13 Signs Of A Lukewarm Christian Who’s Fallen From Grace.

What are the signs of a lukewarm Christian? And how do you know if you have become a lukewarm Christian? This is what this post will address today.

There are many signs that will show if someone becomes a lukewarm Christian when they lose their first love and fervent zeal they once had for God.

And this post will address some of the major 13 signs of a lukewarm Christian that you will immediately notice if either you or someone becomes a lukewarm believer.

What Is A Lukewarm Christian?

The simple definition of a Luke warm Christian is simply a person who has become neither hot nor cold for Christ Jesus and you can’t tell whether that person is living for Christ or not.

A person who has become lukewarm practices lukewarm Christianity which is a trend these days among many professing Christians which is evident by the lifestyles they live.

And this became a major problem for the Laodicean Christians in the Laodicean church in Revelations 3:15 and no wonder Jesus had to rebuke them saying that he will spew them out of His mouth because of how lukewarm they had become.

A person practicing lukewarm Christianity can be a regular Sunday churchgoer but their lives don’t reflect that of Christ. They have one foot in the world and another in God’s kingdom, which ought not to be so.

Remember, lukewarm Christianity won’t take you to heaven if you continue in it. If you want to serve the Lord and be with Him in heaven, you must mean it in your heart by giving your all to Him and not to the things of this world.

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13 Major Signs Of Lukewarm Christians.

Below are the 13 signs of lukewarm Christians that will help you know if you have become a lukewarm Christian needing revival in your life or if you are dealing with lukewarm believers.

  • Superficial Love.
  • Loss Of The First Love.
  • Unwilling To Bear The Cross.
  • Lack Of Commitment.
  • You Are A Sunday Christian.
  • Unwilling To Endure Sound Doctrine.
  • Fear Of Man.
  • Ashamed Of Christ.
  • Love Of The World.
  • Compromise.
  • No Fire For God.
  • Weak Prayer Life.
  • Lost Their Faith.

1. Superficial Love.

One of the signs you are going to see if someone is a lukewarm Christian is the presence of superficial love in the life of that person.

According to the bible, superficial love is simply surface-level love that is only manifested or shown to someone if they are benefiting you in some way or when things are convenient.

And this superficial love lacks the major traits found in agape love as summarized in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. A lukewarm Christian only loves others superficially, especially if those people are benefitting that person in some way.

No wonder Jesus Christ said in Luke 6:32 that there is no reward in loving others who only love you back as sinners do that as well. He also warns in Matthews 24:12 that in the last days due to iniquity, the love of many will wax cold.

Instead, Jesus Christ Commands all professing Christians to love others with a selfless agape love that has no selfish motives even if they are unlovable but if you are a fake lukewarm Christian this agape love will be missing in your life.

2. Loss Of The First Love.

The loss of the first love for the things of God and God Himself is one of the signs of a lukewarm Christian you will notice if someone has become lukewarm.

No wonder Jesus Christ in Revelations 3:15 warned the Christians in Laodicea that He will spew them out of His mouth as they were neither hot nor cold in their works.

As you can see, the Christians in Laodicea became lukewarm because they lost the first fervent love they once had of Christ and became neither hot nor cold.

And this is the case with most Christians nowadays practicing lukewarm Christianity who have lost the first love they had for Jesus Christ when they got saved.

This loss of the first love for God is clearly shown by their lack of interest and commitment to the things of God. The things of God no longer excite these lukewarm Christians.

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3. Unwilling To Bear The Cross.

Another sign that will show that you are a lukewarm Christian is that you will be unwilling to bear the Cross of Jesus Christ as it will be simply too heavy for you to carry.

Taking up your cross for Christ’s sake means that you sacrificially give up all aspects of your life for him and be willing to bear the inconveniences that come with it even if your natural flesh doesn’t feel like it.

And this unwillingness to bear the cross in the life of a lukewarm Christian will be shown in the unwillingness to deny and inconvenience self for Christ’s sake.

Jesus Christ said in Luke 9:23 that if you want to come after Him, you must deny yourself and take up your cross daily to follow Him which many so-called Christians today are unwilling to do.

Otherwise, if you don’t deny yourself, you can’t be His disciple and it’s this denial of self that a lukewarm Christian is unwilling to do as they want a life of convenience.

