5 Clear Signs Of A Wilderness Season {& Why It’s Vital.}

In this post, you are going to discover the 5 major signs of a wilderness season that will indicate you are going through the wilderness season in your life as a believer.

The wilderness season is a time of transformation for Christians. It is a season where we are reminded of our dependence on God, and He transforms us into His image.

We have all experienced that wilderness season at one point in our lives when everything seems not going according to plan.

In fact, even our Lord Jesus Christ did have these seasons during His earthy life and is a perfect example who shows us how we must handle such seasons as believers.

However, the wilderness season is very crucial in the life of every Christian as it prepares one for the promised land that’s full of abundant blessings and abundance.

With that said, let’s look at the 5 major signs of a wilderness season which will show you are having a wilderness experience in preparation for the best the Lord has to offer.

5 Signs Of The Wilderness Season.

Take your time to read the 5 signs of the wilderness season below that will help you understand why the wilderness experience is essential in your Christian life.

  • Lack Of Breakthroughs.
  • Many Trials Of Faith.
  • Delayed Answers To Prayers.
  • Spiritual Dryness.
  • Lack.

1. Lack Of Breakthroughs.

One of the signs that will show you are in the wilderness season is you will experience a lack of breakthroughs, especially in areas of finances or even spiritual drought in your life where you don’t see spiritual progress in your life.

The lack of breakthrough especially in the area of finances is a common wilderness experience we all go through at one point in our lives. God allows this so that we can learn to depend upon Him and test our faith in Him.

God promises in Philippians 4:19 that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. So, when many, believers experience a lack of a breakthrough, especially in the area of finances, they panic and wonder where God is in all this.

Moreover, you need to remember if you are in a financial or spiritual wilderness, it’s temporal and the Lord will eventually visit you and get you out of that wilderness season if you pass the tests there.

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2. Many Trials Of Faith.

Another sign, which will show you are in a wilderness season, is the increase in the number of trials of faith you will begin to notice that you don’t normally experience. These may come in form of hardships, lack, delayed answers to prayers, persecutions, etc.

It’s at this time, that your Christian faith is thoroughly and comprehensively tested to see if it’s genuine or not. This can be seen in the case of the children of Israel in the Old Testament where God tested them in the wilderness.

Sadly, many fail the tests the wilderness season brings as many Israelites did which is why many died in the wilderness as we see in Numbers 14:1-40 as their faith was never genuine and strong as it seems on the outside.

You need to understand trials of faith are just things you need to go through as a believer if you are to enter the promised land flowing with milk and honey representing times of plenty and abundance in your life as well as entering heaven.

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3. Delayed Answers To Prayers.

Delayed answers to prayer requests you have been praying for quite some time are another common sign that shows if you are in a wilderness season.

If you are having a wilderness experience in your life as a Christian, it’s common to experience delays in answers to your prayers. Perhaps, you have been praying for a financial breakthrough for a while which seems not to be coming forth.

In such situations where you are in a financial desert, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose your faith. However, the Lord allows this so that you can grow and mature spiritually as well as teach you patience (Romans 12:12).

Don’t allow delayed answers to your pressing prayer requests be it in the area of finances, marriage, ministry, career, etc. be the reason you quit your faith. If you do, it shows your faith wasn’t as genuine as it seemed in the first place.

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4. Spiritual Dryness.

Spiritual dryness is another common occurrence that will happen especially when you are in a spiritual wilderness. During this time, it’s common to feel as if God is far away from you.

During spiritual dryness, you will feel like your faith is wavering. You will also experience a lack of spiritual breakthroughs, especially in ministry.

The spiritual wilderness is where your faith is ultimately tested and refined. It’s also a place where you experience great spiritual growth and maturity as a believer as you will face many spiritual attacks, trials, and temptations there.

This can be seen in the life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in Matthews 4:1-11 after fasting for 40 days and forty nights was led by the Holy Spirit there to be tempted, and overcame every temptation Satan threw at Him.

5. Lack.

Last but not least, if you are in a wilderness season, you will experience a lot of lack in your life be it spiritually or in your secular life.

Lack such as being broke financially or shortage of basic life necessities and needs are among the most common things you will experience in the wilderness season.

If you are in such a season, I encourage you not to forget God’s promises as He won’t let you perish in the wilderness but will deliver you out of it into the life of plenty where you will lack nothing when that season is over.

The Lord promises in Isaiah 43:19 that even in the wilderness, He will provide for you and make streams of water in your dry land. These streams can be in the form of finances, spiritual blessings, etc. even when you are in a hard place in your life.


The above 5 signs of a wilderness season are just one of many you will experience in your Christian life as a believer if you are having a wilderness experience.

However, you need to understand that God allows wilderness experiences in your life so that you can be a better Christian and appreciate His goodness more.

In closing, if this post was helpful, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay blessed.

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8 thoughts on “5 Clear Signs Of A Wilderness Season {& Why It’s Vital.}”

  1. yup I have all 5 signs. Its going on 1 year and at times its just brutal. Right now we are lacking so bad rice is our main course meal and we got a notice to leave our apt because we cant pay rent. But one thing I have come to is that I dont want to be separated from my Lord Jesus Christ ever again! And that keeps me holding on.

    • Very good dear sister in Christ. That’s the spirit you must have as a true follower of Christ and remember that the wilderness season you are going through are temporal. Great blessings in all areas of your life await you on the other side once the wilderness season is over in your life. Just don’t give up on the Lord, dear. God bless.

  2. Oh yeah I have all 5 signs! Its going on 1 year. Its been extremely painful, humbling, testing, tempting, warfare and refining. Stripping of me, changing my desires to align to His, completely lost interest in the things of the world , exposing heart issues, Im satisfied while severally lacking (cant afford even little pleasures like condiments). I have asked for more of Him then I do to get me out of this season. Just last month as I stood in front of my stove waiting on the pan of food cooking , my mind wondered off and a deep conviction came over me. I said “Lord no matter what happens I don’t want to ever be separated from You.”
    Now I know exactly what Peter meant in John 6:67-69
    Praise the Lord!!!

    • Glad you are still standing in the Lord, dear street sister in the Lord. Just hanging there and don’t give up as your wilderness season will soon be over and be replaced with seasons of blessings and abundance that you will use to bless others as well who might be in your similar situation. God gbless.


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