13 Characteristics Of Eternal Life That Makes It Precious

Knowing the characteristics of eternal life will help you find eternal life and help you know why it’s so special and the most priceless thing you have in your arsenal as a true believer in Christ.

Without knowing the traits of eternal life found only in Jesus Christ, you won’t be able to distinguish it from all the other alternate afterlife existences false religions teach.

And this post will help you distinguish 13 traits of eternal life that will remind you why eternal life is the most precious and priceless prize you have as a true Christian.

13 Characteristics Of Eternal Life.

Here are the 13 characteristics of eternal life that will help you appreciate this special God’s love gift He has given to mankind.

  • Only Found In Jesus Christ.
  • It’s A Free Gift.
  • A Gateway To Heaven.
  • Comes After True Repentance.
  • Has Everlasting Joy.
  • Incorruptible.
  • Makes You Spiritually Alive.
  • Comes By Grace Through Faith.
  • Not Subject To Physical Death.
  • It’s Precious.
  • It’s Priceless.
  • It’s Not Mere Eternal Consciousness.
  • Has No End.

1. Only Found In Jesus Christ.

This is what makes eternal life special as it’s only found in Jesus Christ and not in any guru or false religion that promises something similar (John 3:15).

So, if you want to have everlasting life and spend eternity with God in heaven when you die, you must accept Jesus into your heart after repenting and forsaking your sins behind.

If you try to seek eternal life elsewhere apart from Jesus, you won’t find it because it’s exclusive to our Lord Jesus Christ alone (Titus 1:2).

All you need to have everlasting life is simply believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for you on the cross. If you don’t believe in Him, eternal punishment in hellfire is the only other option you will have to spend your eternity.

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2. It’s A Free Gift.

You cannot earn eternal life by your good deeds or by simply trying to be a good person because no one is good, anyway in God’s sight as we are all as an unclean thing due to sin (Isaiah 564:6).

And this is what makes eternal life so special as it’s a free gift that one obtains by grace through faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose on the third day according to the scriptures.

If everlasting life wasn’t a free gift, I doubt that anyone could earn it because it would mean meeting God’s perfect standards of righteousness all the time which isn’t possible at all in our human sinful flesh.

The fact that our loving God made eternal life a free gift to all mankind by grace through faith in Jesus shows the infinite everlasting love He has for us that has no equals (Titus 3:7).

3. A Gateway To Heaven.

Since according to John 14:6, Jesus said that He’s the way the truth and the life and that eternal life is only found through Him, it simply shows that eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ is also the key and gateway to heaven.

Without eternal life, you won’t be with God and the precious redeemed saints of all the ages since the world began in heaven when you die which will be the most tragic thing that will ever happen to any person.

There is nothing worse than knowing that you won’t see and be with your heavenly Father and the redeemed saints in heaven forever.

Eternal death or eternal punishment (Matthews 25:46) is what will be the portion of your soul when you die not accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior during your earthy life. Don’t be that unfortunate person by rejecting Christ in your life.

4. Comes After True Repentance.

This is one of the most important characteristics of eternal life in that it comes after genuine repentance of one’s sins (Titus 3:7).

If you are a true believer who has truly repented of your sins, you will have this gift of eternal life that comes by God’s grace through faith of which we are saved.

Without true repentance in your life that brings salvation, forget about having everlasting life or being with God in heaven and His redeemed saints for all eternity. What a tragedy that will be.

Remember, only true believers who truly repented of their sins and gave their lives to Christ while on earth will make it for heaven on that final day when all is said and done. I hope you will be among the number because I have decided I will be among the number.

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5. Has Everlasting Joy.

When one receives everlasting life after accepting Christ in their life, that person will also be filled with joy that surpasses all understanding both now and in the world to come in eternity when that person dies in Christ.

And this everlasting joy and happiness that is found only in Jesus is always new all the time and never gets old. It’s infinite and has no end.

Whatever is found in this world be it money or the mundane riches of this world can’t compare to the everlasting joy eternal life has and brings to every repentant sinner.

The apostle Paul talks about this joy in Romans 14:17 where he stated that God’s kingdom isn’t just about eating or drinking but also righteousness and joy in the Holy Ghost will be what life will be characterized by when we go to heaven.

6. Incorruptible.

When you say something is incorruptible, you simply mean that something isn’t subject to decay and doesn’t fade or lose its value over time and that’s what makes eternal life so special.

It’s this special and exclusive feature that makes eternal life so different from our physical life that will perish one day through our physical death here on earth.

No wonder the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:25 encourages all true believers to run and finish their Christian race for them to obtain the incorruptible prize at the end of it all which is eternal life and the crown of life.

So, don’t let the corruptible mundane things of this world be the reason you fail to make it for heaven and lose your eternal life for good which doesn’t perish or fade in value over time.

