Free Blog Setup Service.

Do you feel called to start a blog or a Christian blog but you don’t know how? Let me set it up for you! I can get your blog set up, customize the design and functionality to what you want, and teach you how to manage your site all in just a few days.

The fact that you are here demonstrates that you are serious about starting a WordPress blog and you feel called to do so.

And this is especially true if you want to be a Christian blogger just as I am to share the gospel or your Christian journey to many hurting souls out there so that they can be saved.

Why Be A Christian Blogger?

Being a Christian blogger is one of the best ways you can share the gospel with others as your reach is limitless and you can virtually reach anyone, anywhere in this world.

Remember as a Christian, you have been given a great commission by our Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to every creature and blogging is one of the best mediums you can use to reach to as many lost souls as possible.

And my free WordPress blog set up service is a great opportunity for you to start your Christian blogging journey without any technical expertise.

Many Christians dream about starting their Christian blogs but are intimidated or held back by the technical side of setting up their Christian blogs and are afraid that they may mess things up.

But the good news is that with my free WordPress blog set up service, you don’t have to worry about all those technical details of setting up your Christian blog as I will do all that heavy lifting for you.

I will set up a WordPress blog for you using an attractive theme that is easy to use and customize. You will have total control over your site, including the ability to add/edit content, manage plugins, and customize the theme, without having to touch any code or hiring a developer.

What’s Included In The Free Blog Set Up Service.

When you choose my free blog set up service, here is what you shall get.

  • Complete WordPress installation of your site.
  • A free domain by Bluehost using my partner link.
  • Installation of all essential WordPress plugins for the proper and full functionality of your site.
  • Installation of SEO friendly WordPress themes such as Astra & Generate Press which are blazing fast and can be changed later.
  • SEO optimization of your site so that it can easily rank on search engines for organic traffic to your WordPress blog.
  • Free SSL certificate installation so that your site is safe and secure for your visitors.
  • Free blogging consultation, tips & mentorship to help you grow your blog traffic. I will give you the best blogging tips I have used and still use to grow my Christian blog as you know getting traffic to your blog isn’t easy unless you do things correctly of which I will show you.

How To Avail This Free Blog Set Up Service.

  • First, you need to purchase your domain name which costs around $10-$20 per year depending on the registrar you use. But you can avoid this cost by using the Bluehost Webhosting service which provides a free domain to all its new customers using my Bluehost special partner link.
  • From there, you need to purchase a Webhosting account using my Bluehost Webhosting partner link. Click here to get started. You will also get a free domain name when you host your word press blog with Bluehost.
  • After purchasing your Webhosting service with Bluehost and getting your free domain name, all you need to do is send me your Bluehost Webhosting purchase receipt which will be emailed to you after purchasing your Webhosting account to [email protected] so that I can get started in setting up your WordPress blog in no time.
  • Also after purchasing your Bluehost Webhosting, you need to send me additional details of your site which are your cPanel username, cPanel password and your WordPress hosting credentials which Bluehost will email to you as I cannot set up your blog without those important details.

What Next?

Now that you have taken advantage of my free blog set up service, your blog will be ready and functional within 24-72 hours. If you have any further questions concerning this free blog set up service, feel free to email me at [email protected] or by filing in the form below.

Note: Bluehost is our Webhosting provider and partner in providing hosting services and you must use Bluehost, to avail of our free blog setup service. This will guarantee that you will get a free domain name and a free ssl certificate provided by Bluehost. You will have to sign up through us as a new user to be able to receive the free WordPress blog setup service.

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