11 Characteristics Of True Prophets [Sent From God.]


In this post, you are going to discover the 11 characteristics of true prophets of God that will help you differentiates them from false prophets. There are many characteristics that will distinguish a true prophet of God from a false prophet who is not sent by God and this is what this post will discuss …

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10 Examples Of False Doctrines [In Many Churches Today.]


The Bible warns about many false doctrines. Books, magazines, and the internet today are loaded with many false teachings of all kinds and this post will look at the 10 common examples of false doctrines that exist in many churches today. Some of these false doctrines some Christians hold on to very firmly due to …

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10 Common False Teachings [You Must Avoid At All Costs]


I just have to say it straight away: there are many false teachings in the church today. Sadly, false teachings are everywhere and this post will look at the 10 common false teachings found in many evangelical churches today. I’m not only talking about the blatant cults like Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses you may be …

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