5 Clear Signs That God Doesn’t Want You To Date Her.

In this post, you will discover the 5 signs that God doesn’t want you to date her especially if you are a single Christian guy or a man looking for a godly wife to marry.

As a single Christian man desiring a godly wife who will submit to you in the Lord, you must choose to date and marry a woman who’s God’s will for you and understands her role.

With that aside, let’s look at the 5 signs that God doesn’t want you to date her especially if you spot potential red flags that will make the woman you are dating an unsuitable wife material.

5 Signs God Is Saying No To Date Her.

Below are the 5 signs you must look out for as a young godly man if God has said no to dating the woman you thought was the one to marry.

1. Disrespect.

The first sign that will show if the woman you are dating as a single Christian guy isn’t God’s choice for you is you will notice the so-called Christian woman you are courting or dating doesn’t respect you.

In Ephesians 5:23-33 the Bible admonishes wives to respect and submit to their husbands in a Christian marriage. If the woman you are dating as a Christian man is not respecting you, what makes you think that woman will respect you as her husband?

This is especially true, especially in the modern times of feminism we live in which has corrupted and contaminated a vast number of our so-called Christian women who think submitting and respecting their husbands is slavery.

You need to understand that as a godly man desiring a godly wife, God will never lead you to a rebellious and stubborn woman who will not want to submit and respect you as a man in marriage.

So, if you notice disrespect early on in your relationship with the lady you are dating and courting, do yourself a favor by ending that relationship to save yourself from future heartache.

2. Conflicting Values.

The second sign that will show God is saying no to date her is you will notice as a man that you will have conflicting values on vital issues such as respect, submission, and roles you both have in a godly marriage.

Shared values are the foundation of a strong relationship and Christian marriage. If you and the Christian sister you’re interested in have significantly different values, this could be a divine sign that dating her is not in God’s plan for you.

Whether it’s differences in faith, life goals, gender roles, or moral beliefs, these conflicts can create insurmountable barriers and irreconcilable differences.

When two people are not aligned in their core values, it will eventually lead to constant friction and a break out as two people, as Amos 3:2,3 tells us, can’t be together if they can’t agree.

As a single Christian guy looking to be in a godly relationship with your potential future wife, you desire to marry later It’s crucial the woman you desire to enter a relationship with shares your spiritual and moral values on vital issues.

God wants you to be in a relationship where you both grow together in faith and values. If you’re continually at odds over fundamental beliefs, it might be a sign that this relationship isn’t right.

3. The Woman Has A Jezebel Spirit.

The third sign that will indicate that God doesn’t want you to date, court, and marry the woman you thought was the one as a sign Christian guy is she will have a Jezebel spirit.

As a godly man, you need to understand that marrying a woman with a Jezebel spirit is just asking for trouble, and don’t ever think you can change such stubborn and rebellious women who don’t want to submit to any man.

Women with a Jezebel spirit are not good wife materials as such women will have a hard time submitting and respecting you as the head of your family in a Christian marriage as God commands.

This is why if you are a Christian gentleman, make it clear to any woman you want to date and court what you expect of her once you get married especially when it comes to respect and submission in marriage.

If the woman you are dating doesn’t agree and refuses to comply, let her go as God will never give you a wife who will be a burden to you but will give you a wife who will be a blessing to you and do you good all the days of your life.

4. Lack Of Peace.

If you find yourself constantly feeling uneasy or anxious about the relationship with the woman you are with, this may be a sign that God is trying to tell you something.

A sense of inner peace when choosing a life partner to marry is often a sign of alignment with God’s will, and a lack of it can indicate that the relationship or person you are with is not right for you.

No matter how beautiful the woman you want to date may look outwardly if she’s not God’s will for you to date and marry, something will just feel off in your heart.

It will just not feel right whenever you are in a relationship and courting the woman God has said no to. When that happens, don’t force things as God knows why He doesn’t want you to marry that lady you are insisting on being with.

Having peace of mind in a relationship is crucial as it will help you know if you have truly found the right person to marry who’s God’s will for you. Never ignore this vital sign if you want to marry right.

5. Constant Conflicts.

Lastly, another sign that will show God doesn’t want you to date her you will find yourself having constant conflicts as a couple, especially with loud and combative women of nowadays.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but constant conflict is a sign of deeper issues. Frequent arguments and unresolved conflicts can indicate that you and your partner are not compatible.

God wants you to experience love, peace, and harmony in your relationships, not continuous strife. Persistent conflict can drain you emotionally and spiritually.

It’s important to be in a relationship where both partners can communicate effectively and healthily resolve issues. If conflict is a constant in your relationship, it may be God’s way of showing you that this isn’t the right person for you.

No wonder Proverbs 25:24 in the Old Testament tells us that dwelling on a housetop is way better than being in a home with a quarrelsome and brawling woman or wife which is typical of many so-called Christian women and wives of today.

I am sure as a godly man reading this that’s not the kind of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with who never gives you peace in your own home. Never date a loud and rebellious woman if you want peace.


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I hope the above 5 signs God doesn’t want you to date her will now give you the confirmation you need as a man not to date the woman you thought was the one God has said no to.

As a godly man who desires to marry a godly wife, it’s vital to let the Lord lead you in this area if you don’t want to end up with a woman you will regret marrying all the days of your life.

In closing, if this post has edified you as a man to date wisely, comment below, and don’t forget to share as you leave using the right share icon. Stay blessed and date wisely.

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