Does God Care About How We Dress? (Find Out The Truth.)


Does God care about how we dress as Christians? I am sure you have heard this question several times and this is the touchy subject this post will deal with today. A simple Google search on whether God cares about dressing returns several different results all saying one thing or the other. Some say God …

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5 Main Reasons Why Holiness Matters To All True Believers

Personal holiness is vital in the life of every truly born-again believer who’s on their way to heaven and today we will discuss 5 main reasons why holiness matters to all genuine believers. The importance of holiness in the life of every Christian cannot be over-emphasized as it’s a vital trait every true Christian needs …

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Really Who Is A True Friend According To The Bible?


Hey there, dear readers! Today, we’re diving deep into the topic of who is a true friend according to the bible and the heart of biblical friendship to uncover the essence of a true friendship and why it matters in our lives. In a world where friendships can be fleeting, it’s crucial to understand what …

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7 Vital Differences Between Worldly Love Vs Godly Love


There are several vital differences between worldly love and godly love and in this post on worldly love vs godly love, we will discuss these 7 vital differences between them. Love is a profound and multifaceted concept that transcends human understanding. In the realm of love, there exist two distinct expressions of love: godly love …

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