10 Ways Of Building a Long-Lasting Christian Marriage.

If you are a married Christian wondering how you can build a healthy Christian marriage with your spouse, then this post on 10 ways of building a long-lasting Christian marriage is for you.

A happy, healthy, and fulfilling godly marriage doesn’t just happen out of the blue as it requires intention, commitment, and hard work from both husband and wife for that to happen.

With that said, let’s begin discussing 10 effective ways of building a healthy Christian marriage that will help you build a divorce-proof godly marriage that will stand the test of time.

10 Sure Ways Of Building A Godly Marriage.

1. Pray Together Daily.

Praying together daily as a married Christian couple is the first thing you must do if both of you desire a strong, happy marriage. Doing so will help both of you draw closer to God and each other further strengthening your marital bond.

Start or end each day with a prayer of thanksgiving for the many marital blessings God has given the two of you and ask for His continual guidance in your marriage journey.

In addition to that, the regularity of coming together to pray is also a line of open communication that assists in supporting each other’s spiritual growth.

2. Go To Church Together.

Secondly, going to church services together as a couple will further help you have a stronger marriage as it will bring you closer together and increase your physical and spiritual intimacy.

Worshiping together allows you to grow spiritually together and helps you be a godly example, to pass on to your children, and builds a firm faith base for your family to how a loving marriage must be.

On the other hand, regular church attendance reminds one of one’s faith and gives a support network for those tough times. Doing so will help you develop friends with other Christian married couples who can further give you wise advice.

3. Studying The Bible Together.

Thirdly, if you desire a strong godly marriage with your spouse, you must develop a habit of reading and studying the bible together.

Take time to read various passages in the bible that talk about true love, family, marriage, and what’s expected from both of you in a Christian marriage set up as husband and wife.

It is through reading and studying the bible together that in-depth discussions concerning faith, values, and expectations take place, thus enhancing a better comprehension of one another.

If you regularly do that, you will discover areas you both need to grow as a couple which will further strengthen your marital union.

4. Communicate Openly And Honestly.

It’s just a matter of fact that Healthy Christian marriages are built on open and honest communication. Learn to communicate well with your spouse, especially during conflicts or misunderstandings.

Good communication involves being respectful to each other with words which is why you must not say things to your spouse that you will end up regretting later or hurt your spouse’s feelings badly.

It’s so sad that many Christian couples have very bad communication skills which is why it’s no surprise that many of these marriages are toxic, unhealthy, and full of verbal and emotional abuse.

If you can’t communicate respectfully and honestly with your spouse with whom you live and share the same bed, who do you think you are going to communicate healthily, honestly, and respectfully in life?

5. Serve Each Other Selflessly.

The other tip that will help you build a happy long lasting Christian marriage is to be at the service of each other selflessly, for in this, you will reflect Christ’s love towards each other.

Be ready to serve your spouse’s needs and show appreciation through kind services be it in words, in acts of helpfulness, or through listening with compassion without expecting anything in return.

It’s so sad many so-called Christian couples aren’t practicing this which explains why many marriages are failing even among Christians as we have forgotten what true love is all about (1 Cor 14:4-8).

Everyone these days is all about themselves and what they can get from the other person, not what they can give for the betterment of the person they claim to love.

6. Forgive One Another.

Forgiveness is one of the backbones of a sound Christian marriage and, hence, you must reflect the grace and mercy of God as a couple by forgiving each other as Ephesians 4:32 commands.

You need to understand that no one is perfect and that we all need grace and forgiveness, especially as married couples when you offend each other.

Even as a Christian married couple, you will have offenses in your marriage due to the different backgrounds, understandings, and upbringings you both have.

When your spouse offends you by their actions, kindly show grace and forgiveness and even hug or kiss your dear spouse if they apologize and assure your significant other that they are forgiven.

Doing so will clearly show you truly love your spouse the way Jesus Christ wants you to. If you don’t forgive your spouse when they wrong you, it clearly shows you don’t truly love them and that God’s love is not in you at all.

7. Make Time For Each Other.

The other thing that will help you build a strong Christian marriage as husband and wife joined together in holy matrimony is you need to make time for each other.

If you don’t spend quality time with each other, you will gradually drift and grow apart and won’t recognize each other anymore. Instead, you will just be relegated to mare roommates with nothing in common.

It’s so sad this is the case with many Christian marriages which has led to the rise of many extramarital affairs and infidelities which is unfortunate indeed.

You can’t say you love your spouse if you can’t give them your quality time and presence. What then will be the use of marrying each other if you can’t spend time together?

Spending quality time with your spouse will keep your spark and romance in your marriage alive which will help you not grow apart further strengthening your marriage bond for life.

8. Seek Godly Advice.

Seeking godly advice and godly counsel in your marriage as a couple from mature godly counselors will go a long way in strengthening your Christian marriage as a couple.

Godly counsel from Godly counselors will help you see your marriage from the scriptures and urge you to apply Christian marriage principles that will help your marriage last.

Since these people are experienced, you can learn a lot from their godly wisdom concerning marriage they have accumulated with age and experience to apply in your own marriage life.

You must seek godly advice on marriage especially if you are a recently married young Christian couple so that you avoid making mistakes many have that doomed their marriages.

9. Practice Gratitude.

Another thing you can do that will help you have a happier and stronger biblical Christ-based marriage is to just appreciate your spouse for what they do and to find something about your marriage to be positive.

Doing that every day will help you see the good in your spouse rather than just focusing on the negatives and flaws of your significant other

Ensure your partner feels you value them and appreciate all they contribute to you in marriage. This graceful habit will help you not take your partner for granted and make your partner feel loved and valued by you.

10. Say No To Divorce.

Lastly, if you are to build a long-lasting healthy godly marriage filled with joy and happiness, divorce must not be an option for both of you especially if you profess to be Christians.

Threatening your spouse with divorce is one of the worst things you can do to ruin your marriage. The word divorce isn’t something that you must ever bring into your conversations at all.

You also need to understand that marriage is a lifelong covenant that only ends in death. Implying that if you get married you can’t divorce your covenant spouse and remarry another one while your former spouse is still alive.

It’s why Jesus Christ says in Luke 16:18 that anyone who divorces their wife or husband and remarries another commits adultery.

Never mind many fake Christians who are divorcing and remarrying left, right, and center as such people are on their way to hell. Just focus on working on your marriage and don’t divorce and remarry minus biblical grounds.

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I hope the above 10 ways of building a long-lasting Christian marriage will help you build a divorce-proof marriage that will last until death do you part.

As you have read, remember a godly marriage is a lifelong covenant that only ends in death. I pray that your marriage will last and that divorce will not be your story.

In closing, if this post has blessed you, let me know in the comments below along with any questions you may have, and don’t forget to share as you leave. God bless.

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