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4. Lack Of Commitment.

Lukewarm people lack the commitment to the things of the Lord or if they previously had, their commitment to the Lord is no longer the way it used to be at the beginning of their Christian Journey.

And this lack of commitment in the life of a lukewarm Christian will be seen in the lack of interest and apathy for the things of the Lord. Instead, the things of this word will be more appealing than serving God.

For example, if you were glad to be in the house of the Lord and serve Him in different capacities of His ministry like singing, this will no longer be the case as the things of the Lord will no longer be appealing to you anymore.

Missing church meetings will also be a common phenomenon if you become lukewarm and this is now a common occurrence with many people today who were once on fire for God.

If you have become a lukewarm believer, you need to repent of your lukewarmness or lukewarm condition before the Lord spews you out of His mouth (Revelations 3:15,16).

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5. You Are A Sunday Christian.

Being a Sunday Christian is among the prominent signs lukewarm Christians will have and sadly, many Christians have become like this, religious but with no life of Christ in them.

A Sunday Christian is simply a person who goes to church every Sunday and is only a Christian on Sunday but during weekdays is just like the heathens or even worse.

Sunday Christians only go to church on Sunday and do so for formality not because they want to seek the Lord with all their hearts but do so because they have to as opposed to wanting to.

These are people the Lord said in Isaiah 29:13 that they draw close to Him with their lips by going to church on Sunday but their hearts are far from Him which is manifested by the daily lifestyles they live after Sunday.

And if you are a lukewarm believer, you will be a Sunday Christian who only goes to church on Sunday but Monday to Saturday, you are the worst sinner than those who don’t even go to church at all.

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6. Unwilling To Endure Sound Doctrine.

Lukewarm Christians are not willing to endure the sound doctrines of the bible concerning holiness and sin due to the itching ears they have developed for the truth.

If you are a lukewarm believer, you won’t be willing to endure the sound doctrine of the bible. Instead, false doctrines or teachings from false teachers will be more appealing to you because they please your sinful flesh (1 Timothy 4:1).

And this has become very commonplace today and if you observe, you will find that in churches where the truth and holiness are preached, there are fewer members but in false churches where sin isn’t preached, there are many members there.

Many people nowadays including so-called Christians aren’t willing to hear the truth of the bible that convict them of their sinful lifestyle. Rather, they prefer soft messages and fables that make them comfortable in their sins.

No wonder Paul in 2 Timothy 4:3 warns of such people who no longer be able to endure the sound doctrine of the bible but after their lusts will instead prefer listening to false teachers who will only tell them what they want to hear due to their itching ears.

7. Fear Of Man.

Another sign that will tell you if you are lukewarm or if someone is a lukewarm Christian is the presence of the fear of man rather than the fear of God.

The fear of man has hindered many people from living vibrant and victorious fruitful Christian lives that bring glory to the Lord as most are even ashamed to be even be called a Christian.

A lukewarm Christian will always have the fear of man in their life that will hinder them from living for Jesus Christ and Jesus warned of such people in Luke 9:26 who are ashamed of Him in this wicked generation that He will be ashamed of them also when He returns.

Many lukewarm Christians today are ashamed of standing up for Jesus Christ because of the fear of what the world or people will say and think about them.

If you are such a person, RevelationS 21:8 warns you that you will have your part in the lake of fire which burns with fire and brimstone prepared for the devil and his angels.

8. Ashamed Of Christ.

Being ashamed of Jesus Christ and his gospel is one of the common signs of a lukewarm Christian that will manifest in the life of someone who is lukewarm.

A lukewarm believer will always be ashamed of Christ and won’t publicly proclaim and declare their faith for fear of ridicule and persecution from the unsaved sinners of the world.

As a result, such people with a lukewarm heart for God will only want to live for Christ in secret where no one will see them for fear of being persecuted.

Many people today are ashamed of identifying themselves with Jesus Christ due to the negative press and backlash from the world they fear will receive if they do so.

But if you are a true Christian who is genuinely born again, you won’t be ashamed to live for our Lord Jesus Christ nor will you be ashamed of proclaiming His gospel to the public even if you get persecuted or ridiculed for it (Romans 1:16).

9. Love Of The World.

A lukewarm person who is no longer on fire for God will love the world and the things that are in this world more than the things of the Lord.

