7 Sure Signs That God Doesn’t Want You To Date Him At All

Are you a Christian single woman who’s wondering if God is saying no to dating a particular man? If so, then this post on 7 signs that God doesn’t want you to date him is what you need.

If you are a single Christian lady, it’s important to know if God wants you to date a particular man for marriage or not so that you don’t end up marrying the wrong man outside God’s will.

With that said, let’s discuss the 7 clear signs God doesn’t want you to date him that will tell you the man you want to date isn’t the right man God wants you to be with long-term

7 Signs God Doesn’t Want You To Date Him.

Below are the 7 signs that will show God doesn’t want you to date the man you thought was the one for you to settle down with in marriage.

1. Lack Of Peace

The first sign that you will notice if God doesn’t want you to date a man is you will feel a lack of peace in your heart as you will have a troubled spirit whenever you are with the man God doesn’t want you to with.

When contemplating a relationship to be in as a young Christian single woman, inner peace is a crucial indicator of divine approval that will show you are in the right relationship.

If you constantly feel uneasy or anxious about dating him, it might be a sign that this relationship isn’t in line with God’s plan for you.

Persistent discomfort, no matter how hard you try to dismiss it, is often a way God communicates that something is amiss with the man you want to date and be in a relationship with.

The lack of peace can manifest in various ways, such as restless nights, a feeling of heaviness, or a sense of dread about the future.

Listen to these feelings as they may be God guiding you away from a relationship that isn’t meant to be. You must never ignore the warnings God is giving you to not date a particular man, no matter how in love you may be with him.

This is why you must trust the Lord if you are a young godly woman desiring a godly husband rather than relying on your feelings that ca. lead you astray as they have done many Christian women.

2. Conflicting Values.

Secondly, if God doesn’t want you to date the man who’s not right for you to marry you will find yourself having conflicting values on core Christian principles concerning relationships and marriage.

Having shared values, you both agree with as a Christian couple is the bedrock of any strong and successful godly relationship later on in marriage.

If you find that your values, especially your faith and moral beliefs, frequently clash with his, this could be a sign that God doesn’t want you to date him especially if he wants to sleep with you before marrying you.

Differences in fundamental beliefs can lead to significant conflicts and compromise your spiritual well-being because you will be selling yourself short to please your sinful partner.

For instance, if you value honesty and integrity while he justifies dishonesty or unethical behavior, this misalignment will create constant friction between you two.

It’s important to be with someone who shares your core values, ensuring you grow together rather than apart. God will never lead you to a man who doesn’t align with the Christian values you have as a godly woman.

3. Persistent Red Flags.

Thirdly, if God has said no to dating a particular man for marriage, you will also notice some serious red flags that will demand your attention.

Red flags in a relationship should never be ignored. Whether it’s a pattern of dishonesty, disrespect, and especially abuse of any kind. These serious issues are often indicative of deeper problems.

God’s guidance can sometimes come through your awareness of these persistent red flags, urging you to reconsider the relationship. Never think you can change him as only God has the power to do that.

It’s easy to overlook red flags in the hope that things will improve, but that rarely works especially if there is persistent abuse in the relationship which just gets worse over time.

If you are in a relationship with a man and you have noticed serious red flags such as chronic abuse, get out of that relationship fast before you become another domestic violence statistic.

Trust that God wants the best for you, and part of that is protecting you from harmful relationships. Being aware and heeding these signs will save you from ending up in an abusive marriage as many women have.

4. Unanswered Prayers.

If you’ve been praying for clarity or guidance regarding your relationship and continue to receive no answers, this silence might be a sign from God that He’s said no.

Unanswered prayers can sometimes indicate that the relationship isn’t meant to be and that God has other plans for you which is especially true if you have just experienced a breakup you never thought would happen.

It’s crucial to remain patient and attentive during these times of silence rather than trying to rush things with God which is just a recipe for disaster.

Reflect on whether you’re truly listening to God’s guidance or if you’re just simply hoping for a quick specific answer according to your fleshly desires or fear of being alone in old age.

God’s silence can be a powerful indicator that this relationship with the man you thought was the one to marry isn’t part of His plan for your life, encouraging you to trust in His greater purpose.

5. Lack Of Spiritual Growth.

A healthy godly relationship should encourage spiritual growth for both partners which is why as a single Christian lady, you must aspire to be with a godly man who will bring out the best in you.

If you notice that your relationship with him is causing you to drift away from your faith or hindering your spiritual development, this is a significant red flag.

God desires for you to be in a relationship that draws you closer to Him, not away from Him. For example, if you find yourself missing church often since you met this guy, it’s a sign he’s not from God.

Assess whether you are growing spiritually or stagnating. A relationship that diminishes your faith or prevents you from practicing your beliefs fully is not what God intends for you.

Spiritual growth is a sign of a healthy, God-centered relationship, and its absence will indicate that this partnership is not His will and you must break it off immediately.

6. Unequal Yoke.

The Bible advises against being unequally yoked with unbelievers in 2 Corinthians 6:14. This principle applies to relationships where there is a significant disparity in faith and Christian core values between partners.

If you find the man you are dating is drawing you away from God and weakening your Christian faith, it shows you are in an unequally yoked relationship.

Usually, in such an ungodly relationship, you will be the one making all the compromises. For instance, if you don’t believe in sex before marriage and the guy you are dating thinks otherwise, you will find yourself in a dilemma.

Being in a relationship with someone who does not share your faith will lead to conflicts and make you compromise your spiritual integrity like sexual purity as a godly woman.

It’s important to be equally yoked with a godly man you share the same Christian values and faith with who won’t draw you away from God if you desire a godly husband as a single Christian lady.

7. No Future Vision.

Lastly, if you are in a relationship with a guy without a shared vision for the future, your relationship will be meaningless and just be a waste of time for you.

If you both have different goals and visions for your life together, it’s a sign that God doesn’t want you to date him as God will never lead you to a man who isn’t purpose-driven.

Being in purposeless relationships is the reason why many Christian women find themselves in situationships, and wonder why the man they have been dating for so long hasn’t proposed yet or put a ring on their finger.

If you are in such a relationship, it’s time to wake up and consider your options rather than wasting your valuable time with a man who’s made it clear he doesn’t want to commit to you or marry you.

Don’t waste your time dating a man who will not marry you. God has way better men out there for you if you just open your eyes and let Him lead you on who to marry rather than relying on your flesh.

Whenever God leads to a godly man He wants you to marry, that man will be vision-oriented and purpose-driven in life, and will not waste your time giving you excuses as to why he can’t commit to you.


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I hope the above 7 signs that God doesn’t want you to date him have given you the confirmation you need to know that the man you are with isn’t God’s will.

Never force a relationship with a man as a single Christian woman God has said no to as that will just end you in trouble as many women have found out the hard way.

In closing, if this post has blessed you, comment below, and don’t forget to share as you leave using the right share icon. God bless and date wisely.

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