13 Major Traits Of An Evil Person (That Defines Them)

What makes a person evil? Is it one’s intentions, or is it one’s actions? This article describes the 13 characteristics of an evil person to help you decipher these people.

Identifying the character traits of an evil person is just as useful as identifying the characteristics of a good person which isn’t hard to do if you know what to look for.

If you want to spot evil people, you can look for the following 13 signs and traits of an evil person according to the bible to help you identify these people before they do you harm.

13 Characteristics Of An Evil Person.

Here are the 13 characteristics of an evil person that will help you spot evil people from miles away before they do their damage.

  • Take Pleasure In Wickedness.
  • They Do Bad Things To Others.
  • Hate Other People For No Reason.
  • Deceitfulness.
  • Cruelty.
  • Plot Evil Against Others.
  • Lack Of Empathy.
  • Jealousy.
  • They Hate All That Is Good.
  • Vengeful.
  • Have An Evil Heart.
  • Have An Evil Mind.
  • Filled Will Murder.

1. Take Pleasure In Wickedness.

This is one of the most common characteristics of an evil person. Evil people love wickedness and take pleasure in doing it due to the evil nature of their hearts.

In Matthews 15:19, Jesus says that out of a person’s heart proceeds all manner of evil and evil people do what they do because their hearts are inherently evil.

So, don’t be surprised if someone does an evil act against you or other people because what you are seeing in that person is the evil character of their hearts that motivates them to do what they are doing.

Evil people take pleasure in pure evil because the devil which is the source of all evil in this world is the father of such people.

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2. They Do Bad Things To Others.

Another attribute evil people have is that they do bad things to others especially innocent people who did then no wrong which is a sad state of affairs indeed.

Bad people are everywhere in this world and this is why sometimes bad things happen to good people which is unfair indeed but this world we live in is evil and unfair, anyway.

So, if you have been a bad person who does bad things to other people for no reason, you need to stop doing that and start being a good person before you have a taste of your own medicine.

And it’s not too late to change from a person with a wicked heart to a person with a good heart all you need is to repent of your evil ways and ask Jesus to come into your heart and change it into a good one (Isaiah 55:7).

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3. Hate Other People For No reason.

Hate is one of the most common traits of an evil person. Evil people usually hate other people for no apparent reason due to the evil personality and hearts they have.

They hate other people because their father is the devil who is the father of all hatred as we know it which is why evil people are filled with the hate they have towards other people who haven’t even wronged them by the way.

It’s this evil character of hate in a wicked person that turns them into a murderer or serial killer if the hate in their wicked hearts gets out of hand.

If you have been hating other people for no reason as you are reading thin, you need to stop doing that, dear because there is no benefit in hating others. The world has enough hate and so, why worsen it further with your hate?

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4. Deceitfulness.

This is also one of the major traits of an evil person. A person who has an evil heart is full of all manner of deceitfulness and is very unpredictable.

You need to be careful with such people as they can land you into trouble without even you knowing it with their clever manipulation tactics.

Very often, such people usually come with seemingly good intentions on the outside but in fact, are plotting to do a terrible thing to you or mislead you so that you can land into trouble.

These character traits wicked people have are what makes them dangerous as deceitful people are very hard to predict and decipher unless you have good discernment from above.

5. Cruelty.

Evil people also display cruelty towards other people. It’s this evil behavior wicked people have that makes them ill-treat others for no reason.

An evil person will always want to be cruel to you even when you haven’t done anything wrong to them as being cruel is in their DNA and can’t help it to do so.

No day will go by without at least showing some cruelty to any person they meet be it at the workplace, home, or school.

If you are such a person, you need to spot being cruel today because there is no benefit of being cruel to others other than losing wonderful relationships with other people which you might have had if you were a kindhearted person.

6. Plot Evil Against Others.

Due to the evilness of their hearts, evil people also like to plot evil against others in secret to cause harm to such innocent people.

An evil person with their evil personality in them usually wants you to land into problems and get hurt in the process of doing so.

They are like roaring lions seeking who they may devour with their evil schemes which is why you need to be extra careful with such people in your life before they destroy your life.

There are up to no good and just like the devil, their father they serve, they seek ultimate destruction of your life.

7. Lack Of Empathy.

A lack of empathy is also among the dark traits of an evil person. Someone evil doesn’t have empathy or sympathy for others.

It’s this lack of empathy that makes such people do all sorts of evil things towards others without any remorse for their evil actions at all due to their insensitivity to your feelings.

