Does God Answer Prayers For Money All The Time? If So How

Does God answer prayers for money or our financial needs? This is that question that is commonly asked by Christians especially those who want a financial breakthrough.

God has promised in Philippians 4:19 that He will supply our needs, which include our financial needs through His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

Our Lord Jesus Christ promises that He will meet all our needs be it financial or other needs we have in our lives if we put Him first. We are to seek His kingdom first and His righteousness and all the rest will be added to us or taken care of as He tells us in Matthews 6:33.

Sadly, most believers seek financial blessings or money first before seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness, which is why most don’t receive their answer to their prayer request concerning their finances.

Yes, Jesus Christ tells us that we will receive whatever we ask of Him be it the financial breakthrough you may be praying fall but don’t forget to put His kingdom first as much as you want financial blessings in your life.

With that said, let’s answer our question today on,” does God answer prayers for money?” by looking at what the bible has to say on this matter in both the old testament and the New Testament.

Does God Answer Prayers For Money?

The answer to this question is yes, but not in the way, you might think. God does answer prayers for money or financial breakthrough in your life if your financial prayers are in line with His will.

God wants us to know that there are countless ways we can use our money wisely, including paying off debt, investing for the future, and giving to others.

But, if we don’t take this knowledge into account when making financial decisions, then we will always be shortchanging ourselves and others around us.

The Bible says that every good gift comes from God (James 1:17). So if you’re struggling financially and want to know whether God will help you out financially, ask Him by faith for help with your finances in prayer.

In James 5:16-18 we are told that prayer can help us receive our daily bread and keep us from being hungry. The Bible also says that God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

I believe that our financial situation is designed by God to be a part of our spiritual life. If we are not receiving the money we need, it is because we have not prayed about it. It is up to us to pray about it and ask God for the money needed for our needs.

When people pray for money, they are trusting God by faith for what He has promised to give them if they ask Him for it (Matthew 6:8). Moreover, we also need to be content with whatever we have and not allow covetousness enter our hearts.

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Why God Isn’t Answering Your Prayers?

There are several reasons why God may be not answering your prayer requests for a financial breakthrough in your life and some of the reasons are laziness. The Bible in Proverbs 10:4-6 tells us that laziness leads to poverty.

There is no way you can be financially blessed by the Lord if you are too lazy to work with your two hands and brain He’s given you free of charge and this is the problem many believers face who think blind faith without works will give them a financial miracle.

You need to understand that God can only bless the work of your hands and if you are not working, He will have nothing to bless your hand with. So, if you want abundant financial blessings, be industrious if you don’t want to be a beggar or lack finances.

The other reason why God may not be answering your prayers for financial prosperity or blessing is you are asking amiss with ulterior motives.

James 4:3 tells us that most of the time we don’t receive what we are asking because we ask amiss to consume what we have asked for upon our lusts and greed.

For example, if you are praying for God to bless you and prosper you financially to show off that you are rich and better than others, I don’t think God will waste His time in answering such carnal prayers.

If you want financial prosperity or financial freedom in your life, let your prayers for your financial miracle be in line with God’s will.

Implying that you should be praying for God to bless you financially so that you can meet your basic needs in your life as well as using your financial blessing to bless and help others struggling with money issues.

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You Are Not Putting God First.

The third and final major reason why God may not be answering your prayers for a financial miracle in your life is that you are not seeking His kingdom first of His righteousness as commanded in Matthews 6:33.

If your prayers are all about riches, money, and wealth instead of your salvation and eternal life, which are far more important than the riches, and wealth you want which is temporal, they will likely not be answered.

Jesus Christ tells us in Mark 8:36 that what will it profit us if we have all the money, financial prosperity, riches, and the wealth of this word if we lose our soul in the end?

God is more concerned about your spiritual life and where you will spend your eternity when your die than your money issues. Unfortunate, most people including many Christians are more concerned about having more money in this world than making it for heaven.

However, that won’t profit you in the end as money can’t buy you a ticket to heaven but if you put God first by seeking Him first, He will provide for your financial needs and won’t neglect you.

Let your salvation and eternal life be the first thing your desire in this life as they are the most important things you will ever have in this life whose value is priceless that money can’t buy.

How Can I Pray To God For Money?

There are many ways to pray to God for money. You can pray to Him in a general way, asking Him to bless you with money, riches, wealth, and abundance. Moreover, ensure that your prayer request for money or financial prosperity is in line with His will.

Otherwise, your prayer request for financial blessings won’t be answered if they have covetousness or ulterior motives hidden in them. Remember, God will bless you financially with the aim of you blessing others as well.

If you are struggling with money, you may be asking yourself how to pray for more. The answer is simple: Pray with your finances in mind and believe by faith you will receive your financial blessing in due time if you do your part of course.

Praying for more money can be hard, especially when you have a lot of debt and bills to pay. But it doesn’t have to be that way as silver and gold belong to the Lord.

You can pray for money by thinking about what God wants you to do with it and how He wants you to live your life so that it reflects His love in every part of your life. The Bible says that God will give us all we need if we ask of Him (John 6:35).


I hope the above post on the question, “does God answer prayers for money,” has now helped you understand and believe that yes, God answers prayers concerning finances.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that you must always pray in line with His will for God to bless you financially and give no room for covetousness or materialism.

In closing, if this post was of great help to you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you say goodbye. Stay blessed financially.

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6 thoughts on “Does God Answer Prayers For Money All The Time? If So How”

  1. I am in great debt. Each day it seems more and more. I read your article and it is clear that perhaps I’m not working hard enough to obtain extra finances. I am 68 years old and retired. I have some health issues, but not bad. Am I supposed to try to get a job again at this age? I don’t think it’s laziness, I’m just so tired.

    • Of course, the Lord can still bless you financially and make you debt free, dear as nothing is impossible with Him. Just have faith and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and what you can do that doesn’t require too much work considering your age and no I am sure you are hard working, dear considering you are retired and you don’t have to go back to your 9-5 again to be blessed financially. Just ask God for new income avenues where you can be blessed financially which don’t require you to go back to the workforce considering your age. God bless.

  2. thanks for sharing your article with us, really appreciate taking the time out for this to happen.
    i think some of us including me are going through financial crisis at an early age so learning to stay right in the track and knowing the things in clarity and asking God for the right things is very crucial. I’m talking about salvation and eternal life where if we think about it on a serious note, financial burden tends to take a toll on us and it just becomes another part of our spiritual life, so no wonder the bible says seek first his kingdom, the moment we realised our eternal life is fully secured in God through incessant prayers and meditation on the scripture, we will definitely have the sheer confidence and strength to work endlessly (don’t mean we become workaholic) and hopefully earn a lot of money and eventually up paying debts and unlimitedly help others too. This perspective can only come from knowing God.


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