The Vanity Of Life Meaning & What This Dear Life Is About

I am sure you have come across the phrase,” vanities of vanities,” that was uttered by King Solomon in the old testament in Ecclesiastes 1:2. But what does the vanity of life mean?

This is what we will look at in this post today so that you can understand what life is all about and that life isn’t just about making money and accumulating wealth that you won’t take with you when you die.

Once you understand that all our worldly pursuits we wreak our brains trying to achieve are all futile in the end, you will begin to understand the real meaning of life.

You need to understand that God has created us for a special purpose and that purpose is to give glory to Him since we are a crown of His creation.

With that said, let’s find out the meaning of the vanity of life so that you understand what this life is all about according to the preacher.

Meaning Of The Vanity Of Life.

Before answering our question on the meaning of the vanity of life, we first need to understand what the word, “vanity,” means. Vanity simply means something useless or that’s without eternal value in biblical terms.

So, when the preacher, King Solomon who was the wisest person who’s ever lived and waked planet earth excluding our Lord Jesus Christ says life is vanity, he simply implies that everything in this world is a fleeting vapor.

Implying that they don’t last forever nor they can give us the long-term happiness, completeness, and contentment our souls deeply desire that only God can give us.

All the fame, money, accolades, success, and earthly achievements we labor to achieve here on earth are all but meaningless in the end because when we die, none of that will matter.

King Solomon had all the pleasures, beautiful women, money, riches, wisdom, and fame of this world we all crave, yet he said all was vanity in the end.

All that will matter in the end when all is said and done is how you lived your life my dear and whether you had a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

You need to understand that all the success, education, and fame of this world will mean nothing in the end especially if you die without Christ Jesus in your life who can give you eternal life.

Your Life Isn’t About Making Money.

Sadly, many people have been deceived into thinking that life is all about making money, acquiring expensive things, fame, and trying to live up to the Jones of the west.

For most people, life has become this giant game of competition where we compete and measure our success by comparing ourselves with those who have more or less than we have.

If we have more, our egos of pride explode and make us think we are better than others and if we have less, we feel like we are nothing and that life is meaningless if we don’t have that latest fancy car or house the neighbor has.

However, as the preacher tells us in Ecclesiastes 1:2  that all is vanity of vanities indeed as that will not matter in the end. All the worldly pleasure we strive for and covert is meaningless.

You need to understand that the ultimate meaning of life is knowing God’s will and purpose in our lives and why God created us in the first place which is where your true satisfaction will come from.

All the money, knowledge, wisdom, and riches of this world you are trying to accumulate for yourself now will not matter in the end because you can’t take those things with you to the grave when you die.

Instead, you need to be thinking of where you will spend eternity when you die and this is what all of us need to think and worry about daily, not the money, fame, and riches that won’t matter in eternity beyond the grave when we close our eyes in death.

Don’t Be Like The Rich Fool.

Many today live like the rich fool Jesus Christ talked about in Luke 12:13-21 in the new testament who said to himself that he will gather his barns and store his harvest so that he can live happily ever after in pleasure in the future.

However, the rich fool due to lack of wisdom failed to understand that that very night he was thinking of how he will enjoy the labor of his work, his soul will be required of him.

Sadly, this is the case with many of us today who have no eternal perspective in mind and think we will live forever which is why many are caught up in the endless pursuit of acquiring money, riches, and wealth at the expense of their priceless souls.

It’s why the Lord Jesus Christ posed a question to all of us who think life is about acquiring money and worldly riches in Mark 8:36,” what will it profit us in the end if we gain the whole world and its riches or fame if we lose our own souls?”

Indeed, we gain nothing because the loss of our soul cannot be compared to all the money, fame, material things, and riches this world has to offer which are perishable by the way. That is the futility of life that’s without God.

All the money, riches, wealth, and education you can have in your lifetime will all be meaningless in the face of death if death catches up to you without Christ in your life.

Many think they don’t need God in their lives and they think if they have money they are all set and done which can’t be further from the truth. Don’t be like the rich fool Jesus tackled about I the above bible verse.

Instead, be wise by being rich towards God by laying up your treasures in heaven where thieves can’t break in (Matthews 6:19-21). you need to understand that true riches are only found in Christ Jesus, not in this world.

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The Real Meaning Of Life Is In Jesus Christ.

You need to understand that the purpose and the true meaning of life you are in vain searching for elsewhere is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Only He can give you the purpose and meaning you are looking for in your life, not the money, education, job, and riches of this world that many in vain try to base their meaning of life on.

This is why I invite you today to give your life to Jesus Christ if you haven’t done so yet or you are yet to be saved so that you can have salvation and eternal life, the greatest and priceless incorruptible gifts you can ever have here on earth.

If you are without Christ Jesus in your life, even if you have all the money, education, fame, riches, and success of this world, it’s all folly and in vain.

You must remember that if money, wealth, and riches were where real happiness and satisfaction of the soul were found, rich people wouldn’t commit suicide.

The fact that even rich people commit suicide despite all their money, fame, success, and accolades in this world must be a wake-up call to you that a life lived without Christ is a waste, meaningless, and a lost cause.

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Heaven Must Be Your Ultimate Goal.

However, if you have Christ Jesus in your life, you are the richest person on earth even if you don’t have all the perishable money, fame, and riches of this world that will pass away.

Should you die today, you will be straight away ushered into heaven where you will spend eternity with God, holy angels, our savior Jesus Christ and redeemed saints of all ages since the world began.

You will experience everlasting joy, happiness, and contentment that is not yet known to humankind. Won’t that be wonderful? Compare this to what this fallen world has to offer and decide for yourself, which is a better deal.

We are told in Revelations 21:4 that there will be no more suffering, sorrow, and death we currently experience in this fallen world due to sin. Heaven must be your ultimate go and not accumulating money and riches you will leave behind when you die.

If you give your life to Jesus Christ today, your life will find a whole new value and meaning that will help you realize that you have infinite value and that you are priceless in the sight of the Lord.

You will all of the sudden have this indescribable joy, happiness, and contentment that no one or this world can ever hope to give you to satisfy your soul.

Don’t trade your eternal life for anything in this world as nothing can compare to the value of your eternal life found when you give your life to Christ by believing and accepting him as your personal Lord and savior.

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I hope the above post on the vanity of life will now help you re-evaluate your life and make you realize that your life is not about making money or accumulating material things.

Let what you have read above be the reminder that the true meaning of life is only found in Christ as only He can give you that meaning and purpose you may be searching for elsewhere.

In closing, if this post has been helpful to you in reminding you of what life is all about, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you go. God bless.

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