Moral Of The Story Of Ruth In The Bible & Vital Lessons.

In this post, we will look at the moral of the story of Ruth in the bible that we can deduce from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament.

There are many applicable moral life lessons from Ruth’s story in the book of Ruth that we New Testament believes can learn and apply in our Christian lives.

As you may have read, Ruth was a Moabite woman who came from the land of Moab that practiced idol worshipping and did all sorts of abominable things in the sight of the Lord.

Despite Ruth coming from such a terrible background, she changed her destiny through her wise choices and later married Boaz (Ruth 4:13) and had Obed who became Kind David’s grandfather.

Hence, forth, Ruth ended up being in the bloodline of our Lord Jesus Christ, our present-day redeemer. We have a lot to learn as Christians today from Ruth’s story in the bible.

With that said, let’s look at the main moral of the story of Ruth in the bible we can apply in our daily lives as believers professing the Christian faith.

Moral Of Ruth’s Story In The Bible.

The bible story of Ruth as seen in the book of Ruth contains many truths and moral lessons relevant to all Christians today we can apply in our lives. Some of them are.

Moral Lesson 1: The Value Of Making Wise Choices.

One of the moral lessons we can get from the bible story of Ruth is the importance of making wise choices as Ruth did in Ruth 1:16-18 that made her choose to stay with Naomi despite Orpah choosing otherwise.

Ruth’s decision to stay with Naomi and serve the true living God she served through her faith was perhaps the wisest choice she made in her entire life.

Had Ruth made a choice not to stay with Naomi but instead return to Moab as Orpah did, Ruth wouldn’t have met and married Boaz as we see in Ruth 4:1-17 who played a crucial role in her redemption. Later alone, she became part of Jesus Christ’s bloodline.

The story of Ruth must also inspire you especially as a woman to make wise choices in life as Ruth did as choices have consequences. Orpah’s choice to return to Moab made her disappear in Bible History.

Moral Lesson 2: Importance Of Loyalty & Faithfulness.

Another moral lesson we can get from Ruth’s story is the value of genuine loyalty and faithfulness, which seems to be lacking in many relationships today.

Ruth’s loyalty and faithfulness to Naomi are what made her not leave her despite Orpah, her sister-in-law doing otherwise. Had Ruth not been faithful and loyal to Naomi, she would have left her and returned to her gods as Orpah did (Ruth 1:15).

Through her faithful relationship with Naomi, which was built on love, loyalty, and trust, Ruth ended up coming to know and love the one true God Naomi served who played a crucial role in her redemption.

The loyalty and faithfulness of Ruth to Naomi show us how we must also be faithful to God in all situations, whether good or bad. God also expects us to extend this same loyalty and faithfulness to all relationships we find ourselves in.

Moral Lesson 3: God Always Rewards Our Faithfulness.

We also see from Ruth’s story in the book of Ruth that God always rewards our faithfulness to Him provided it’s genuine and without ulterior motives, as was the case for Ruth.

Ruth’s faithfulness to Naomi and willingness to serve the one true God her mother-in-law served with all her heart never went unnoticed before the Lord who took note of that.

Consequently, for her faithfulness, God richly rewarded her by giving her an inheritance by enabling her to marry Boaz (Ruth 4:13) who played a crucial role in her redemption making her one of the most important women in bible history.

In like manner, God will richly reward you as well if your faithfulness in serving Him is coming from a genuine and sincere heart in due time as Ruth was rewarded. Always remain faithful to God and obey His word and all will be well with you.

Moral Lesson 4: The Importance Of Godly Character.

Other than Ruth’s faithfulness which paid her dividends in the end, we also see Ruth was a woman of a great godly character explaining why she made the life choices she did.

Her godly character served Ruth well which is why, unlike most women who are without character, she never messed herself up with unmarried men nor did she engage herself in sexual immorality by playing a harlot as most Moabite women did.

Due to this, she was a chaste woman of noble character who valued and respected herself. Her character is also what made her filled with the humility of heart that never went unnoticed by Boaz (Ruth 2: 1-22).

As a woman, you need to understand that your character, not your external beauty is what defines you and makes you a woman that is respected by the Lord and earns favor from Him (Proverbs 31:30) as Ruth did. 

Moral Lesson 5: None Is Beyond Redemption.

Last but not least, the final and most important lesson we can get from the story of Ruth in the bible is none is beyond redemption despite their ugly past.

As we see in the bible story of Ruth, unlike Naomi, her mother-in-law, Ruth was a Moabite woman who was never related to the Israelites, yet God redeemed her through Boaz and became part of Jesus’ bloodline despite not being an Israelite by birth.

This was made possible through the wise choices Ruth made which is similar to what Rahab who was a harlot did that got her saved and also became part of Jesus’s bloodline despite her shameful past as we see in Joshua 6:25, 27.

You as well, if you have an ugly past, remember, you are not beyond redemption as Jesus Christ can save and redeem you today from sin if you willingly give your life to change your destiny for the better as Ruth did.


I hope the above post on the moral of the story of Ruth in the bible has told you valuable moral life lessons you can apply in your life as a believer today. In closing, don’t forget to share this post as you leave if it was beneficial to you. God bless.

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