12 Sure Signs God Is Testing You (For Greater Blessings)

Many signs will show God is testing you in your life and this article will look at the 12 major signs God is testing you that will clearly show you are going through a season of trials.

God tests us in many ways so that our faith and love for Him can be refined and made perfect. You need to remember, that gold can only be refined through fire, and in the same manner, God will use trials to refine our faith.

Without trials of faith to test and flex our Christian faith muscles, our faith will be superficial and only be when things are convenient.

However, when your faith is tested, it will become stronger and established in the Lord Jesus Christ such that no trial can ever make you quit your faith.

In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, we can see countless examples of people and believers whose faith was tested at various times in their Christian lives. In fact, even Jesus Christ Himself was tested and passed with flying colors.

You can talk about Job, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and the like. One thing all these generals of God have in common is that they were all tested and all experienced unique trials specific to them.

Indicating that God tests us all in different ways. Therefore, don’t get discouraged if you are experiencing trials in your life as they are just there to refine your faith and to make you into the person you were meant to be.

With that said, let’s look at the 12 clear signs God is testing you that will indicate God is testing you to prepare you for a better season in your life.

12 Clear Signs That God Is Testing You.

Below are the 12 signs that will show God is testing you for something better in your life or a greater season if you pass the test.

  • Delayed Answers To Prayers.
  • Trials Of Faith.
  • Life Challenges.
  • Illnesses.
  • Financial Challenges.
  • Closed Doors.
  • Test Of Patience.
  • Offenses.
  • God Tells You To Sacrifice Something.
  • Family Issues.
  • Broken Dreams.
  • Losing Everything.

1. Delayed Answers To Prayers.

Delayed answers to your prayer request are one of the common signs that will show if God is testing you. One of the reasons God delays answers to our prayer requests is to test our faith and patience.

Therefore, He delays answers to our prayers to teach us patience and develop our Christian faith so that how quickly our prayers get answered doesn’t become the object of our faith.

Sadly, most give up on God if they see their prayers are taking time to be answered, which clearly shows that such people don’t have genuine faith.

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2. Trials Of Faith.

Another sign that will show God is trying you is through diverse trials of faith that will come in your Christian life if you are a true believer.

As a believer, you need to understand that your faith will be tested to see if it’s genuine. One example of your faith being tested is when you feel tempted to give up your faith because things are hard and it’s in those situations where you need to hold fast to your faith.

Only then, will the reward come as James 1:12 tells us where you will eventually receive a crown of life if you don’t abandon your faith even when things are hard in your Christian life. So, just hang in there as you will be glad you did when you receive that crown of life in heaven.

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3. Life Challenges.

The challenges of life like things not going your way or a streak of bad luck or misfortunes are another instance that will indicate God is testing your faith and love for Him.

When you are tested, you will find that you will begin to face greater life challenges that you don’t usually face normally when your faith is under trial.

In such situations, it’s easy to give up on God if your faith is weak. However, don’t let life challenges be the reason you give up on your faith as those challenges are just there to make you stronger (James 1:1-5).

4. Illnesses.

Sometimes, God can use sicknesses to test your faith and love for Him to see if you will still be faithful to Him even during illnesses just as Job was as we see in Job 2:7-10.

As we see in those bible verses, Job never lost his faith or abandoned God even when Satan stuck him with illnesses such as painful boils.

If you are facing any illness, I encourage you to learn from Job so that you don’t quit your faith just because of an illness. If you are only faithful to God when you have good health, it means your faith is superficial and not genuine.

You need to remember that genuine faith exists in all situations whether you have an illness or not and not just when you have good health and that God can heal all sicknesses if you have faith in Him.

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5. Financial Challenges.

The other sign that may indicate God is testing your faith is through financial challenges in your life or family, which becomes a strong point of contention for many Christians.

Sometimes, you may go through financial challenges and distress that may make you question if God can provide for you as promised in Philippians 4:19 according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

But you need to remember that God will never fail to provide for your daily financial need you have and those financial challenges you may be facing right now will soon be something of the past.

That is if you don’t give up on Him during your financial trials where most give up and resort to dubious means for their financial needs. If you don’t give up, abundant financial blessings you never thought you would have will be upon you.

