7 Major Reasons Why God Allows Disappointment?

Trying to discover the reason why God allows disappointments can be a frustrating endeavor due to the limited understanding we have concerning how God does things.

Millions of people have dreams, and some even have a plan for their dreams, but oftentimes, life doesn’t happen the way you planned and things don’t work out in reality.

There are many reasons why God allows us to be disappointed. This article reveals some of those reasons. Many times, we get disappointed by people for letting us down in one way or the other. Life, in general, can be one big disappointment sometimes.

We become angry with God for allowing it to happen. After all, He is a God of love and he will never let us down, right? If you are ready for your outlook on life to change, this article is for you.

You would be surprised how wonderful life can be once you get rid of that fear and trust in God unconditionally. Who knows, maybe you will learn how valuable your disappointments were after all.

Having said that, let’s look at the 7 major reasons why God allows disappointment so that you don’t foolishly blame Him for the reason why your life isn’t as you expected it to be.

What Does God Say About Disappointment?

God’s Word contains many bible verses that have a lot to say about disappointment. Basically, it says that we all experience it, so we shouldn’t be surprised, lose hope, or despair when we do.

We live in a fallen world and face the consequences of our own sin and that of others. Therefore, disappointment is a natural result of living in this fallen world.

God allows us to experience disappointment to teach us something. There are times when we need to be humbled, taught patience, and learn how to depend on God, not ourselves (James 1:2-4).

The bottom line is that all things work together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28). Our disappointments ultimately produce something positive in our lives if we use them correctly.

One such example of Disappointments producing positive things in our lives is leading us to the Lord Jesus Christ (Psalm 69:20; 2 Corinthians 4:8-9; 1 Peter 4:12-13) and much more.

Why Disappointments Are God’s Appointments?

The Bible is filled with stories of men and women who felt disappointed. They had great hopes and dreams for their lives, but step by step those hopes were dashed. In some cases, they were imprisoned, attacked, or even killed.

Take Joseph for example in the Old Testament. He was the favorite son of Jacob; he dreamed of dreams about his future that made his brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt due to their jealousy.

There he was falsely accused of rape and thrown into prison where he sat for years until one day Pharaoh called for him to interpret a dream.

He became second in charge of the kingdom. Years later, his brothers met up with him again, and Joseph told them that what they meant for evil, God meant for good (Genesis 45:8).

The Apostle Paul said in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good to them that love God. When you are disappointed don’t think that it’s the end of the road, because there is a divine appointment on your horizon.

7 Reasons Why God Allows Disappointments.

Take your time in reading the 7 reasons why God allows disappointment in your life below to remind you that things will work for your own good in the end.

  • To Help You Grow.
  • To Remind You We Live In A Fallen World.
  • To Draw Us Closer To Him.
  • To Strengthen & To Test Your Faith.
  • Because Of Sin.
  • Disappointments Open New Doors Of Opportunity.

1. To Help You Grow.

One of the major reasons why God allows disappointment in your life is to help you grow and establish your faith in Him which is why disappointment can be a good thing at times though you may not see it now.

It’s through the disappointments of life that we get to grow in the Lord because if things just went the way you wanted all the time, you will be too comfortable where you are be it in your spiritual life or secular life.

But when disappointments come in your life, it allows you to grow in your personal life be it your Christian faith or circular life into a better version of yourself.

With the right mindset and trust in the Lord and not leaning on your understanding as Proverbs 3:5 tells us, your disappointments can turn into the greatest thing that has ever happened to you.

You may have experienced past disappointments in life such as not getting your dream job, failing exams, etc. but don’t despair as you can use them as growth opportunities to teach you something new and to help discover what you never knew you had.

2. To Remind You We Live In A Fallen World.

Sometimes, the disappointments we go through in life are God’s way of reminding us that we don’t live in a perfect world where everything in our life will go according to plan.

The reason for this is that we live in a fallen world that’s full of broken sinful humans who are bound to disappoint us in one way or the other either knowingly or unknowingly.

This is why you must never believe or trust anyone who tells you that they can never disappoint you as only the perfect Lord is the one who can never let you down as He’s not a son of man to lie or repent (Numbers 23:19).

Such people are the one who ends up disappointing you big time. How many times did someone be it a bestie tell you that they won’t let you down, only to fall short of what they promised you later on?

So, you may have been disappointed by things in your life not going to plan or people you trusted and counted on but I am here to tell you that don’t take it personally and understand that we don’t live in a perfect world but a fallen world full of fallible and broken people.

3. To Draw Us Closer To Him.

God will at times use disappointments in your life to draw us closer to Him because when things are going well in your life, it’s easy to take things for granted and drift away from God.

As humans, we are very forgetful creatures and often forget how good the Lord has been to us, especially in good times but when disappointments come, they draw us near to Him and remind us God is the only one that we must depend on.

One such example of people drawing close to God in times of distress and disappointment is the children of Israel in the Old Testament notoriously known for idol worshipping. As you know, the Israelites were notorious for forgetting God in good times as we see in Joshua 8:34.

But when disappointment came such as not winning battles against their enemies, you see them remembering and calling upon their God they threw aside as we see in Joshua 7:1-26 when things were going well in their life.

So, you may have been such a person who forgot God in good times but is now experiencing disappointments but don’t despair and be thankful for the disappointments God has allowed in your life so that you can draw closer to Him.

4. To Strengthen & To Test Your Faith.

God allows disappointments to strengthen your faith by teaching you to trust God even when He doesn’t answer your prayers the way you want Him to.

