5 Horrible Consequences Of Not Fearing God In Your Life.

The Bible has a lot to say about fearing God and the consequences that follow in a person’s life if that person doesn’t reverence or fear God in their life.

In this post, we will discuss 5 major consequences of not fearing God that will happen in your life if you have no fear of God in your life. God’s word in Proverbs 1:7 tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of godly wisdom and life.

 So, if you want to be wise and have a good life, start by fearing the Lord if you want to have good days. Sadly, many today including Christians have underplayed the importance of fearing God in their lives explaining why many aren’t afraid of sin and still live in sin.

Fearing God in this life is what will help you depart from evil and have good days here on earth. If you don’t fear the Lord, you will do whatever you please and live a carefree sinful life.

With that said, let us look at the 5 major consequences of not fearing God that you will ultimately face if you continue in your sinful life of rebellion.

5 Consequences Of Not Fearing The Lord.

Below are the 5 unpleasant consequences that happen when you don’t fear God and reverence Him that will make you think twice about fearing God in your life.

  • You Won’t Fear Sin.
  • You Will Be Rebellious.
  • You Will Miss Out On God’s Blessings.
  • Increase In Moral Perversion.
  • You’ll Face God’s Eternal judgment.

1. You Won’t Fear Sin.

One of the major consequences that will happen if you have no fear of God in your life as a Christian is that you won’t fear sin which will explain why you will still have habitual sins you are still comfortable indulging in once in a  while.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 16:6 in the Old Testament that it’s the fear of the Lord that makes one depart from evil. So, if you have no fear of the Lord in your life, you won’t have the urge to depart from evil.

Instead, you will love to indulge in your dirty sins without even thinking about the consequences that you will eventually reap in the end with the sinful lifestyle you may be currently enjoying and living in.

When people have no fear of God in their lives, they will do whatever hell they please even if what there are doing is sinful and abominable in God’s sight.

Just look around at the current world we live in and how sin and perversion are on the increase daily. All this is because many people don’t fear God now and fail to realize that they will eventually end up in hellfire for their rebellious sinful lifestyles.

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2. You Will Be Rebellious.

The second outcome that will happen if you don’t fear God in your life is that you will live a life of rebellion and disobedience to God and His word.

This will be so because the spirit of disobedience Ephesians 2:2-4 talks about in the New Testament is at work in your life that will make you not want to submit to God’s word but make you do whatever your sinful flesh pleases.

Many people today including believers are living lives of disobedience or contrary to God’s word because they don’t fear the Lord and think they can get away with their disobedient sinful lifestyles.

God’s word in 1 Samuel 15:23 equates rebellion to a sin of witchcraft and stubbornness to iniquity and idolatry as it makes you reject God’s word and not want to obey it.

A person who doesn’t fear the Lord will see no reason of submitting to God’s word and will just do whatever hell their sinful flesh pleases even if what they are doing is sinful to God as they couldn’t care less about God.

3. You Will Miss Out On God’s Blessings.

The third consequence that will occur if you are not fearing God is that you will miss out o many of God’s blessings He has to offer to those that fear Him and obey His word.

You need to understand that the Lord cannot bless your life if you don’t fear or reverence Him by living a disobedient sinful lifestyle.

God’s word in Psalms 112:1-9 tells us that a person who fears and departs from evil is blessed indeed and the house of that person will be filled with blessings, riches, and wealth in all areas of their life.

However, if you don’t fear the Lord, these blessings talked about in the above bible verse won’t be in your life as the Lord only blesses those who fear Him and shun evil which is the beginning of wisdom.

Instead, you will attract all manner of curses, bad luck, and misfortunes upon your life if you don’t fear God by living in sin. So, if your life is in shambles now, it could be that you are not fearing God which you must do now if you are not if you want to be blessed.

4. Increase In Moral Perversion.

When people don’t fear God, they will also become more perverted and degenerate morally which is why we see all manner of moral perversions that are in society today.

All the rampant sexual immorality, homosexuality, transgenderism, and lesbianism we see in the rotten wicked society we live in is all because a lot of people have lost the fear of God in their lives.

This explains why such people are unashamed and not afraid to boast about their morally perverted acts that are now seen as entertainment and human rights, sadly but this is what happens when people don’t fear the Lord.

When there is no fear of the Lord in the land, sin, and perversion will increase, and there will be no limit and restraint to these kinds of evil, which is similar to Noah’s days in Genesis 6:1-10 when people became morally perverted beyond description.

For this reason, God had to destroy the old world in Noah’s time as their sins and moral perversion had reached their flash point. This is what we are now seeing today and it’s just a matter of time before this wicked world faces God’s judgment.

5. You’ll Face God’s Eternal judgment.

Last but not least, the fifth and probable worst consequence that will happen if you don’t fear the Lord by shunning evil and keeping His commandments is you will finally have to face God’s eternal wrath and judgment.

The apostle Paul tells us in Acts 17:31 that God has appointed a day in which He will finally judge this wicked world along with all the wicked rebellious sinners in holiness and righteousness through our Lord Jesus Christ.

You need to understand that one day, you will finally have to give an account of how you lived your life on earth on judgment day and it won’t be pretty dear if you had lived your life in disobedience to God.

If you die in your unrepentant sinful state due to your lack of the fear of the Lord in your life to draw you to repentance and to forsake your sinful ways, you will finally have to face God’s eternal wrath in the lake of fire as Revelations 21:8 tells us.

This is a grim prospect indeed for anyone out there who doesn’t fear God and thinks they will get away with their rebellious life of sin. If you haven’t feared God until now, do so today by repenting and turning from your evil ways before it’s too late.

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The above 5 consequences of not fearing God are among many out there written in the bible that will happen if you have no reverential fear of God in your life to make you shun evil.

My prayer is after reading this you will begin fearing the Lord today by repenting and turning from your evil ways if you haven’t done so before it’s too late.

In closing, if this post has been a blessing to you, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave as many need to see this. God bless.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am a child of God and have just begun to read The Excellent Wife which begins with addressing the need for Christian’s to fear God. I found your post to be very helpful in piecing together and concluding the first chapter.

  2. Thanks so much sir l was looking on these consequences when l read about Abraham telling abimelech that he tought that the fear of God was not in. Gerar in genesis 20:1,11 thanks so much exactly we are living in the world where they is non fear of God Anymore people do whatsoever they want and if anyone tried to adress the problem that we are facing today in our world due to the lack of the fear of God. Sadly the same people will do everything in their power to silence you at any cost Now we are living in fear of telling the truth a lot of preachers today they have learned to be submissive and silenced for the problem that are occur in our modern world their right have been damaged soon will be taken away by the same societies we are living in and when that happened the world will fully exposed to total explosion of rebellious against God This is just a beginning when that happens we all know what happened to the generation of Noah. Our expectations will increase more and more in those periode

    • Thanks for your input, sir and good to know that this post was a blessing to you. Indeed the fear of God in this evil generation is lacking as many think they can walk away with their evil deeds without consequences which couldn’t be further from the truth. God bless


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