5 Defining Characteristics Of Naomi That Made Her Special

Naomi is one of the most special and iconic women in the Old Testament and in this post, we will discuss the 5 unique characteristics of Naomi that made her so special.

Naomi was an Old Testament Jewish woman, who lived in Israel specifically in Judah but went to Moab when a famine arose in her home country earlier.

She had two daughters-in-law by the name of Ruth and Orpah. She also had a husband named Elimelech, who died earlier in Moab which prompted her to return to Bethlehem.

Naomi’s story in the Book of Ruth chapter 1 has a lot to tell us about who Naomi was. The book of Ruth shows us that Naomi was indeed a special godly woman of character that made her who she was.

If you are a godly woman, then, the below 5 characteristics of Naomi must be a source of great inspiration to you and let them challenge you to be a better godly woman of character.

5 Main Traits Of Naomi In The Bible.

Below are the 5 major traits of Naomi that made her a great and respected woman of God as we see in the book of Ruth and Ruth’s story.

  • Compassionate.
  • She Was A Woman Of Faith.
  • Resilient.
  • She Had Loyalty.
  • Humble.

1. Compassionate.

One of the major traits we see that Naomi is that she had compassion for her family and her daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah. Indeed, she was a great mother of compassion.

This can be seen in Ruth 1:6-22 in the way she treated Ruth and Orpah as her own daughters. Her compassion made her want her daughter to return to Moab so that they don’t have to suffer the way she was suffering.

However, Ruth loved her mother-in-law so dearly that she vehemently refused to return to Moab with Orpah despite Naomi insisting she must do so. Consequently, she ended up embracing Ruth, though she was a Moabite woman.

Naomi’s compassion and love for her daughter-in-law, Ruth is what made her help Ruth find favor in the sight of Boaz and consequently marry him (Ruth 4:1-17).

If Naomi wasn’t compassionate but toxic like most in-laws are today, she wouldn’t have accepted Ruth as her own considering she wasn’t Jewish by birth but a foreign Moabite woman involved in idol worshipping.

2. She Was A Woman Of Faith.

The second trait we can notice that Naomi had from the book of Ruth is that she was indeed a woman of faith. She deeply had a strong faith in her God despite the tragedy of losing her husband that she went through.

Unlike most people who would give up their faith in her situation, Naomi chose to believe and trust God that He had better things for her in the future and chose not to give up her faith in God.

Due to her faith, she chose to return to Bethlehem with her daughter-in-law, Ruth and found favor in the sight of Boaz who took great care of them.

If Naomi’s faith in God wasn’t strong, she would have given up long ago in Moab and probably would have gone into idol worshipping due to her circumstances in life.

Since Naomi never gave up her faith in the God of Israel she served, she was greatly rewarded in the end as we see in Ruth 2:1-17 where she and Ruth finally found favor in Boaz’s sight and were taken care of.

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3. Resilient.

Naomi’s story in the book of Ruth also shows us that Naomi was a woman of great resilience considering what she had gone through.

She endured great loss and hardship, including the deaths of her husband and both of her sons. Despite this, she remains strong and determined to make a new life for herself and her family.

If you are a mother, who’s lost a son or husband due to one reason or the other, you know very well how devastating that can be. Naomi’s resilience and trust in God helped her overcome her life predicaments.

Had she not been resilient, she like most people would have given up on life and their faith in God. Fortunately, Naomi wasn’t that type of cowardly woman as she knew despite what she went through, God was still with her.

You as well if you are a woman of God who’s facing similar trials to Naomi’s, learn from her and be resilient as well. Don’t give up on life and Jesus Christ as He’s with you even amid your adversity with better things lined up for you ahead if you don’t quit.

4. She Had Loyalty.

Loyalty was also another character Naomi had which her daughter-in-law Ruth also had which made her stick to Naomi even in difficult and uncertain times.

In return, Naomi never abused the loyalty of Ruth and made sure she got what she deserved without turning her back on her when they arrived in Bethlehem despite Ruth being a foreigner and a Moabite woman.

Naomi’s loyalty to Ruth is what enabled her daughter in law find a husband by the name of Boaz where she found great favor in his sight. Sadly, this is what’s lacking in many friendships today even among people who claim to be Christians.

Had Naomi been disloyal to Ruth, she would have betrayed her and left her by herself as most people would do after doing everything for them and being there for them.

However, Naomi wasn’t such type of a crooked woman as she understood the value of loyalty and kindness in her relationship with Ruth. You as well as a woman must aspire to be loyal to others like Naomi as it will show you have the character of Christ Jesus in you.

5. Humble.

Last but not least, Naomi was also a woman of great humility in addition to the kindness and generosity she had towards others especially her daughter-in-law, Ruth.

Implying that she didn’t see attention from others or praise herself. Instead, she focused on serving others in love with a heart of humility, which is in contrast with many so-called modern feministic women of today.

If you are a woman, Naomi must be your role model on how you must conduct yourself as a woman. Don’t follow the so-called proud and rebellious feminists of today who don’t want to humble themselves and think they can’t submit to anyone.

Instead, like Naomi and Ruth, strive to have a gentle and quiet spirit, which is priceless in God’s sight. Let not a rebellious Jezebel spirit present in all the feminists of today ruin your life and marriage relationship you may be in.

You need to understand that if you are humble, the Lord will highly exalt you but if you allow the leaven of pride in your life to make you think no one can tell you what to do, you will be destroyed without remedy, dear.

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Have the above 5 characteristics of Naomi in the bible inspired you to be a better woman of God? if so, let me know in the comments below which of these Naomi’s traits resonated with you greatly. God bless and don’t forget to share before you leave.

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