11 Signs Of Worldliness [That Show If One Is Worldly]

This post will outline the 11 signs of worldliness that will manifest in someone who’s professing to be a Christian but has gone back into the world.

Many signs will show if a Christian is worldly or has backslidden and gone back to the world they once forsook when they got saved.

With that said, let’s look are the 11 signs of worldliness that one will show if they have backslidden and gone back into the world.

Who Is A Worldly Person?

According to Mariam Webster Dictionary, a worldly person is simply someone who’s devoted to this world and its pursuits rather than to religion and spiritual affairs.

In short, a world person has no interest in pursuing the spiritual things of God as they are consumed with the worldly pursuits of the mundane things of this world.

Unlike a spiritual person, a worldly person is also carnal in the way they think and only mind physical things of this world that will please their flesh and give no thought to heavenly things above.

What Is A Worldly Lifestyle?

Worldly means living in the world. So, a worldly lifestyle is a kind of lifestyle that conforms to the evil patterns and norms of this world and not the bible.

It is living according to the standards of the world following the trends, fashions and the fads of this world that worldly people love to follow and live by.

The Bible talks about being in the world, but not of it (John 17:16). This means if you claim to be a believer, you must have nothing to do with this world even if you are in it.

11 Signs Of A Worldly Person.

Below are the 11 signs of a worldly person who is truly in love with this present evil world will manifest in their lives.

  • Love Of The World.
  • Materialism.
  • Love Of Sinful Pleasures.
  • Conforming To This World.
  • Lack Of Grace.
  • Immoral Lifestyle.
  • Misplaced Faith.
  • Covetousness.
  • No Love For The Truth.
  • Uninterested In Prayer.
  • Compromise.

1. Love Of The World.

The love of the world and the things of this world are some of the earliest signs of worldliness you will see in a worldly person or a Christian who still has a spirit of worldliness in their life.

And this can be seen in many people who claim to be Christians but still have the love of the world in their lives which is seen in their lifestyles, dress code, love of and so on fashion.

This is why today it’s difficult to differentiate Christians from the people of the world as the so-called Christians of nowadays are no different from the people of the world which is sad indeed.

1 John 2:15-17 warns all true believers in Christ that they must not love the world or the things that are in this world. Otherwise, if they do so, then clearly the love of the Father isn’t in them.

2. Materialism.

A worldly person in love with this world will also exhibit materialism which will be seen in the flamboyant materialistic life that they live.

Someone who’s worldly will always love the material things of this world more than things that concern their spiritual lives and this materialism many people have including many so-called Christians stems from their covetous hearts that want to have everything.

Such people are like the rich fool Jesus Christ talks about in Luke 12:13-21 who was so materialistic that he didn’t even care about his precious soul which God demanded that very day he was saying that he will staff his barns and enjoy his life.

And many people including so-called Christians have this materialistic worldly mindset that is only concerned with accruing material possessions of this world forgetting that one day their souls will be required of them and all the material things they had won’t help them at that time.

3. Love Of Sinful Pleasures.

One of the warning signs of worldliness in a worldly person is that they will be ardent pleasure lovers which are rampant in these last days we are living in.

Paul in 2 Timothy 3:2-4 warns that in the last days before Jesus Christ returns many people will be pleasure lovers more than the lovers of God.

And this love of pleasure can be seen in many people and fake Christians who love partying, drinking and worldly entertainment as opposed to the things of God.

This is why most people find going to church boring compared to partying and drinking which indulges and excites their sinful flesh.

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4. Conforming To This World.

A worldly person or world Christian who has backslidden or fallen from grace will conform to their evil patterns and systems of this world which will be seen in their daily lifestyles.

And this conforming to the worldly affairs of this world will manifest in such people in the way they dress, love of worldly entertainment, how they live their lives, love for worldly fashions and so on.

Everything about such people will scream worldliness and will not be interested in conforming to godly standards of the bible which frankly speaking will find old-fashioned and dated.

But if you claim to be a true Christian, you will not conform to this wicked world nor its patterns Paul warns all believers not to in Romans 12:2. But you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind by the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus which will make you heavenly minded.

5. Lack Of Grace.

The lack of God’s grace Titus 2:11 talks about in the new testament which teaches one to deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts will not be present if a person is worldly.

And this lack of grace is seen in many people who claim to be Christians who are unable to overcome worldly desires and worldly lusts in their lives.

