The Modesty Of A Woman In The Bible (& Why It Matters?)

Today, we will discuss the modesty of a woman in the bible and why the bible commands women to be modest with the clothing they wear.

We live in a world where immodest dressing has now become fashionable. Sadly, many women aren’t afraid to expose their sensitive body parts that only their husbands are meant to see in marriage.

However, as a young Christian woman or lady, you must not follow these worldly evil fashion trends as you are not of this world but a heavenly citizen.

The topic of modesty needs to be talked about today as it seems even in the church today, many professing Christian women have forgotten that there are called to modesty in the apparel they wear.

With that said, let’s dive into the topic for today on the modesty of a woman in the bible and why you need to dress modestly as a Christian woman.

What Makes A Woman Modest?

There are many things that make a Christian woman modest but concerning dressing, the bible has a lot to say about what makes women modest.

The Apostle Paul tells us in the new testament in 1 Timothy 2:9,10 that says women must adorn themselves in modest apparel and not with expensive clothes and costly array.

He also goes on to say that women must focus on adorning themselves with good works that are appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

Implying that as a Christian woman, you must not focus on adoring yourself with flamboyant clothing consisting of expensive gold jewelry, worldly fancy hairstyles, or peals that promote vanity.

In short, what makes a godly woman modest is the inner beauty of the heart that is reflected in the modest apparel and clothing you wear that portray the humility of Christ Jesus.

As a lady, always desire to dress in a feminine manner in the way God originally created you. And this will be the case if you are filled with the Holy Spirit and have experienced the inner transformation of the heart.

You Are To Reflect Christ In Your Dressing.

You need to understand that as a Christian woman, you are called to godly feminine modesty in the way you dress. Your dressing must reflect holiness and point others to Christ and not make others stumble or draw unwanted attention.

This implies that you can’t afford to put on Babylonish worldly attire and clothing that identifies you with the world or promote vanity and the pride of life.

Sadly, many women don’t understand this which is the reason they desire to dress and look like the world. It’s not uncommon now to see women in very short and revealing dresses in church prostitutes wear which is sad.

Yes, God looks at the heart but He also cares about how you dress and appear to Him. I am sure you have heard many women who give excuses for their immodest dressing that God only looks at the heart and doesn’t mind the way you dress.

However, that isn’t true at all. Women who give such lame excuses for their immoral dressing do so as they aren’t willing to fully submit to God’s word concerning this issue of Christian modesty.

Moreover, if you indeed claim to be a bonafide daughter of God and a true Christian, modesty isn’t something you can’t afford to ignore.

Why Dress Modestly As A Christian Woman?

There are many reasons why you must dress modestly as a godly woman who’s been called unto holiness and righteousness even in the way you dress.

While different Christian denominations may have slightly different perspectives on the specifics of modesty, some common principles are often emphasized.

It’s important to note that not all Christians adhere to the same beliefs, and individual interpretations may vary. Moreover, you must allow God’s word to be your guide on how you must dress as a Christian lady.

With that said, let’s look at some of the valid and concrete reasons why you must adhere to Christian modesty in your dress code as a godly woman in an ungodly world.

1. Biblical Teachings:

 Many Christians believe that modesty is encouraged in the Bible, particularly in passages such as 1 Timothy 2:9-10, where Paul writes, “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety.”

They interpret these Bible verses as guidelines for Christians to avoid drawing unwanted attention to their outward appearance and to focus on inner qualities and godly virtues.

Henceforth, as a Christian woman, you must practice modesty in the way you dress because the bible commands you to do so as God’s daughter and not play a harlot in the way you dress.

2. To Avoiding Lust And Temptation:

Modesty is sometimes seen as a way to prevent lustful thoughts or temptations in both men and women as you may be aware, men are visual creatures who are easily aroused sexually by what they see.

By dressing modestly as a woman, you can help your fellow brothers in Christ maintain the purity of mind and avoid lusting after you because you are making them see what there aren’t supposed to see.

For instance, if you wear a mini skirt that explicitly reveals your thighs and underpants, what do you think will your fellow brothers think of you? Of course, they will think you are a prostitute.

This is why you can’t afford to be careless with the way you dress as a lady. Always be your brother’s keeper by not making others stumble into sexual immorality by how you dress.

3. Modesty Reflects Inner Beauty & Humility:

The other reason why you need to be a modest woman in the attire you wear is it reflects your inner beauty and the character of Christ you have in you.

If the Lord Jesus Christ is reigning in your life, you will not dress in a way that will displease Him. 1 Peter 3:3,4 is a reminder to all ladies that your beauty must not come from the outward adornment of wearing expensive flamboyant clothes.

Rather, your beauty which doesn’t fade as a lady must come from your inner self which is having a gentle and quiet spirit that is priceless in God’s sight.

4. To Set A Godly Example:

Lastly, you need to wear modest clothing as a godly woman so that you can set a godly example to other women and girls who are lost and think being half-naked is fashionable and sexy.

This is especially true in this current social media we live in where there is no shortage of pictures of scantily dressed girls and women that post their half-naked bodies for likes.

When otherworldly women and girls see you dressing modestly, they will be curious and begin to ask you personal questions as to why you dress the way you do, trust me.

You need to remember that you are a representative of Christ in this present evil world. Henceforth, your dressing must also reflect that truth.


I hope the above post on the modesty of a woman in the bible has finally made you understand why biblical modesty matters in your life as a Christian woman.

We live in a world where women have been objectified and sexualized to dress half-naked. It’s up to you to influence these women in a godly manner in your modest clothing.

In closing, if this post edified you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave as many women need to hear this. God bless.

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