11 Signs Of A Wicked Heart (Evil People Always Manifest.)

Sometimes, the devil isn’t in the details but the heart of the matter or person as the 11 signs of a wicked heart in this post below will show you.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 that,” the heart is more deceitful than all else and desperately wicked and no one can know it fully except the Lord who searches all the hearts of men.

Many signs will show if a person has a wicked heart and the 11 signs of a wicked heart below will help you to recognize the wicked heart lurking in any person.

11 Signs Of An Evil Heart.

Here are the 11 signs of an evil heart to help you know if you are dealing with a person who’s evil and full of wickedness in their hearts.

  • Haughty.
  • Unmerciful.
  • Lack Of Love.
  • Sinful.
  • Stony.
  • Cruelty.
  • Envy.
  • Seared Conscience.
  • Strife.
  • Hates God.
  • Craftiness.

1. Haughty.

A wicked heart is always filled with Satan’s pride who’s the father of all pride and haughtiness as we know it. An evil heart never wants to humble itself under any circumstances.

If you have a wicked heart, you will lack humility but have pride and want to exalt yourself and not want to submit to any authority especially God’s word.

An evil person with a prideful heart has sinful pride because that person is of their father the devil who is the source of all pride as we know it.

And this is manifested in the way they talk and carry themselves in life and due to their pride in their hearts, they fail to see the destruction that awaits them.

An evil heart always boasts in itself and its evil ways and never want to humble itself before the Lord. The Lord in James 4:6,7 states that He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble and meek at heart.

2. Unmerciful.

Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 talks about people being unmerciful in the last days and that’s what we are seeing now by the way people treat each other.

Evil people with evil hearts are unmerciful towards others and never show remorse. All they want is revenge especially if you wrong them even on the most trivial things.

Mercy is seen as a sign of weakness to someone who has an evil heart and all they want is revenge and do you harm if you wronged them in any way.

This is the major reason why many people do a lot of evil things to each other without feeling remorseful at all for their evil actions to their fellow human beings. The shootings and homicides we see are such good examples of how evil people can be heartless towards other humans.

If you have an evil heart of unmercifulness, you need to change and ask Jesus Christ to give you a new heart that will make you compassionate and merciful to others.

3. Lack Of Love.

Lack of love is among the signs of a wicked heart that you will notice if you are dealing with a wicked person. Love is never present in the heart of the wicked.

Instead, hate towards others just like their father, the devil who is the father of all hate as we know it is what reigns supreme in the heart of a wicked person without the love of Christ in their heart.

A lack of love especially in these last days we are living in can be seen everywhere clearly evident with the way people treat each other nowadays.

The book of 2 Timothy 3:3 in the new testament talks about many people in the last days we are living in will be unloving, brutal and without natural affections towards their fellow humans.

And this lack of natural affection is seen by the unimaginable evils people to their fellow humans be it murder, hate, betrayals etc. All this is a result of the lack of love in the heart of wicked people who do such things.

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4. Sinful.

A heart without God’s grace is full of sin which is why people with wicked and corrupt hearts are prone to do all manner of evil things. Sinful people also have an evil mind which is full of evil thoughts where they plan and rehearse their evil acts before committing them.

Having a sinful heart simply means that you have a heart that is prone to do all manner of evil things such as lying, immorality, hate murder, and all manner of bad things a carnal fleshy heart is naturally inclined to do.

Proverbs 6:18 sheds more light on the nature of an evil heart wicked people have that always want to do and devise evil things all the time due to the evil urges in their hearts.

While on the contrary a person with a good Christ-like heart that is not sinful will always be inclined to do what is good and hate what’s sinful

People with sinful hearts always love to do evil and hate to do that which is good due to the love of sin present in their uncircumcised evil hearts.

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5. Stony.

A wicked heart will be stony and hardened in nature towards others and towards the Lord and such people are usually very heartless indeed.

Sadly, many people including so-called Christians have stony hearts that have been hardened by sin because sin always hardens a heart of a sinner so that it’s not receptive to God’s word.

This stony heart evil people have is made evident by the way they treat others. If you have a stony heart, you will treat others with harshness and cruelty.

We all have a stony heart in one way or the other due to the sinful nature we are all born with as sin hardens our hearts which makes us stubborn to God and heartless towards other people.

No wonder in Ezekiel 36:26, the Lord promises us that He will remove a stony heart that causes us to be stubborn and heartless towards others and give us a new heart of flesh that will make us good and soft-hearted to others and love the Lord.

