norm and a beauty standard of some sort.

Just look at social media of scantily half-naked dressed women posting semi-nude photos of themselves in the name of fashion. As a godly woman, however, refrain from such lasciviousness and let the way you dress draw others to Christ.

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6. Gentle & Quiet In Spirit.

1 Peter 3:4 tells and encourages all Christian women to be gentle and be of a quiet spirit which is precious in God’s sight. This will be the case with you if you are a virtuous woman of noble character.

By being gentle and having a quiet spirit, it simply implies that you won’t have a Jezebel spirit in you which makes women possessed by such a spirit to be naturally stubborn, loud, incorrigible, argumentative, and unwilling to submit to their husbands.

You need to understand as a Christian woman, a gentle and quiet spirit is what makes you beautiful inside out and desirable to your husband. No sensible husband wants a quarrelsome, stubborn, and brawling wife.

Feminism has tragically misled many women to think that being stubborn and disrespectful with their mouths to their husbands is being a strong woman which couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t fall for such lies but imitate a meek Christ-like spirit in you.

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7. Builds Her Home

Last but not least, the other role and trait a virtuous woman in the bible has is she builds her home and doesn’t destroy it with her mouth.

Proverbs 14:1 tells us that a wise woman builds her home while a foolish woman plucks it and destroys it with her own hands and her mouth.

Therefore, if you are a wise woman, you will also be mindful of how you speak to your husband and you will use godly wisdom to build your husband with your words. Always show respect to your husband by the way you speak to him.

How many homes do you know have been wrecked by the foolish use of a woman’s tongue and words? I am sure you know many and I encourage you not to be such a foolish woman who ruins her home with her careless use of the tongue.


Have the above 7 characteristics and roles of a virtuous woman in the bible edified you to be a better Christian woman and wife after God’s own heart?

If so, let me know in the comments below and my prayer is after reading this post, you be the noble virtuous woman of strength God has called you to be.

In closing, if this post was a blessing to you after reading it, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave with those who need to hear this. God bless.

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