Many people nowadays including Christians in many church circles are interested in worldly pleasures due to the lack of grace in their lives to help them deny world desires and lusts of the flesh.

You must remember that you can’t live a Christian life that is pleasing until the Lord if you are still involved in worldly affairs as those two things don’t go hand in hand.

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6. Immoral Lifestyle.

Living an immoral lifestyle will be one of the signs that will indicate worldliness in a person which has become commonplace nowadays even in church circles, sadly where seeming sons and daughters of Zion are now playing a harlot.

Paul warns of this kind of immoral lifestyle in 1 Corinthians 6:18 that anyone who claims to be a true Christian must flee all forms of sexual immorality which the people of the world indulge in like pigs in sewage.

Sadly, most people including professing Christians haven’t taken Paul’s advice in the above verse which is why they live sexually immoral lifestyles and don’t see any problem indulging in sex before marriage which is commonplace today.

Sex before marriage and pornography is now freestyle these days as most people don’t lack biblical moral standards to guide their lives and live like wild animals now.

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7. Misplaced Faith.

A worldly person will have misplaced faith which means that the faith of such people will all be in the wrong places such as the material things or the false spiritual gurus and religions of this world instead of God.

When you exhibit worldliness in your life, you will have little faith in God and His word which you will find ridiculous indeed. Instead, your faith will be in your sinful flesh and the things of this world which can’t give your what your soul truly desires.

Instead of having faith in the God of the bible Mark 11:22-24 talks about which never fails, you will instead find it appealing to have faith in the false religions of this world which can’t grant you eternal life and the truth you seek.

But if you are a true Christian who’s separated from the world, you will have the living faith that comes from hearing God’s word that will enable you to move mountains in your life and not the dead faith worldly people have which isn’t in Jesus Christ.

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8. Covetousness.

People who exhibit worldliness in their lives will be covetous and will want the things that others have instead of being content with what they have.

To such people, nothing is ever enough for them due to the raging covetousness in their hearts which makes them want more and this has become a problem in many people including many believers.

And this covetousness can easily be seen on social media today where people flaunt their material possessions which have resulted in unhealthy carnal comparisons to others who seeming have more.

Everyone these days want to be better than their neighbours and are under the spell of living up to the Jones and have forgotten that godliness with contentment in all you have is the greatest gain one can ever have in this world (1 Timothy 6:6-10).

9. No Love For The Truth.

A worldly person does not have the love for the truth found in God’s word which rebukes sin but takes pleasure in unrighteousness and evil (2 Thessalonians 2:12).

And this lack of love for the truth can be seen in many so-called lukewarm Christians of today who only want to be told what they want to hear or what will make them feel good.

Messages based on the sound doctrine of the bible that talks and condemns worldliness are seen as offensive by worldly people who are so much in love with this fallen world of sin.

This is why a church where the whole truth and counsel of God’s word is preached and taught usually has few people compared to mega prosperity churches which only talks about money and how to have your best life now regardless of your sinful state.

10. Uninterested In Prayer.

Lack of interest in prayer is one of the early signs of worldliness you will notice in the Christian life of a person who is slowly losing their love for God.

If you are worldly, prayer won’t seem an attractive thing for you to do because of the carnal mind you still have that is only interested in things that please the flesh.

The lack of prayer is the reason why many Christians are worldly in the way they live and conduct themselves as well as the reason why many go back to the world after some time like the way Demas did in 2 Timothy 4:10.

Remember, if you don’t want worldliness to overcome you as a Christians, you need to have an active prayer life because you are not wrestling against flesh and blood. Overcoming worldliness is a spiritual battle that can only be won through prayer.

11. Compromise.

Last but not least, a worldly person will compromise his or her principles to choose the easier path in life, especially when it comes to suffering persecution and hardship for Christ’s sake.

By definition, compromise is simply going against the high standards one has set on themselves. So if you decide not to be worldly be it in the way you dress or conduct yourself but later one you decide against that, it means you have compromised your Christian faith.

You must remember, spiritual compromise in upholding the sound doctrines of the bible is the precursor to backsliding. Most backsliders have backslid into the world because of a little compromise they let in their lives.

And the Lord says in Hebrews 10:39 that He has no pleasure in those who draw back into perdition that is to compromise and go back into the world which you once forsook.


I hope the above 11 signs of worldliness will now help you easily identify a religious worldly person and a true believer who is separated from the world. In closing, if you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below along with the questions you might have concerning what you have read. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share.

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