What Does It Mean To Suffer For Christ As A Christian?

The question, what does it mean to suffer for Christ,” is a very important question you need to ask yourself as a professing Christian.

Suffering is one of the most difficult things we will ever face. It can be very hard to deal with, but we need to remember that God never gives us more than we can handle. He uses suffering to bring us closer to him and help us grow spiritually.

In the Bible, there are many examples of people who suffered for their faith in Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul listed several examples of people who suffered for their faith (Acts 5:40).

 He also encouraged Christians to rejoice in their sufferings because it is a sign that they belong to Christ as He suffered for our sakes, too (1 Thessalonians 1:6-7).

Suffering is not always easy to understand, but if we look at it from God’s perspective, then it doesn’t seem so bad after all. When we suffer for our faith in Jesus Christ, we can be assured that God will reward us for our faithfulness in this life and heaven (Revelation 2:10).

You need to remember that you are blessed when you suffer for Christ’s sake because great will be your glory and reward in heaven.

To answer our question today on,” what does it mean to suffer for Christ,” we will look at what the bible says with reference to bible verses in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Meaning Of Suffering For Christ’s Sake.

The answer to that is found in the example of Christ’s own suffering. He didn’t just suffer for Himself but suffered for us by dying on the cross for our sins so that we don’t perish in hell and have eternal life.

Suffering is a part of life. In this world, there will be pain and sorrow and sometimes it seems as if there is no hope for the future.

But God has promised to be with you through your suffering and to bring good from it when all seems dark and hopeless (Romans 8:28). The Bible says that Jesus “endured pain and suffering because of our sake (Hebrews 2:10).

 When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, you become one with Him in His death (Romans 6:3-5;) and also share His resurrection power.

God’s Word promises in 2 Timothy 2:12 that those who believe in Christ and suffer with Him in this present evil world will share His glory and reign with Him forever.

But if we refuse to suffer with Christ, then we don’t deserve to be with Him in glory or share His glory when all is said and done.

Suffering for Christ’s sake simply means that we are willing to suffer for Him because He suffered for us. We will do whatever it takes by His grace to bring glory to God and His word.

The Bible says that those who suffer for Christ will be blessed and reign with Him in glory which is why you must not be ashamed to suffer for Him because the return of investment you will get for doing so will be limitless in heaven.

Suffering isn’t always physical pain; sometimes it’s emotional pain or mental anguish. When you’re suffering for Christ’s sake, you’re putting your trust in Him and not allowing yourself to give up on what matters most: your relationship with Christ.

The Bible tells us that Christians should not fear persecution but rather rejoice when they go through trials and tribulations because it shows that they belong to God (1 Peter 4:14).

What Jesus Said About Suffering For Him?

Jesus Christ had a lot to say about suffering for His sake and made it clear that those who desire to follow Him must also be willing to suffer for His sake if they want to reign with Him in glory.

No wonder He said in Matthew 16:24 that anyone who desires to come after Him must deny themselves, and take up their cross daily to follow Him. And suffering for His sake is part of this cross you must bear if you claim to be His true disciple.

The above message is clear: if you want to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you must be willing to suffer for him. This world is full of people who want to be Christian in name only but are unwilling to suffer for the sake of Christ.

Most so-called Christians today are unwilling to suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ and will easily give up their faith when things get hard or uncomfortable on their Christian journey.

Such type of fake Christians common today fail to understand that Christianity isn’t a bed of roses but consists of hardships, trials, and tribulations that must be endured to enter heaven ( Acts 14:22).

So, if you are a professing Christian, you must also be willing to suffer for your faith as that will prove that you are a true and loyal flower of Christ who follows Him for the right reasons and not just for money or prosperity.

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Examples Of Suffering For Christ.

Suffering for Christ Jesus is the fruit of our faith. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:12 that all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Suffering for Christ may come in many different forms in your Christian life.

It could be as simple as losing a job because you refused to compromise your faith and integrity and I am sure that most of you reading this have experienced this before in your life at one point.

One good example of suffering for Christ’s sake can clearly be seen in the life of the apostle Paul in the bible who was beaten with rods three times and stoned once, thrown into prison, and shipwrecked (2 Corinthians 11:25-27).

He suffered imprisonment, hunger, and cold but he considered it all worthwhile because he knew that he would soon experience glory in heaven which can’t be compared to his current suffering (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).

Another good example of suffering for Christ is the persecution for living a godly life that’s against sin which we can’t escape from as long as we live in this present evil world.

Jesus Christ told us that if we follow Him, we must expect to be persecuted for our faith just as early believers during the early church were persecuted for just believing in Jesus Christ.

He further tells us in John 15:20 that if they persecuted Him, we should also expect to be persecuted or even killed for our Christian faith as a servant isn’t greater than his master.

I am sure even now especially in the Middle East you witness and see many Christians being persecuted or killed for their faith.

Therefore, we can conclude that all true Christians will suffer at some time in their lives. Some suffer more than others do. However, every Christian can expect to suffer at some level at some time during their life on earth.

In all this, remember that all the suffering you are going through in this present evil world isn’t in vain and cannot be compared to the eternal glory awaiting you in heaven when you die.

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Closing Remarks.

I hope the above post on the question,” what does it mean to suffer for Christ?” has helped you understand the real meaning of suffering for Christ Jesus and the eternal benefits and rewards it comes with in the end. In closing, if you found this post useful, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before your leave. Godspeed.

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