What Is The Main Message Of Ecclesiastes 3 [+ Sermon]

What is the main message of Ecclesiastes 3? I am sure you may have asked this question before at one point or the other in your Christian life as a bible student.

The book of Ecclesiastes 3 has a lot to tell us concerning our lives in that in its first verses, it reminds us that there is time for everything under heaven.

By the end of this article, you would have learned what the main message of Ecclesiastes 3 is that will help you live wisely by making good use of the limited time God has given you on earth to do something meaningful with your life.

With that said, let’s answer the question, “what is the main message of Ecclesiastes 3,” in the old testament by looking at what the beginning verses of Ecclesiastes 3 have to say.

The Main Message Of Ecclesiastes 3.

The main message of this chapter is that there is a time for everything and every purpose under the heaven. For instance, there is a time to be born, a time to die, a time for war, a time for peace, etc.

In short, the first verses of Ecclesiastes 3 are trying to remind us that there is time for everything under heaven and that everything here on earth happens at its appointed time.

Implying that there is the right time for everything here on earth as well as the right time to do anything here on earth due to the cyclical nature of the earth we live in.

The verse “there is a time for everything,” means that there will be good times and bad times. When you are alone, think about what you are doing and how you are feeling.

If there is nothing wrong with what you are doing or how you feel, then don’t feel bad if your mood changes after being alone as those feelings you may be having are temporal.

The subsequent verses of Ecclesiastes 3 vs 9 onwards remind us that there is no end to the human experience. We will never understand everything and we will never be completely happy.

As we go through life, we need to make choices and make sacrifices. King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:16 says, “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind.

In the above verse, Solomon reminds us that all we do in life is all vanity in the end and once again, he tells us how fleeting and meaningless life can be especially if it’s without God.

So, even if you are a successful person in this life who’s amassed wealth and accolades as long as you are without God, Solomon tells us that your life still is vanity and has no meaning.

The Bible teaches that there are various lessons we can learn from Ecclesiastes 3. First, it shows us that nothing lasts forever. Everything changes over time including people and circumstances.

Therefore, we should not be surprised when our circumstances change too. Second, it shows us that the fallen world we live in is full of struggle and pain all because of sin, anyway.

Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses.

The other message of the book Ecclesiastes tries to tell us that life is not all roses, but rather, it is full of challenges. Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, if you look for God’s presence in your life, you will find that He is always there to guide you through the darkness.

Solomon reminds us that God created everything we see around us including our lives. Implying that everything we see around us from the sun, and animals, to our friends, is a gift from God and His creation.

He further goes on to say that if we focus on what God has given us instead of what we have lost or done wrong in our lives, then we will discover how much He loves us and how much He has prepared for us.

Solomon also tells us that if we look past our own problems and focus on God instead of ourselves, then we will find happiness because God’s joy is our joy.

God Has Placed Eternity In Our Hearts.

The book of Ecclesiastes in chapter 3 vs 11 tells us that God has placed eternity in our hearts. Before we were born, God created us with the capacity to think and imagine. He gave us the ability to appreciate beauty, love goodness, and feel joy.

Eternity is the gift of living forever in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ and the redeemed saints of all times since the world began which He promises to all those who believe in Him.

God gave us mortal bodies since the fall of our first parents that will grow old along with us and eventually die like everyone else’s but He has given immortal souls that will never die.

He has also given us a desire to know him and to serve Him fully. The Bible says that God created us with a desire to know Him and serve Him. This is why we can choose good or evil, life or death (Genesis 1:26-28).

God placed eternity in our hearts so that we will always be looking for Him. He wants us to be like His children who are looking for Him all the time (John 10:10).

God created us with a desire to serve Him, but it’s not enough just to want something; we need to do something about it. We must obey His commands and trust that He will provide for our needs (Psalm 23:1).


I hope that the above post has now helped you know what the main message of Ecclesiastes 3 is all about and my prayer is that after reading this, you will be much wiser and use the limited time you have on earth wisely. In closing, if this post was beneficial to you, let me know in the comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Live wisely.

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