This is why they can kill and hurt other people without feeling anything bad about it at all because of their evil and rotten hearts that are just full of hatred inside.

These people have a total disregard for your feelings at all and won’t even care how much you are suffering nor will they care about your pain.

8. Jealousy.

Evil people are jealous, too as they don’t want to see your progress in life especially past them in life. They want to be at their lower mediocre level.

Jealousy is the major reason why the first murder in human history as recorded in Genesis 4:8 happened as jealousy when held a long time in your heart leads to envy which gives birth to murder that is why people poison each other at times.

And jealousy is just one of the diseases wicked people have towards others because they don’t delight in seeing others happy, successful, and enjoying life while they are wallowing in misery they inflicted on themselves which is funny.

Beware of jealousy people because there are like green snakes hidden in green grass awaiting an opportune time to strike you and hoe that you fail to their delight.

9. They Hate All That Is Good.

One of the signs you will see that will show you that you are dealing with an evil person is that they hate all that is good and take pleasure in evil.

Such people are condemned in 2 Thessalonians 2:12 and if they don’t cease from doing evil, eternal destruction in hellfire away from the presence of the Lord.

Wicked people hate righteousness because of the evil nature of their sinful hearts which always like to devise new evil things.

You must never surround yourself with such people lest you learn their crooked ways and become like them if not worse ensnaring your precious soul in the process.

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10. Vengeful.

Revenge is among the most common character traits of evil people. A person with a wicked heart will always seek revenge on even trivial issues which must just be let go.

The love for revenge is the reason why many people kill each other on silly things which could have been easily resolved with dialogue.

Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is the motto wicked people live by and will go to extraordinary lengths to seek vengeance in any situation even if it’s a petty one.

If you are such a person who loves revenge, you need to stop that as revenge is a character flaw and just shows how weak you are.

11. Have An Evil Heart.

Having a wicked heart is the reason why evil people do evil things because out of man’s heart proceeds all forms of evil as the heart is the center of all issues of life (Matthews 12:35).

And it’ this evil heart that a wicked person has that makes them do all manner of wicked things against other innocent people be it murder, hate, stealing and all sorts of wickedness you witness these vile people to other innocent humans who did them no harm.

No wonder the bible in Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence because it’s from it all issues of life come from be it good or bad.

The reason why evil people do what they do to others is that they haven’t done a good job of guarding their hearts with all diligence.

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12. Have An Evil Mind.

An evil mind is also one of the common characteristics of an evil person and it’s from this evil mind that all manner of vile and evil thoughts come from.

You can only have evil thoughts in your mind in your heart is wicked and rotten inside which is the case for someone evil on the inside.

Remember, any evil act be it murder, stealing, etc. begins in the mind before it’s done and executed. All the evil you see people do was first conceived in the mind before they did.

These people may look nice on the outside but their minds are full of all manner of vile and evil thoughts and if their minds were to be opened for you to see inside them, you will run for your life in horror.

13. Filled Will Murder.

Murder is also one of the prominent traits of an evil person has and that is why they kill or hate other people for no reason.

Murder comes in various forms it’s not just killing someone. The bible also classifies hate, malice, and unforgiveness murder as well.

So you may not have killed anyone in your life but if you have hated someone or harbored unforgiveness to anyone who did you wrong, you are a murderer still as hate is murder. You can only harbor unforgiveness against someone if you hate them.

And evil people are filled with all manner of hate, malice, uncontrolled anger and unforgiveness towards other people due to the evil nature of their hearts.

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These are all the 13 characteristics of an evil person I had to share in this post to help you understand what goes on in the minds of these people.

And if you discovered that you have been a bad person, you can still change and become a good person. Check out this post on how to be saved that will help you change for the better.

In closing, if you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with others so that they can benefit as well just as you have. Take care and stay blessed.

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  1. you forgot about how scared they are, truly evil people are full blooded, total cowards and terrified off well everything, pathic creatures too be pitied, be advised and take caution too pity them from a distance!

  2. Thank you very much for this important post. I learn a lot. However,an evil person is not Jealous, because Jealousy is the Character of God. God is Jealous that means he Loves US and do not want to be the property other idol or Satan. you better assign the Character Envey to evil person because helshe do not like . we to have good thing or good to happen to us. If what I am saying is not clear you can reach me through my emal address

  3. Interesting article, thanks for your thoughts.

    “You can only harbor unforgiveness against someone if you hate them.”

    Christ taught to forgive your brother *if* he repented.


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