7. Makes You Spiritually Alive.

It’s just a matter of fact that every human being born of a woman is born spiritually dead due to the original sin of our first parents when they ate the forbidden fruit (1 Corinthians 15:22).

But when you receive salvation after truly repenting and forsaking of your sins, you become spiritually alive due to the renewal of the Spirit of God that regenerates your spirit so that His divine nature now becomes part of you.

And since eternal life comes after salvation, it, therefore, follows that when you become saved and receive everlasting life, you become spiritually alive in Christ and on your way to heaven.

But if eternal life is absent in your life, it means that you are still spiritually dead in your sins and will end up in hellfire if you don’t receive salvation by giving your life to Jesus Christ while you are here on earth.

8. Comes By Grace Through Faith.

This is another peculiar characteristic of eternal life that makes it special and divine. Since we are saved by God’s grace through faith and not our works, it, therefore, follows that eternal life also comes by grace after one receives salvation by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Without faith, you won’t have this everlasting life Christ promises in John3:36 to all those who believe in Him with all their hearts.

It’s God’s eternal power through Jesus Christ that makes it possible for us to have everlasting life because it’s divine and supernatural in nature made possible by the transforming power of the Spirit of Christ.

So, if you want to be saved and have everlasting life, all you need is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart and you will be saved and have everlasting life (Romans10:9).

9. Not Subject To Physical Death.

Since as natural human beings, we are mortal by nature and experience physical death but when we receive eternal life, we will receive the immortality promised in (1 Corinthian 15:53-55) after the resurrection.

It’s this immortality found in Christ Jesus that will make us immortal after the resurrection since Christ He’s the resurrection and the life and those who believe in him will not see death but will be passed on to life (John 11:25).

And since eternal life reflects the attributes of Christ in whom it’s found who is immortal, it means that physical death has no power over it as it’s eternal with no end.

This is why eternal life is eternal in the first place because physical death has no power over it and that it’s found in Christ only who’s eternal just as the heavenly Father is.

10. It’s Precious.

Everlasting life is the greatest and most precious gift that every true believer has in their arsenal because it’s what will enable you to enter heaven when you die.

Nothing in this world be it money or the mundane things of this world can compare to the great infinite value eternal life has though many take it for granted which is sad indeed.

If many Christians realized how infinitely precious everlasting life is, they wouldn’t be too obsessed with worldly things that will perish one day.

Since everlasting life is the most precious prize all true believers have, it must not be taken for granted because if you don’t have eternal life, you have nothing even if you have all the riches this world has to offer.

11. It’s Priceless.

This is one of the most important characteristics of eternal life that makes it so valuable and special and its price in terms of value is infinite.

The priceless value everlasting life has is so because it comes from Jesus Christ who is eternal and infinite in value, too just as His Heavenly Father is.

Also, eternal life obtained after salvation is what will help us escape from the wrath to come and avoid hellfire where unsaved sinners will be for all eternity and I think that alone is the number one reason why eternal life is so priceless (Matthews 25:46).

It’s the reason why no other person apart from Jesus Christ can give you everlasting life as all these other things or people don’t have these attributes Christ has or have the ability to save us from the consequences of sin.

12. It’s Not Mere Eternal Consciousness.

Eternal consciousness is simply a belief or concept of one’s consciousness continuously existing even after death in one way or the other.

And if you use that secular concept to define eternal life, then you will have a distorted meaning of what eternal life is all about and what it truly means.

Eternal life is more than just a mere consciousness after death because sinners, too will be conscious after death in hellfire will all the senses they had in the world just as we see in the story of the rich man and poor Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31.

What makes everlasting life so special is that we will live eternally with Christ in glory when we live this troublesome wicked world and not in the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

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13. Has No End.

Perhaps this is the most important characteristic of eternal life that makes eternal life everlasting in the first place because something that has an end can’t be eternal.

If eternal life had an end, then it wouldn’t be eternal in the first place and our Christian faith will be in vain because there will be no hope for true believers when they die.

But since everlasting life has no end as the One who gives it to us has no end, it’s why eternal life is the greatest hope all true believers in Christ have.

When your earthly life is over as a true believer in Christ, you will immediately be ushered in God’s presence with the Son in heaven. How amazing that will be to see God’s holiness in its fullness.

Final Remarks.

These are all the 13 characteristics of eternal life I had to share with you to help you have a deeper understanding of why eternal life is so special and must be held on to at all costs.

If you feel that you haven’t received eternal life yet, kindly read this post on how to be born again that will help you receive real salvation and eternal life right now if you believe with all your heart.

In closing, if you found this post edifying, kindly share it with other saints in the Lord as it will benefit them greatly as well. God bless.

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