7 Dangers Of Sin To Help You Stop Sinning (+Video Sermon)

The Holy Bible has a lot to say about the dangers of sin and why you must avoid it in your life at all costs before it destroys your life beyond repair.

And this post today will address some of the major dangers sin has on a person who continues to live in sin despite many warnings to that person to repent and forsake their evil ways.

Having said, that let’s now look at the 7 major dangers of sin that will once again remind you why sin must be kept as far away as possible from your life if you truly love your soul.

7 Horrific Dangers Of Sin.

Proceed below to find out the 7 dangers of sin that will act as a wake-up call to forsake your sinful lifestyle before it’s too late when you die.

  • Sin Brings Curses.
  • Sin Brings Death.
  • Loss Of God’s Favor.
  • Sin Brings God’s Judgment.
  • Vulnerability To Demonic Attacks.
  • Hellfire.
  • Sin Leads To Moral Decay.

1. Sin Brings Curses.

This is one of the greatest dangers of sin in one’s life as sin brings a lot of curses on one’s life which is why you must avoid sin at all costs.

The curse of sin is demonstrated in Genesis 3:14-19 by the fall of Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

As you can see in the above verse when our first parents fell, everything changed for them for the worst. Everything including the ground was cursed which is why the world we live in is evil, full of diseases and full of hardships.

All manner of diseases and evil exists in this world all because of the curse of sin as sin bring diseases and that’s why we get sick and die of sicknesses because of the evil things we do.

Before our first parents fell from grace in the garden of Eden, our first parents knew no illness and their bodies were perfect and free from all diseases.

But when they fell, all this changed and all manner of illness and diseases our first parents never knew before their fall began to appear in their lives and on subsequent generations after them.

If you don’t want the curse of sin to be upon you, endeavour to forsake your sinful lifestyle by repenting and coming to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sin and every curse of sin that may be present in your life will be lifted today if you believe.

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2. Sin Brings Death.

The bible in Romans 6:23 tells us that the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life through Christ, Jesus.

And this death comes in two forms which are physical death and spiritual death. Physical death in this case can happen prematurely if a sinner refuses to repent of their evil ways and continue in their willful sin.

Ezekiel 18:20 further sheds more light on this grave danger of sin and clearly warns all sinners that a soul that sinneth shall surely die if it doesn’t repent of its sins and return to the Lord.

I am sure you have witnessed people in your life die prematurely all because of sin just as I have. These unfortunate souls thought they could enjoy the pleasures of sin indefinitely in their lives but were proven wrong by sudden death.

Spiritual death is also another danger of sin and spiritual death, in this case, means being separated from God both now and in eternity and if you don’t repent and die as a sinner, you will be eternally separated from God from all eternity.

There sin nothing good to be found in sin other than premature death and eternal separation from God in the lake of fire for those who take pleasure in unrighteousness.

I encourage you to stay away from sin as far as possible if you want to live life and avoid being eternally separated from God in hellfire with the devil and his angels because if you don’t, you will regret it for all eternity, my dear.

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3. Loss Of God’s Favor.

When you indulge yourself in sin, you will lose God’s favour and blessings upon your life and this can be seen among the children of Israel when they sinned against the Lord.

The nation of Israel at one point was the strongest and the most blessed nation on earth and this was so because God’s favour and blessings were upon them because they shunned sin.

But when the Israelites began to transgress against God’s commandments, they lost His favour which led to diseases and humiliating defeats from their enemies which are seen in Daniel 9:11.

Whenever the Israelites transgressed against the Lord, they faced defeat and all manner of pestilences and distress of the Egyptian due to the loss of God’s favour upon them.

In like manner, the same will happen to you if you indulge yourself in sinful activities which will make the presence of the Lord depart from your life.

If you don’t want to lose the favor and blessing of the Lord upon your life, stay away from all manner of evil be it secret sin, habitual sin etc.

On the other hand, if you don’t forsake your sins or your sinful behaviour, God’s favor won’t be upon you and this is a problem with most people who want the favor of the Lord upon their lives but aren’t willing to forsake their evil ways.

4. Sin Brings God’s Judgment.

This is perhaps among the greatest dangers of sin on one’s life if not repented of and forsaken and Proverbs 11:21 clearly states that sin and wicked people won’t go unpunished.

Paul also states in Romans 1:18 that God wrath and judgment is revealed on all unrighteousness and people who take pleasure in doing evil things.

If you don’t repent and forsake your sins, dear, eternal judgment and wrath in the lake of fire await you for all eternity if you die in your sins which is a grim prospect indeed for temporary pleasure sin bring upon a sinner on earth.