6. Cruelty.

Cruelty or taking pleasure in the affliction of others is also one of the signs of a wicked heart that you will notice if someone is wicked.

A person with a cruel heart delights in inflicting pain on others. They do so because cruel people are children of the devil from whom they get their cruelty.

And since the devil is the cruellest evil created being in this universe, it, therefore, follows that his children will also imitate his cruel traits.

There are so many cruel heartless people in this world who always want to inflict pain on innocent people for no reason and such people are the reason why the world we live in is cruel.

Unless such people experience the transforming power of Christ, such people will continue inflicting pain, tears and hurt innocent people unchecked.

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7. Envy.

A person with a wicked heart is always envious of others and it’s from this envy of others wicked people have towards others, jealousy springs from.

People with an envious heart never want to see good things happen to others unless it happens to them. They only want good things to happen to them and if that isn’t the case, you have a big problem.

An envious person with an envious heart will always want you not to prosper in life or go past them and when you do that, they will secretly start plotting your downfall.

Beware of such people in your life because if you are not careful with such evil people, they will destroy your life and by the time you realize what has happened irreversible damage has already been done in your life.

No wonder the bible in James 3:16 say that where envy and strife are, all manner of evil work and confusion reigns there. This is why you must avoid envy at all costs before it eats you alive from the inside.

8. Seared Conscience.

Paul in 1 Timothy 4:2 talks about many people having a seared conscience towards what’s good and what’s evil in the last days.

And one of the signs you will notice that someone has a wicked heart is a seared conscience which will be manifested by their action and choices.

People with a seared conscience have a dead conscience that is why they won’t feel anything bad if they do something very bad to other people.

One such example is serial killers who take pleasure in killing others in cold blood without any remorse and I am sure you hear about gruesome murders and body dismemberment done by heartless serial killers.

These people do such unimaginable evil acts to their fellow humans because their conscience is dead. After all, if it wasn’t, their conscience won’t permit them to do that at all.

9. Strife.

Wicked people like sowing strife and discord among other people with their outrageous fabrications and Paul in 2 Timothy 2:23 warns about such people who bring commotion among the brethren and why we must avoid such people.

No day will go or pass by without at least causing some commotion among other people and such people are everywhere be it in churches, schools or workplaces, you will find them.

Proverbs 16:28 sheds more light concerning such people and the best way of avoiding the strife and dissensions they devise in their wicked hearts.

A person with a contentious heart always wants unnecessary arguments and fights with others and this spirit of strife has killed many relationships, friendships and marriages.

And if you are such a person that likes to cause strife among other people, you need to stop and ask Jesus Christ to transform your heart and to take away the spirit of strife that may be reigning in you and causing you to lose friends because of fruitless arguments caused by strife.

10. Hates God.

A wicked person with a wicked and foolish heart will hate God and everything He stands for just like their father the devil who hates God and was the first one to do so.

Paul in Romans 1:30 talks about these people who are despisers of all that which is good and are haters of God because of their evil hearts that have been defiled and blinded by their sin.

They get their hate of God from the devil because of the love of sin in their evil heart with God is against. Wicked people hate the Lord for no reason which is funny indeed.

And in these last days, we are living in, there are a lot of evil people who hate God and speak profane things about Him. The blasphemy and evil they speak against God is a testimony of how wicked and depraved their hearts are inside.

If you are a God-hater as you are reading this, just know that your hate won’t change anything about God as He doesn’t need your love in any way to feel complete and validated unlike you.

11. Craftiness.

Another sign that will tip you of that you are dealing with evil individuals with evil hearts is the craftiness and deceitfulness of their wicked hearts you will notice by dealing with them in anything.

A person who has a crafty heart will always use clever deceitful means to land you into trouble or to steal something valuable from you without even you knowing it.

This world is full of crafty and deceitful people who are like roaring lions seeking unsuspecting innocent prey to devour in their craftiness and this is why there are so many fraudsters nowadays.

No wonder in Ephesians 4:14, the bible warns us to beware of such evil people who use trickery and deceitfulness to deceive and rob innocent people because they are up to no good.

Otherwise, if you are not careful, these people will ruin your life and steal from you and by the time you realize what they have done to you, it’s too late as the damage has already been done.


I hope the 11 signs of a wicked heart above will now help you understand what goes on in the hearts of wicked people so that you can protect yourself from them before they do their damage.

On the contrary, if you realize that you exhibit the above traits but want to change and be a good person, read this post on how to be born again in 7 simple steps so that you can have a new heart of Christ.

In closing, if you found this post useful, kindly share it with others so that they can learn something useful as well. Stay blessed.

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