5 Sure Signs God Wants You To Give Him Another Chance.

Are you wondering as a single Christian woman if god is telling you to give him another chance after a breakup? Then this post on 5 signs god is telling you to give him another chance will greatly help you.

Sometimes, a breakup doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship. It just means you both need time to grow and mature before deciding to marry each other.

With that aside, let’s look at the 5 signs god is telling you to give him another chance that will show your relationship with your dream man isn’t over yet but just undergoing a transition of growth and maturity.

5 Signs God Wants You To Give Him Another Chance.

Below are the 5 signs that will show God doesn’t want you to give up on him yet if you are in a relationship dating for marriage.

1. Inner Peace And Clarity.

The first sign you will notice that God wants you to give him another chance after a breakup is you will feel the peace of doing so as the Lord leads you.

Of course, this will not always be the case especially if there was a lot of extreme abuse and unrepentant behavior in the previous relationship you ended due to the mentioned issues.

However, if God is telling you to give him another shot especially if your dream man is showing positive changes, you will be at peace doing so without any fear or doubts.

This Inner peace will manifest as a deep-seated clarity about your partner’s role and purpose in your life especially if you are truly a good fit for each other.

You will start seeing past the conflicts and misunderstandings, focusing instead on forgiveness, love, grace, and the special connection you share as a romantic couple you can’t find anywhere else.

This renewed perspective, filled with clarity and calm, might be God’s way of nudging you to give him another chance which you should if that’s the case as we all deserve second chances in life.

2. Positive Changes In Him.

The second sign you will notice if God wants you to give him another chance to continue your relationship, is you will see positive changes in him for the better.

Not only that, you will also notice the man you are dating and wanting to give a second chance will feel very sorry for his wrong actions against you such as mistreating you or doing anything that hurt your feelings.

You will also notice a repentant heart indicating he wants to truly change for the better and be the future spouse or godly husband he ought to be and deserve as a Christian woman or wife.

When you see such a radical genuine transformation in him, please don’t close the door yet but embrace forgiveness by giving him a second chance before you finally break things off for good without looking back.

Seeing these positive changes in him will restore your faith in the relationship. It will inspire hope that, with God’s guidance, your godly relationship can evolve into something stronger, better, and more fulfilling than earlier before.

3. Wise Counsel From Trusted Sources.

Sometimes, God’s guidance comes through the people and mature godly counselors around us. If your trusted friends, family, or mentors advise you to give him another chance, their counsel could be divinely inspired.

These individuals often see things from a broader perspective and can offer wisdom that aligns with God’s will. I know, it’s hard to forgive especially if you have been deeply hurt emotionally.

Moreover, the encouragement from these mature godly counselors to reconsider your relationship with him might come with thoughtful insights and examples of positive experiences they’ve witnessed.

I am sure, you have witnessed this in your own life where two people broke up temporarily and came back stronger with renewed love and commitment they never had for each other before.

That can be your testimony, too if you willingly submit and obey what the Lord is telling you in this area. Don’t listen to your feelings as they are fleeting but trust God’s will as He sees the bigger picture you can’t in the moment.

4. Unwavering Love And Forgiveness.

The other key sign that will show God is prompting you to give him another chance is an overwhelming sense of love and forgiveness in your heart.

This genuine agape love won’t just be an emotional reaction; but a deep, abiding Christ-like love 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 that transcends past hurts and mistakes.

If you feel this way, it indicates that God is working within you to heal your heart and restore your relationship. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

You need to remember that forgiving someone, especially as a young Christian woman doesn’t mean you must accept and tolerate extreme abuse in your relationship that is detrimental to your spiritual and emotional well-being.

If after forgiving the man you have been in a relationship with multiple times and isn’t changing and continues with their unhealthy abusive behavior towards you, do yourself a favor by ending that abusive relationship for good.

Yes, we all deserve second chances but that rule only applies if you are repentant, and if the man you want to give a second short satisfies that criteria, go ahead and do so. Otherwise, just move on if the opposite is the case.

5. Renewed Faith And Spiritual Growth.

Lastly, if your relationship has led you both towards renewed faith and spiritual growth, this can be a powerful sign from God to not give up yet.

When your relationship encourages you to grow closer to God and strengthens your spiritual life, it’s a divine indicator that your relationship deserves another chance.

A relationship that fosters spiritual growth, and draws both of you close to God is often blessed with a deeper connection and purpose for the couple involved.

If you find that your faith has been revitalized and your partner shares this spiritual journey, it is God’s way of showing you that your union is meant to be restored and that you are meant for each other.

By paying attention to these signs and seeking God’s wisdom, you can make a well-informed decision about giving him another chance, guided by faith, love, forgiveness, and divine intervention.


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I hope the above 5 signs god is telling you to give him another chance will give you the confirmation you need to not give up on him yet.

Of course, this will not always be the case especially if extreme abuse is involved. In such a case, you need to move on and don’t return to your abuser as many desperate Christian women do.

In closing, if you found this post helpful, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with others who need to see this using the right share icon as you leave. God bless.

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