How To Invest In Heavenly Treasures [That Don’t Perish]

If you want to know how to invest in heavenly treasures that are incorruptible and can’t be stolen from you, then this post is for you.

The Lord Jesus Christ in Matthews 6:19-21 tells us that we are to invest and store up treasures in heaven where thieves cannot break in or rust and moth cannot destroy.

Sadly, many believers are so focused on investing in corruptible earthly treasures that have no eternal reward in eternity and will pass away one day, which can be stolen by thieves.

But if you are a true believer, heaven is where you must invest your treasures as it’s where your true wealth and riches are. Remember that your treasure will be where your heart is.

If your treasure is in heaven, you will invest in heavenly treasures, as your heart will be towards heavenly things. However, if your heart is on earthly things, this is where your treasure will be.

This will explain why you are too obsessed with storing up earthly riches that can be stolen from you just like the rich fool Jesus Christ talks about in Luke 12:13-31.

With that said, let’s look at how to invest in heavenly treasures with references to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament that will help you become heavenly-minded.

What Are Heavenly Treasures?

Heavenly treasures are simply treasures and riches that are found in heaven that all true believers in Christ Jesus will inherit in eternity what they finally go to heaven to be with the Lord forever and ever.

We are told in the bible that we must be rich towards God and not be like the rich fool Jesus Christ talked about in Luke 12:16-34 who was not rich towards God but only had earthy possessions he couldn’t take with him when God required his soul.

The treasures Jesus talks about are not physical things like houses, money, earthy riches, or possessions. They’re things that only exist in heaven that cannot be stolen, lost, or destroyed by fire, moths, rust, floods, and earthquakes.

Jesus Christ tells us that when we go to heaven, we will be rewarded for what we did on earth for Him (Matthew 16:27-28).

God has prepared a special place for those who do His will (Revelation 3:21). He promises that if we do His will here on earth, then He will give us eternal life in heaven.

Earthy Treasures Vs Heavenly Treasures.

There are many things and characteristics that differentiate heavenly treasures and earthly treasures from each other.

Earthly treasures are the material things in this world such as money, possessions, or wealth that have a beginning and an end.

We are also told in the bible that earthly treasures are corruptible and perishable unlike heavenly treasures (Matthews 6:19-21). Heavenly treasures are things of the spirit such as faith, hope, love, salvation, and eternal life.

These things cannot be seen with the eyes of natural man but they can be felt in the heart of spiritual man. The Bible says these are the things that last forever and are not destroyed by time or death.

Investing in heavenly treasures that are incorruptible and will never lose value is the greatest investment you will ever make in this life unlike investing in perishable earthly treasures or riches that can be stolen or broken into by thieves.

5 Ways Of Investing In Heavenly Treasures.

Below are the 5 ways of investing in heavenly treasures which are incorruptible and can’t be stolen or broken in by thieves, unlike corruptible earthly treasures.

  • Become Born Again.
  • Seek God’s Kingdom First.
  • Set Your Affections On Things Above.
  • Be A Soul Winner.
  • By Investing In The Church.

1. Become Born Again.

The first thing you need to do if you want to store up treasures in heaven is you must be born again as being born again is what will enable you to enter heaven or become a heavenly candidate.

You can’t invest in heavenly treasures in you are not a heavenly citizen in the first place which only happens when you become genuinely born again by repenting and forsaking your sins by giving your life to Jesus Christ.

This is why He said in John 3:5 that except one is born again and born of water and the Spirit, that person cannot enter heaven.

So, you must first be born again and have your name written in the Lamb’s book of life for you to store up treasures in heaven because if you are not, you won’t be able to even if you go to church every Sunday and do all sorts of good things in the name of Christianity.


2. Seek God’s Kingdom First.

If you want to have treasures in heaven, you need to seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness as Jesus Christ tells us in Matthews 6:33 instead of seeking material things such as money, wealth, or earthly riches, which will pass away.

Seeking God’s kingdom simply means that you put your Christian faith, salvation, eternal life, and the things of God first and make them your number one priority in your life.

In short, you are to seek the things of God first instead of worldly things such as money, wealth, earthly possessions, or riches like most people do.

Implying that your salvation, not earthly riches and possessions must be your priority in your life because it’s the most important and precious thing you will ever have as without it, you can’t enter heaven.

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3. Set Your Affections On Things Above.

In Colossians 3:2, the apostle Paul tells us that we must set our affections on things above and not on the earthy material things of this earth, which are perishable.

Setting your affections on things above simply means that your heart and mind are focused on heavenly things and not on acquiring more material things and possessions on this earth, which you won’t take with you to the grave, anyway.

It also means that you are more focused on eternal things, which will matter in eternity than acquiring worldly wealth that has no eternal value.

When your affections are on heavenly things above, you won’t be too obsessed with trying to have more money or more earthly possessions on this earth as you know this world isn’t your home as you are just passing by to a far better country, heaven ( Hebrews 11:16).

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4. Be A Soul Winner.

Winning souls for Christ Jesus after you have been saved yourself is one of the best ways of storing treasure for yourself in heaven as great reward awaits you if you will many souls to Christ in your lifetime.

The bible tells us in Proverbs 11:30 that a person who wins souls to the Lord is wise by sharing the gospel of salvation and eternal life with others. In fact, after being saved, this must one of your primary priorities in your life as many souls are perishing daily.

Daniel 12:2,3 further tells us that those who turn many to righteousness from sin which is soul winning will shine like stars in heaven in eternity when all is said and done.

The above rewards that come with soul winning must motivate you to work hard to win as many souls as you can to Christ Jesus because great will be your reward in heaven if you turn many to salvation.

5. By Investing In The Church.

Last but not least, investing in the church by serving the Lord there in various capacities such as singing, preaching, tithing, etc. is one of the best ways you store up treasures for yourself in heaven.

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:58 that we must be steadfast and always abound in the work of the Lord because our labor is not in vain and we will be rewarded in due time if we faint not.

This implies that when we give our best to the church by serving the Lord with all our hearts, we’re investing in eternity because this is where we will meet again with God and our loved ones when we die.

Investing in the church ministry by serving the Lord Jesus Christ and working for Him is the greatest investment one can ever make as the returns of investment and eternal rewards that come by serving the Lord are worth it in the end that this world cannot give you.


I hope the above article on how to invest in heavenly treasures will motivate you to lay up treasures in heaven where your true riches are by serving God with all your heart instead of the world. In closing, if this post has benefited you greatly, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay heavenly-minded.

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