How To Have Power Over Sin In 7 Easy Steps (Video Sermon)

It’s just a matter of fact that sin is hardwired into our biology and nature and this post today will show you how you can have power over sin and overcome it once and for all.

Many people and even Christians doubt if they can overcome sin in their lives and this article has good news for you if you are struggling with sin and addictions in your life.

By the end of this post, you will know all the 7 things you must do to help you have power over sin and live a victorious Christian life. Let’s get started.

7 Things To Do To Overcome The Power Of Sin.

Here are 7 things you must do right now if want to have victory over sin and all the sinful addictions in your life that are slowly destroying you from the inside.

  • Repent
  • Read God’s Word Daily.
  • Choose To Live Godly.
  • Pray Every day.
  • Abstain From All Evil Appearances.
  • Be Spirit-Filled.
  • Abide In Christ.

1. Repent.

If you want to overcome the power of sin in your life, you first need to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour to receive salvation.

Repentance simply means complete cessation of sin by changing your mind towards your sin and God and choosing to forsake your sins once and for all and to return to God.

That’s what true repentance is all about, dear. Without genuine repentance that brings eternal life through God’s grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8) of which we are saved, you won’t have power over sin.

If you want to have power over sin and live a victorious life that is above sin in Christ Jesus, you first need to ensure that you have truly repented of your sins and have a new life in Christ.

A lot of people struggle with sin because they have not truly repented of their sins and the love of sin is still present in their lives which is evident by the sinful lifestyles they are still living.

But there is good news for you if you are still struggling with sin. You can still repent today and have genuine salvation and a change of life as God’s grace that brings salvation has appeared to everyone.

It’s this grace through faith that is made available at salvation when you truly repent of your sins that will teach and enable you to deny all forms of ungodliness and worldly lusts so that you can live a victorious life that’s above sin all the days of thy life.

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2. Read God’s Word Daily.

Reading God’s word daily is an important daily devotion you must practice as a Christian as it’s by reading God’s word daily that will help you overcome sin and Satan’s temptations with ease.

No wonder the Psalmist, David said in Psalms 119:11 that he has hidden God’s word in his heart so that he might not sin against his precious Lord.

You as well need to hide God’s word in your heart so that you won’t sin against the Lord as the word of the Lord is what will give you power over your sinful desires of the flesh that constantly war against your soul daily.

Without the daily devotion to read God’s word in your Christian life, you won’t know what God loves and what He hates to help you defeat sin in your life.

The word of the Lord is what will help you know what is sinful or not and without it, you won’t have the knowledge of what God considers sin or not nor will you have dominion over sin.

No wonder Paul in Ephesians 6:10-18, tell us to put on the full armour of God which is done by reading the word of the Lord which is the sword of the Spirit as we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but spiritual forces of wickedness in high places.

So, if you want to have power over sin, read the word of the Lord daily and meditate on it day and night. This is a daily ritual al true believers who want to live a life of holiness that’s above sin must do all the days of their lives.

3. Choose To Live Godly.

Choosing to live a godly life of righteousness is one of the best ways to help you overcome the power of sin in your life.

By living a godly life which is only possible by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, you choose life instead of death that comes with sin.

If you don’t make a delivery effort to live a godly life, you are in short allowing sin to have dominion over your life which will just bring eternal condemnation on you in hellfire if you die in it.

Many so-called Christian find it hard to live a godly life free of worldly pollution because they haven’t resolved in their heart to live a life of holiness.

There is no reason why you must fail to live godly in this wicked world because, in Titus 2:11, it says that the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to everyone that will teach you to deny all ungodliness or sin as well as worldly lusts.

And it’s this grace that will enable you to live a holy Christian life in this present wicked world but if you don’t choose to live godly due to the love of sin in your heart, sin will always have dominion over you until death.

So, if you don’t want sin to rule over you, resolve in your heart to live a godly life that’s above sin and this is what all true believers in Christ do.

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4. Pray Every day.

If you want to overcome sin, you must pray every day in addition to reading your bible very early in the morning before you begin your day.

By praying every day, you will neutralize all the evil schemes and temptations Satan has set for you on that day. No wonder Jesus Christ told His disciples in Mathews 26:41 that they must pray so that they don’t enter into temptations.