You learn that even when your prayers aren’t answered the way you want, He still loves you and wants what’s best for you, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

I am sure you can relate to this where you find yourself praying for something or even fasting for it but for some reason, you find that your prayer request hasn’t been answered and in such a situation is easy to lose heart.

But Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that the Lord knows the plan He has for us which is better than we’ve imagined. God will also let you experience disappointment in your life or ministry to test and refine your faith.

Without disappointment, your faith will not be strong and established in the Lord as it will be superficial and only manifest when things are convenient in your life but when your faith is refined during disappointments it won’t waiver regardless of any circumstance in your life.

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5. Because Of Sin.

Another thing as to why disappointment exists in life is because of sin, the primary cause of why pain and suffering exist in this fallen world we live in. God may allow disappointment in your life so that you can repent and stop living in sin.

But you may be wondering as you are reading this post as to how sin causes disappointment. The answer to that question is that sin is what causes us to lie and break the promises we make to other people thereby disappointing them in the process.

Due to these broken promises as a result of the lies, we told others that we would do what we promised to do but didn’t, disappointments and heartbreaks come in.

The other way sin brings about disappointment in our lives is the false promises it tries to make to us when it promises nothing but death as we see in Romans 6:23.

Many people wallow in the pleasures of sin such as drunkenness, sexual immorality, etc. due to the false promises of pleasure and temporal enjoyments sin may bring about but you and I know very well what the result is when we see the horrible effects sin brings one’s life.

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6. To Teach You To Trust God’s Sovereignty.

Disappointments teach us to trust God’s sovereignty because as humans it’s easy to not want to trust in God especially when things are going well.

In such situations, it’s easy to forget that God is sovereign over all situations in our lives and not ourselves who at times think we can control our life situations and circumstances.

However, when you face disappointment in your life like things not going as expected despite all the best-laid plans you had, it will remind you that only the Lord has control and sovereignty over any circumstance in your life and not yourself.

It’s when you remember that God’s thoughts are not your thoughts and His ways not your way as Isaiah 55:8 tells us which is why certain things you may be going through in your life such as one disappointment after another might not make sense to you now.

Nevertheless, God’s sovereignty over our disappointments in life will remind you that you don’t have to know everything in your life as to why you are having disappointments and it lifts the yoke of responsibility that we can’t bear ourselves.

7.  Disappointments Open New Doors Of Opportunity.

Last but not least, when you are faced with disappointment, look at it as an opportunity for something better. Don’t lose hope yet, dear, and allow bitterness to make you forget God’s promises.

You may not have been accepted for a certain job you applied for or had a relationship you expected to materialize into marriage fall through.

But all these disappointments of things not working out as expected if looked at with a positive lens may turn out to be a blessed opportunity for something way better. You will even thank God later for not getting that job or being in that relationship you thought was right for you.

So, just trust and delight the Lord that He will give you the desires of your heart when the time is right as Psalms 37:4, 5 promises us if we trust, hope, and delight in Him.

If you do so, the Lord will open better opportunities for you be it a better job with better pay or a better and healthier relationship where you are loved, cherished, respected, and much more.


I hope the above 7 reasons why God allows disappointment will remind you that disappointment isn’t always a bad thing but often a good thing and a blessing in disguise so that you don’t lose hope. If this post edified you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share. Stay blessed.

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8 thoughts on “7 Major Reasons Why God Allows Disappointment?”

  1. Samuel-This was an encouragement to me. My husband left me 3 years ago after 41 years of marraige. He is with another woman. Of course, I was devastated. Your article encouraged me because it remended me that God must have something better for me.
    Thank you, Lynette

    • Oh dear sorry to hear that but I Am glad that my post ministered to your soul and reminded you the Lord has something better in store for you. As for your run-away husband who left you, don’t worry about him, dear and remember that all the joy, happiness, and contentment you desire can only be found in the Lord and not in any other person including your former hubby as he’s a fallible human just like everyone else. Stay strong in the Lord.

  2. Samuel,
    I’m also going through a terrible breakup. We were together for 3 and a half years, which were rocky for most part. I’m disappointed because I’ve not only lost a friend but also because I let myself stoop low by giving too much love. I wish I had left sooner, it would have saved us both so much disappointment and pain…
    Ephesians 6:12. “For we are not contending against flesh and blood but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

    • Sorry for your breakup dear. Remember, God allows things to happen for a reason. God bless and may the Lord heal you from your breakup as soon as possible and protect you from all evil.

  3. This was just what i needed. I had a tough day because I am ill and something didn’t turn out the way I wanted today. This was really encouraging, thank you so much for sharing.

    • I am glad that this post was a blessing to you and a source of comfort in your difficult time. God bless and don’t forget the Lord is still with you even in times of disappointments.

  4. Thank you so much for this article, it really blessed me to and also teaches me to put my absolute trust in God and not to rely on the harm of flesh.

    All through yesterday I reached out to couple of friends to help me sort my children school fee but they all disappointed me by their responses cos these are people that have shown support and care for me cos my job hasn’t been stable lately.

    After reading your article I know God allowed the disappointment so I can run back to Him for help and to have absolute trust in Him.

    I am truly blessed reading this article this morning cos I know God has a better plan for me in meeting my need according to Phil 4:19

    • Glad you found this post a blessing to you, sir. Indeed the Lord is the only person you can fully trust with the peace of mind of a baby as only He will never disappoint you.


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