12 Clear Signs He Is The One From God {For Sure.}

In this post, you are going to discover 12 signs he is the one from God that will help you know for sure that that the Christian man you have wanted to marry is God’s chosen husband for you.

 As you have come here you may be wondering what signs and confirmations are needed to know if God has said yes and given a go-ahead to marry the man you want to marry.

It’s one of the most joyous moments many Christian women aspiring to be wives experience when finally after much prayer and fasting finally getting that answer to marry.

By the end of this post, you will know for sure if God has approved the man or potential future husband you want to marry to avoid making mistakes in this area as many have.

Having said, that, let’s look at the 12 signs he’s the one from God that you have been waiting for all this time to help you marry according to God’s will and have your happy ever after.

12 Signs He Is Truly The One From God.

Below are the 12 signs that the man you intend to marry is truly from God and the right person for you beyond any reasonable doubt.

  • He Loves God.
  • No Abuse Of Any Kind.
  • True Christ-like Love For You.
  • Won’t Make You Sin Sexually.
  • He’s Truly Saved.
  • Peace Of Mind For Both.
  • He’s Truly Into You.
  • Alignment Of Core Values.
  • Equal Yoke In A Relationship.
  • Trust.
  • Alignment In Purpose.
  • Answered Prayer.

1. He Loves God.

One of the first signs you will notice if the man you want to marry as a young Christian woman is the man will truly love God above everything and anyone as commanded in Mark 12:31,31.

This is because loving God is crucial in a marriage relationship for it to thrive. If the man doesn’t love God, then how is he going to love you the way you need to be loved as a wife?

So, as you desire marriage, make sure the man you intend to marry has a solid relationship with God and loves God not by word of mouth but by actions as there are many hypocrites out there you need to be wary of who only love God when they want to marry you.

2. No Abuse Of Any Kind.

Another sign that will show the Christian man you have been dating and courting and hoping to marry is he will not be abusive to you in any way as abuse is not love in any way at all.

If you spot abuse in the early stages of your Christian relationship, you need to take that seriously as God can’t lead you to marry a man who will hurt you as true love from God doesn’t hurt.

It’s so sad that many Christian women have ended up marrying abusive men because they ignored the early red flags in courtship. Don’t let that be you, dear as God doesn’t want you to be in a marriage that will bring nothing but misery.

3. True Christ-like Love For You.

If the man you intend to marry is indeed from God, he will love you with that special Christ-like selfless love you have never experienced anywhere before.

This love he will have for you is the true love that will sustain your future marriage together until the Lord parts you in death. It will be the love the apostle Paul talks about in Ephesians 5:25-29 in the New Testament.

Since the love the right man will have for you is Christ-like, it will be selfless, nourishing, and won’t hurt you in any kind as well as won’t lead you to sexual sin.

4. Won’t Make You Sin Sexually.

The other sign that will show he’s the one from God is he will not encourage you to have sex before marriage just to prove that you love him. You are to flee sexual immorality as commended in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.

You need to understand that sexual sin is a very serious sin and can have serious consequences in your future marriage especially when it comes to areas of physical intimacy due to past guilt.

It’s so sad that many young desperate Christian women easily succumb to the temptation of fornication all in the name of love which isn’t true by the way as true love from God isn’t based on lust but sacrifice and service for the other.

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5. He’s Truly Saved.

You will also know that the man you desire to marry as a Christian woman is from God if that man is truly saved and living a holy Christian life.

The reason why you need to marry a truly saved person is because of the godly character of the Lord Jesus Christ that will be in that Christian man which will enable him to love and treat you the way he ought to.

Never marry an unsaved man even if he’s handsome if you don’t want future problems as many have if you don’t want to suffer for the rest of your married life. Marrying unsaved men is why many women are in abusive marriages, sadly.

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6. Peace Of Mind For Both.

If the man you intend to marry is truly from God, you will have that special inner peace that this man is the right person for you God wants you to marry which he will also have on his end, too.

Otherwise, if he’s not truly the one, this inner peace of mind will simply not be there in your relationship as something just won’t feel right regardless of how perfect things seem outside.

Having the peace of mind on the person you will marry is one of the litmus tests God will use to show you if the person you want to marry is God’s plan and will for your life. Please take note of that as it will help you not marry the wrong person.

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7. He’s Truly Into You.

A godly man who’s also your potential future husband you want to marry will be truly into you if he’s from God and won’t treat you like an afterthought or a placeholder.

As a young Christian woman of faith, you need to understand that a man who truly loves you with Christ-like unconditional love will waste no time that he’s into you when he wants to wed you.

Real Christian men have no time to waste when it comes to marrying the woman they truly love. So, if the man you are courting is not into you, it may be a sign he’s not from God and maybe a time for you to move on rather than wasting your time.

8. Alignment Of Core Values.

When God sends you a man who will be your future husband for life in a godly marriage, He will ensure that your Christian core values align and that you are on the same page on vital things such as faith or raising children.

Amos 3:2 in the Old Testament tells us that two people cannot walk together unless they agree which is very true when it comes to marriage if there is a fatal misalignment of core values.

If you are in courtship with a man with whom you strongly disagree on important values, it may be best for both of you to part ways. Otherwise, you’ll just invite unwanted problems in your future marriage.

9. Equal Yoke In A Relationship.

The other clear sign that will show the man is truly from God is you will be equally yoked in faith and other important values that are vital for a successful marriage.

In 2 Corinthians 6:14, we are constantly reminded that we must not be unequally yoked with unbelievers who don’t share the same faith and Christian values as us, especially in marriage.

It’s so sad that many Christian women ignore this vital commandment and then cry foul when they end up in an unhealthy, and abusive marriage. Don’t disobey this rule if you don’t want your marriage to be hell on earth, please.

10. Trust.

A godly man who’s from God and your future husband won’t betray your trust by abusing it. Instead, he will value the trust you have in him as a future godly leader of your family.

Conversely, if the man you are currently dating isn’t from God, he will abuse your trust without any shame and even shamelessly cheat on you with other women.

If you notice a violation and betrayal of trust early in your courtship, you need to address the issue quickly and if the man doesn’t change, then break things off with him as you will dodge a bullet.

11. Alignment In Purpose.

Total alignment in God’s purpose for both of your lives in marriage will be another crucial sign that will show the man you intend to tie the know with is from God.

You need to understand dear Christian woman who’s desperate to marry that purpose comes first before marriage. God will never send you a man who’s totally and fatally misaligned with His purpose for your life.

As you desire to marry, first pray for God to reveal your purpose in life and your future marriage. Doing so will help you marry a man that you will easily complement and complement you as well as you both fulfill God’s divine purpose in your marriage.

12. Answered Prayer.

Last but not least, having your answered prayer for God’s will and choice for your life partner to be revealed will be the final thing that will happen if he’s the one. Otherwise, your relationship won’t proceed to marriage from here if it’s not God’s will.

This will happen when you have done all your marriage counseling, got God’s confirmation, and sought godly wisdom from church leaders who have approved your relationship to proceed to marriage in holy matrimony.

Implying that at this stage when everything is done, you have the green light to go on the marriage altar to say your vows before man, church elders, and God signifying you two are committed for life till death do your part.

12 signs he's truly the one for you to marry.

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I hope the above 12 signs he’s the one from God will now help know if the man you are currently courting is God’s choice for you in marriage.

My prayer is after reading this post, you will marry according to God’s will for you so that you don’t make a mistake in this crucial area of your life as many have due to disobedience.

In closing, if this post has blessed you, share it with your fellow single Christian women who need to see this so that they don’t marry wrong. God bless.

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