Many people these days think they are enjoying life by living in their sinful pleasures but not realizing that judgment awaits them when they die and greet eternity.

By the time such people will realize their great error of living after their sinful pleasures on earth, it will be too late to make amends and reverse the consequences of their actions and wasted lives in hellfire.

Remember, we all have an appointment with death and after that, all of us will have to give an accounting of how we lived our lives on earth (Hebrews 9:27).

Sin isn’t worth it dear as it just brings eternal judgment in hellfire of which you can’t escape from when you die in your sin. Leave your sinful lifestyle behind and return to the Lord while he may be found before it’s too late to make amends.

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5. Vulnerability To Demonic Attacks.

Demonic attacks are another grave danger of sin upon one’s life as sin give Satan and his demons legal permission to be in your life to afflict and torment you.

No wonder many people are under demonic attacks and possessions they don’t even understand. All this is because such people have allowed sin to reign in their lives.

If you allow sin in your life, you will live a defeated Christian life and you will make yourself susceptible to satanic attacks that will wreak havoc in your life and if you are not careful, you might even end up dying prematurely and end up in hellfire.

Jesus says in John 10:10 that the thief Satan in this case only comes to steal, kill, and destroy people’s lives and he does so by tempting people to sin as he knows that sin gives him a legal right to enter your life.

One thing you must know dear is that Satan and his demons can’t legally enter your life by force unless you allow him to do so through your wicked sinful lifestyle. Many lives have been ruined via demonic attacks because of sin in the lives of such people.

And since Satan’s ultimate job is to ultimately destroy you, he will therefore bring all sorts of evil enticements and temptations to you so that you can take his bait and fall into sin thereby allowing him to take charge of your life.

So, if you don’t want demonic attacks in your life, stay away from sin as far as possible and let your Christian life be a life of prayer.

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6. Hellfire.

Ending up in hellfire is perhaps the greatest danger sin has on a sinner if that sinner dies without having repented of their sins while on earth.

Instead of having eternal life which will enable you to spend eternity with God, Jesus Christ and the redeemed saints of all times since the creation of this world, sin will damn you eternally in hellfire with the devil and his angels (Matthews 25:46).

Sadly, most people take the issue of sin and its consequences lightly and think that there will be dancing and partying in hellfire which couldn’t be further from the truth.

And these people have set their hearts to do all manner of evil things and to live in disobedience to God’s word because the judgement of their sinful deeds isn’t forthcoming.

Jesus Christ says in Luke 13:28 that all unrepentant sinners who rejected him while on earth will cast into hellfire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity. I don’t see any partying and celebrating here.

There is nothing good about spending the rest of your eternity in hellfire for the cheap and temporary pleasures of sin here on earth. Regrets and wishing you had done things differently with your life will be you cry for all eternity if you end up there.

Jesus Christ loves you and doesn’t want you to spend your eternity in hellfire but be with Him in everlasting joy in heaven because hell was prepared for the devil and his angels and not us. It’s up to you to decide where you want to be when you die.

7. Sin Leads To Moral Decay.

The moral perversions and decay our society is witnessing are all because of sin which has led to many broken families and children born out of wedlock.

No wonder sexual immorality is very high in the times we live in and unfortunately the church as well hasn’t been spared from this disease. Sex before marriage is very rampant among young people due to moral decay.

Nowadays, people aren’t afraid to parade their nakedness anymore in public or front of their young daughters. It’s now entertainment which is very shameful indeed.

This is why pornography and all other sexual perversions are rampant on the internet. So many people are now addicted to these perversions on the internet and it’s no surprise why infidelity is now a common spectacle nowadays.

And this demonstration of moral perversion in society is further seen in the commercial explicit T.V shows that are now being shown to the general public which were taboo just a few generations ago.

Other forms of moral perversions have come in the name of promoting gay rights which is detestable in the sight of the Lord forgetting that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of such moral perversions (Jude 1:7).

That, my dear friend, is what sin can do to a human being as it makes us morally rotten and perverted inside which makes us not feel shameful to do all manner of immoral things.


I hope the 7 major dangers of sin above will now help you flee and avoid sin in your life at all costs before it ruins your life.

If you are still a sinner and feel convicted after reading this post that you need to be saved, read this post on how to be saved in 7 simple steps and have a new life in Christ free from the bondage of sin.

In closing, if you found this post useful, kindly share it with others so that they can learn something from it as well and avoid the dangers sin brings to one’s life. Stay blessed.

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