6. Closed Doors.

Having closed doors no matter what you do in your life is also another sign that will show God is testing you to see if you still be faithful to Him and trust Him that He can open new doors for you even if the other ones are closed.

Closed doors can manifest in many ways such as job denial, not marrying the person you thought was the one, lack of a financial breakthrough, etc. When most Christians face such situations, they give up and forget God has something better in store for them.

Don’t let closed doors in your life make you give up on God as He has better things in store for you and when they come, you will be glad that God closed those doors you were whining about earlier.

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7. Test Of Patience.

God will test the patience you have in Him in various ways. One of the ways God tests your patience is by delaying certain things such as a marriage, career breakthrough, getting a job, etc. in your life from happening.

Sadly, most believers lack patience and quit believing in God for what they have asked for in such situations, which is why they can’t receive the best from the Lord.

But you need to remember as Isaiah 40:31 tells us that only those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength and receive the best the Lord has to offer. If you lack patience dear, forget about receiving the best God has to offer.

8. Offenses.

God will at times use various offenses in your life to test you. In such situations, God wants to see if you have love, forbearance, forgiveness, and longsuffering toward those who offend you.

It’s just a matter of fact that you will face offenses in this world from people you least expect from being your best friend, family members, spouse, etc. as we live in a fallen world and deal with broken people who can do nasty things to you at times.

So, God allows offenses to see if you can easily forgive and still show love to those who offended you. Ephesians 4:32 tells us that we must forgive all those who offend us just as God through Christ’s sake has forgiven us.

One of the litmus tests that will show God’s love is reigning supreme in your life is how readily you forgive those who offend you. If you fail to forgive those who hurt you by holding grudges against them as most do, it shows God’s love is absent in your life.

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9. God Tells You To Sacrifice Something.

On many occasions, God will ask you to sacrifice something you love the most as a test to see if you love Him more than anything.

This can be seen in the case of Abraham in Genesis 22:1-19 where he was asked by God to offer his son, Isaac loved the most as a burnt offering.

Fortunately, Abraham obeyed and believed God will provide. He passed the test with flying colors by obeying God as his son Isaac was not killed but a Ram was provided instead as a sacrifice.

Similarly, God may ask you to give up something you hold dear just to see if you truly love Him as Abraham demonstrated that he loved God more than his son.

Hence, God made him a father of many nations. In your case, it may not be like Abraham’s but maybe a certain job or career you love that God may ask you to give up for Him.

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10. Family Issues.

Sometimes, God may use difficult family members in your family to test and refine your character to teach you how to be patient and longsuffering towards others.

In a family setup, you may find that certain family members such as in-laws, relatives, an unsaved spouse, etc. may try to make your life difficult for nothing.

In such situations, it’s easy to doubt God and think He isn’t with you especially if you are being persecuted for your Christian faith by your family.

However, you need to remember, that God is always with you even when your family chooses to abandon you or try to give you a hard time especially if you are the only one who’s saved.

11. Broken Dreams.

The other sign that will show God is testing you is through broken dreams and unachieved goals in your life, no matter how hard you try or do everything the right way and by the book.

Yes, at times, God may not allow you to achieve certain goals or fulfill certain dreams as He knows better. It could also be the goals and dreams you want to fulfill are not in line with His will, which is why they may have fallen through.

In such instances, most give up because God didn’t fulfill their dreams. You need to understand that when you don’t fulfill your dreams, it doesn’t mean God has forsaken you.

It just means He’s redirecting you to something way better. So, don’t give up and trust God that will give you the best you deserve in due time.

12. Losing Everything.

Last but not least. God may allow you to lose everything in your life to see if you will still be loyal and faithful to Him like Job or if you will abandon Him altogether.

God may allow you to lose all you have as He did to Job to remind you that only He can provide for your needs and help you not make what you have to be the reason why you trust God.

Job never abandoned God as most would just because he lost all he had. Consequently, God restored Job twice as he had before when he passed his test as we see in Job 42:10-17.

God will also restore twice as you had before if you don’t give up on Him as Job did during your time of loss when all is said and done.


I hope the above 12 signs God is testing you will help you not give up your faith as God is preparing you for a greater season which is why He’s allowing those tests in your life.

Remember, only those who pass the tests God allows in our lives are the ones who will be richly rewarded in the end and receive the best He has to offer.

In closing, if this post has benefited you greatly, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Godspeed.

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