6 Compelling Reasons Why Christians Must Dress Modestly.


There are many reasons why Christians must dress modestly and in this post, we shall explore 6 major reasons why you need to dress modestly as a believer in Christ. Modest dressing is a concept deeply rooted in Christian values and teachings. While fashion trends may come and go, the biblical call for Christians, both …

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Modest Dressing In The Bible (& Why It Truly Matters?)


It’s just a matter of fact that immodest dressing has now become rampant even in the church today. In this post, we will discuss this vital topic of modest dressing in the bible and why it matters to all professing believers. Modesty is a concept that has been a topic of discussion for centuries be …

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10 Vital Benefits Of Sanctification True Believers Enjoy.


Many benefits come with sanctification and this post will discuss 10 major benefits of sanctification in the lives of believers that makes it easier for one to live a holy life. Our Lord Jesus Christ has called us unto sanctification so that we can live lives of holiness and righteousness He expects of us due …

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5 Characteristics Of Worldly Wisdom That’s Not From God.


There are many characteristics of worldly wisdom that differentiate it from godly wisdom that comes from above and this post will cover 5 major ones. As a believer, you need to know the kind of wisdom that will be profitable to you. Earthly wisdom will never benefit you as a Christian, which is why you …

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Importance Of Godly Counsel & (Why You Need It ASAP?)


In this post today, you are going to find out the importance of godly counsel and godly counseling and why they matter in your Christian life as a believer. The importance of wise counsel from biblically sound godly counselors cannot be overemphasized. We all at one point in our lives as Christians need godly counseling …

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Reasons Why Sexual Immorality In The Church Is Prevalent


The problem of sexual immorality in the church isn’t something new as this problem has always existed in both the old testament and the new testament since the fall of man. Sexual immorality is a very grievous sexual sin that has ravaged and defiled the church today, which is supposed to be at the forefront …

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