Prayer is what will help you not yield to temptations. Most people fall into temptations and leave defeated Christian lives because their prayer lives are weak and leave much to be desired.

The devil knows that there is power in prayer and he will do all he can to hinder you from having an effective prayer life because he knows that without prayer, you are already defeated.

When you have a very strong and effective prayer life, Satan will have a hard time in wanting to make you yield to his sinful temptations.

Jesus was able to overcome the temptations Satan brought to him because He Had a strong prayer life. No wonder we see Jesus in Mark 1:35 going in a solitary place to pray.

And if Jesus prayed while on earth, who are you not to pray. Remember when it comes to temptation, Satan is no respecter of persons as he tempts anyone when the opportunity to do so presents itself. He even tempted Jesus for that matter.

5. Abstain From All Evil Appearances.

The bible in 2 Thessalonians 5:22 tell us as true believers, we must abstain from all appearances of evil because it’s from there temptations to sin come from.

You won’t have power over sin if you don’t abstain from all appearances on evil in your life and these come in various forms like evil shows on T.V, inappropriate content on the internet etc.

And if you have T.V in your house or regular surf the internet as I do, you need to be extra careful because these places is where you will find a lot of appearances of evil lurking in the shadows more than anywhere else.

A lot of what’s shown on T.V these days is evil and abominable and as a Christian, you need to be extra careful with the internet and T.V lest it is the reason why you spend your eternity in hellfire.

Many people and even so-called Christians are not willing to abstain from all appearances of evil which is why many of them are addicted to pornography which has a firm grip on their lives causing them to live defeated Christian lives.

If you don’t abstain from all appearances of evil but show interest in it, Satan will quickly notice that and take advantage of the chance you have given him.

So, if you want to live a victorious Christian life that’s above sin, you ought to abstain from all evil appearances, dear that present themselves to you or even run sometimes as Joseph did when Potiphar’s wife wanted to lie with him in Genesis 39:12.

6. Be Spirit-Filled.

To overcome your sinful lifestyle, you need to be spirit-filled. It’s the Holy Spirit dwelling in you that will empower you to overcome any sin that may seem impossible for you to overcome right now.

And you can receive the Holy Spirit when you receive genuine salvation that only comes through genuine repentance of one’s sins (Acts 2:38).

It’s this power endued from on high that will enable you to overcome all your sinful habits be it additions or other strongholds that have your Christian life bogged down in defeat.

Without this power from on high Jesus promised His disciples in Luke 24:49, you are completely powerless over your sinful nature which will have dominion over you.

It’s the Spirit’s power in indwelling in you that will enable you to abstain from all fleshy sinful lusts that are constantly warring against your soul and pursue righteousness instead.

You can’t overcome your sinful nature by your might if you are not spirit-filled. Only the power of the Holy Spirit will enable you to do so.

If you are Spirit-filled, you will walk after the Spirit and not after your former lusts of the flesh that entangled you into evil (1 peter 2:11).

7. Abide In Christ.

Last but not least, to overcome the power of sin over your life, you need to abide in Christ and Him in you at all times 24/7/365.

Jesus Christ said in John 15:5-8 that He’s the vine and we are the branches and we can only bear much fruit including a victorious life over sin by abiding in Him.

He even went further to say that without Him, we can do nothing implying that without Him, you can overcome the sinful nature that causes us to do bad things we don’t like in the first place.

If you are not abiding in Christ my dear, forget about living a victorious Christian life because it’s only by God’s grace we can overcome the sinful desires of our sinful flesh.

What you must know dear as you are reading this is that we all have natural evil desires that come from our fallen Adamic nature that make us do bad things only Christ can deal with at salvation.

Abiding in Christ means living a holy life and letting Him be the Master of your life and there is no way sin will have dominion over you if Christ is in full control of your life.

If you are struggling with sin, it may be a sign that Christ Jesus is not abiding in your life yet and you in Him but that can change today if you truly repent of your sins with all your heart and vow never to go back to them.


These are all the 7 tips I had to share with you to help you overcome the power of sin in your life and live a victorious Christian life.

If you are still struggling with sinful habits, you need real salvation in your life to help you break them and if you want to be saved today, read this post on how to be saved to get you started.

In closing, if you found this post useful, kindly share it with others so that they can benefit as well and live victorious Christian lives. Be blessed.

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