5 Biblical Consequences Of Laziness All Sloths Must Know

There are many consequences that come with laziness and in this article today we will discuss the 5 major biblical consequences of laziness that will remind you that laziness has no benefit.

The Bible both in the Old Testament and the new testament tells us that many consequences come with being lazy and warns of it as laziness only leads you to want.

With that said, let’s look at the 5 major biblical consequences of laziness that will help you to stop being lazy in life so that you don’t waste your God-given potential due to slothfulness.

5 Biblical Consequences Of Laziness.

Below are the 5 biblical consequences of laziness that will help you see why laziness is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

  • Laziness Leads To Poverty.
  • Laziness Leads To Wasted Talents & Potential.
  • Laziness Can Damn You In Hell.
  • Laziness Makes You Come To Want.
  • Laziness Leads To Unfruitfulness In God’s Kingdom.

1. Laziness Leads To Poverty.

One of the devastating biblical consequences of laziness is that it leads to poverty and this explains why some people are poor as they aren’t willing to work with their God-given hands.

Proverbs 10:4,5 in the old testament tells us that a lazy person who is lazy and unwilling to work with their hands will come to poverty but a hardworking and diligent person will be rich and will not come to want.

The above bible verse is a clear warning to any lazy person out there who loves too much sleep and is unwilling to put their hands to work with the hands God has given them free of charge.

Therefore, if you are poor due to your laziness, don’t even complain about being poor nor should you blame the devil for your poverty because that is your own making dear lazy bone out there who’s unwilling to work with your hands.

If you want poverty as far away as possible from your life, stop being a lazy man or lazy woman and start putting your hands to work if you don’t want to lack anything in your life.

2. Laziness Leads To Wasted Talents & Potential.

The other horrific consequence of laziness of any kind is that it leads to wasted potential and talents you would otherwise have used to change the world and positively impact others for the better.

How many people do you know that have wasted their God-given talents and potential, which would have taken them to greater heights and places in life, but are now nobodies of this life?

Many people would have become great in life but due to their laziness and idleness, they allowed their God-given talents and potential be it singing, creativity, etc. to go to waste but now these people have nothing to show up for.

The wasted talents can also be seen in the parable of the lazy servant the Lord Jesus Christ talked about in Matthews 24:14-39 where He talked about a servant who hid his talent due to laziness and failed to utilize his talents and was cast in outer darkness in the end.

So, if you don’t want to waste your God-given potential and talents that can make you great in life, don’t be lazy and make use of the talents God has given you by developing them through hard work.

3. Laziness Can Damn You In Hell.

Be live it or not, if you are not careful with the chronic laziness wreaking havoc in your life, it may ultimately end you up in hellfire as we see in the parable of the lazy servant Jesus Christ talked about in Matthews 25:30.

You may wonder why spiritual laziness can damn you in hell. The simple explanation for that is that laziness is a sin and hinders you from fulfilling and accomplishing your God-given purpose in your life.

And remember, God doesn’t want His children to be lazy and He didn’t create us to be idle to just sit and do nothing which is why when He created Adam and Eve, He gave them something to do as we see in Genesis 2:15.

From the beginning, we see that God doesn’t want us to be lazy idlers who do nothing in life but He wants us to work with the hand and brains He’s given us free of charge for His glory, for others, and for ourselves to better our lives.

Therefore, avoid any kind of laziness in your life if you don’t want to end up in hell fire like the lazy servant Jesus Christ talked about in the above bible verse for not being able to put to good use the talent he was given due to laziness.

4. Laziness Makes You Come To Want.

The other consequence that comes with laziness or being a lazy person who is too lazy to work with their hands is that you will come to want.

This means that you will lack necessities and needs such as food, clothing, housing, etc. that you need to live a comfortable life or sustain your daily life.

For instance, if you love too much sleep to work, you will sleep on an empty stomach and you will be unable to put food on the table for your family due to your laziness, which will resort you to be a beggar.

No wonder Proverbs 13:4 tells us that a person who is a sluggard and is too lazy to work will always desire and get nothing while the soul of the diligent will have plenty and won’t come to want.

So, if don’t want to lack basic necessities in your life essential for sustaining your daily livelihood such as money, food, clothing, etc. stop being a lazy person and a sluggard who only loves to sleep and fart in your blanks but go to work.

5. Laziness Leads To Unfruitfulness In God’s Kingdom.

Last but not least, spiritual laziness specifically in this case leads you to be unfruitful in God’s kingdom. Implying that if you are a lazy Christian who’s spiritually lazy, you won’t be able to do the great exploits Daniel 11:32 talks about in God’s kingdom.

Spiritual laziness is the major reason why many Christians are unfruitful in God’s kingdom as most of them can’t even pray for even a measly 30 minutes a day but can be on social media all day scrolling and reading useless things that don’t bring spiritual growth.

The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:11 that we must not be slothful in any kind of business but we must be fervently serving the Lord.

Therefore, for us to do great exploits and to be fruitful in God’s kingdom, we must stop being spiritually lazy when it comes to serving God.

Otherwise, if we entertain spiritual laziness and fail to do what Christ Jesus has called us to do by utilizing the gifts He’s given us to serve Him, He will cast us into outer darkness in the end where we will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as He warns in Matthews 25:30.

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The above 5 biblical consequences of laziness are among many out there that will come upon your life if you embrace laziness in your life.

I hope that what you have read above has helped you understand that laziness doesn’t profit anything so that you can avoid it in your life as it only hinders you from fulfilling your purpose.

In closing, if this post has greatly benefited you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Say no to laziness.

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