Lukewarm Christians love the world because the Love of the Lord is no longer in them and died a long time ago when they started practicing lukewarm Christianity.

Instead, the things of this world and the amusements found in this world will now be more appealing and attractive to such people than going to church to serve and worship the Lord.

And due to the love of the world, many lukewarm Christians are no longer interested in going to church to worship God as they find it to be as boring as hell and if such people are in church, they will be busy staring at their watches to see how much time is left for the service to end.

No wonder John says in 1 John 2:15 that if you love the world and the things that are in this world, you will no longer have the love of the Father in you and this is what you will notice in lukewarm people who no longer love the Lord they way they used to.

10. Compromise.

A Christian who has become lukewarm and has lost their first faith and first love they once had in the Lord is also a compromiser. To compromise is simply going against your previously established high standards.

And in this case, the decision to turn your back on God and to go back to the world or a life of sin you once renounced and forsook on the altar call.

A lot of lukewarm Christians that are in lukewarm churches today have completely compromised and have forsaken a life of holiness and reverted to a life of sin which is sad indeed.

And this compromise is due to many factors such as being in a lukewarm church, love of the world, the unwillingness to deny self to follow the high way of holiness, etc.

If you are a lukewarm believer who has compromised and forsaken the high way of holiness, you need to return to the Lord today, dear before it’s too late as the Lord doesn’t take pleasure in a soul that compromises and draws back to perdition (Hebrews 10:38).

11. No Fire For God.

A person who has become lukewarm in their Christian faith is no longer on fire for God and that fire they once had is long gone by now.

And it’s this lukewarm faith that many lukewarm Christians have nowadays that has caused them to no longer be on fire for the Lord anymore.

I am sure you have witnessed this in your own life as I have whereby people you knew were once on fire for God and filled with the Holy Spirit are now former shells of themselves due to one thing or the other that happened in their lives.

To see such people who were once strong in their Christian faith, and lose it all can be very depressing indeed but this must be no surprise to any true Christians as Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 said that there will be a great falling away in the last days.

And the high increase in the number of lukewarm believers as it was in the Laodicean church in Revelations 3:15 is a testimony of the above verse being fulfilled right in front of our eyes but the question is are you one of them fulfilling the scripture negatively? If so, stop.

12. Weak Prayer Life.

Having a weak prayer life is one of the clear signs of lukewarm Christians that you will notice in them or your very own life.

A person who is in a spiritual lukewarm condition has little to no prayer in their lives and just sleeps and wakes up in the morning like animals in the wild which explains why their Christian life is in shambles.

It’s a well-known fact that prayer is very crucial in the life of any Christian as without it, your spiritual growth will be stunted and you will be prone to falling into simple temptations (Luke 22:46).

A lack of a strong effective prayer life is the reason why many Christians today are lukewarm and this isn’t a surprise because many Christians are spiritually lazy to pray and I used to be that as well.

Many Christians today can’t pray and fast for just one day and later on have quiet time for at least 30 minutes early in the morning on their own but surprisingly have all the time in this world to waste on social media reading useless posts and comments.

13. Lost Their Faith.

The loss of the strong faith in God is another sign that will indicate that someone is or has become a lukewarm Christian and there are many such people today who have fallen away from the Christian faith they once treasured with all their hearts.

Paul warns in 1 Timothy 4:1 that many people in the last days will depart from their faith and fall for demonic deceptions and false doctrines of devils.

And the increase of spiritual lukewarmness in many Christians is no surprise in these last days we are living in as many people today don’t like to hear the truth but like to hear false teachings from false teachers that make them feel good.

How many once-standing Christians do you know who were once strong in the Lord but have now fallen away from their faith? And you could be one of such people as you are reading this.

if you are such a person who has lost the faith you once had, you need to come back home by returning to the Lord and He will restore you stronger than you were before if you come to Him in repentance with all your heart.

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I hope the above 13 signs of a lukewarm Christian will help you reexamine your Christian life so that you can return to the Lord if you discover you have been a lukewarm believer all this time.

And if you feel convicted after reading this post that you have been lukewarm and want to be on fire for God once again read this post on how to be on fire for God again if you backslid.

In closing, if you found this post useful, kindly share it with others who need to hear this message as it will be of great help to them, too. Be blessed.

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