How To Escape God’s Judgment & Wrath (In 3 Simple Steps)


Are you afraid of God’s judgment? Are you afraid of the last judgment? This article will tell you how to escape God’s judgment and God’s wrath coming upon this wicked world.

It’s just a matter of fact that we are all going to be judged one day when our earthly lives are over according to what we did with the one life we were given on this earth.

We are told in Act 17:31 that God will judge this world one day in righteousness and all those who suppress God’s truth in unrighteousness but continue to live in their sins will be dammed.

And if you are afraid of the judgment of God and rightfully so, then this article on how to escape God’s judgment will help you escape God’swrath in 3 simple steps once and for all. Let’s get started.

What Is God’s Judgment?

God’s judgment is simply the judgment that God will mete on every human being who has ever lived on earth since the birth of Adam and Eve up to the end of time (Romans 14:12).

It’s the time where God will summon everyone to stand before Him through our Lord Jesus Christ. Hebrews 9:27 says, “it’s appointed for man to die once, after this, the judgment.

This implies that no one can escape God’s judgment and God’s wrath that will be poured upon all unrepentant sinners who die without their sins forgiven by Jesus Christ.

You can only be exempted from the judgment of God also known as the Great White Throne Judgement by repenting of your sins and asking Jesus to forgive your sins

Who Will Sit On The Judgment Seat?

The bible makes it clear that the judge who will judge the works and secrets of man is no other than Jesus Christ as the Father judgeth no one (John 5:22).

God has committed all His judgments to our Lord Jesus Christ to whom we must all appear and give an account of our lives on how we lived our earthly lives.

It will be very terrifying for those who rejected Christ while they were on earth on that awful day for stubborn and unrepentant sinners. There will be indeed weeping, regrets, and wailing on that day.

So, if you still have a stubborn and unrepentant heart and are still living in sin, now is the time for God’s mercy because when you die in your sins, it will be too late to repent beyond the grave because there is no repentance in the grave beyond.

What Will God’s Judgment Be Based On?

In Ecclesiastes 12:14, the bible clearly stated that God will bring every work into judgment whether good or bad including everything done in secret that will be brought unto light.

It’s clear that the verse above shows that God’s judgment will be based on the works we have done in our lifetime whether good or bad.

Revelations 20:12, also states that God’s judgment will be based on what we have done. It will be a fair and just judgment to all as God is just.

You won’t be judged on what you haven’t done. Instead, your sentence on that day will be based on the severity of your evil deeds while you were on earth.

When Will God’s Judgment Occur?

We are told in the bible that the final judgment of mankind where every unrepentant sinner who has ever lived will appear to account for their lives will happen after the 1000-year millennian reign of Christ and after Satan’s final rebellion has been crushed.

Contrary to many misconceptions out there about God’s eternal judgment, the last judgment won’t occur before the millennium as the bible has clearly stated that it’s after the millennium.

In short, after you die now if you die unrepentant, all you are waiting for is God’s final judgment on judgment day in hellfire, a temporary holding place for all unrepentant sinners until that time.

You must also bear in mind the final judgment of unrepentant mankind happens after all the heavens and earth have passed away with a great noise (2 Peter 3:10, Revelations 20:11-15).

Will Christians Be Judged On Judgement Day?

This is a question most Christians ask or wonder about concerning this matter and the answer to this question is no. the great white throne is only for unrepentant sinners who rejected God’s kindness and the love gift of eternal life.

All truly saved Christians have their judgment which is the Judgement Seat of Christ also known as Bema Seat that occurs immediately after the true believers are raptured (2Corintians 5:10).

Unlike the great white throne judgment where God’s wrath will be poured on wicked sinners who dies unrepentant, the Judgement Seat of Christ isn’t for condemnation but for the rewards of Christians for the good works they did while on earth.

Truly saved Christians who have been washed by the blood of the Lamb and are written in the Lamb’s book of life will only be there to witness the judgment and the condemnation of the wicked

Outcomes Of Not Escaping God’s Judgment.

The consequences of not escaping God’s righteous judgment are clear in the scripture. One of them is you will forever be banished from heaven and be eternally separated from God which is tragic indeed (2Thessolonins 1:9).

Secondly, you will eternally face God’s anger and wrath in the lake of fire along with Satan and his fallen angels for rejecting God’s mercy through the death of Christ (Revelations 20:10).

In short, the lake of fire will be your final home which isn’t a wonderful eternal place to spend your eternity in but that’s the hefty price you pay for rejecting God’s love gift of eternal life through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Many people wonder how can a loving God send anyone to hell but the truth of the matter is we not God send ourselves to hell by the choices we are making while here on earth, period.

3 Things To Do To Escape God’s Judgment.

Now that you know that eternal condemnation and damnation awaits all those who reject God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness, here are the 3 things you must do to escape God’s righteous judgment.

1. Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ.

To escape the eternal condemnation awaiting all unrepentant sinners for violating God’s law of righteousness, you need to accept Jesus in your life.

This is because Jesus is the one who took the penalty of our sins on the cross of Calvary so that mankind can have eternal life through the shedding of His blood on the cross of Calvary.

It’s this Jesus most people reject and mock which is sad that took the penalty sin brings to all sinners on His shoulders by being the perfect sacrifice of our sins.

And since God is holy and just, sin can’t go unpunished and it Jesus who took this punishment and penalty of sin by offering His life as a ransom for many that are why there is no salvation in any other name other than Jesus Christ for mankind to be saved, period (Acts 4:12).

2. Repentance

Repentance from your sins to escape God’s wrath caused by breaking His holy and perfect laws is the first step one needs to take to receive God’s mercy and pardon.

And this is done by Accepting God’s son through repentance of one’s sins and accepting Jesus Christ into your life. Remember, God’s love and grace are still available for you while you are still alive on earth and doesn’t want you to perish but come to repentance (2 Peter 3:8-10).

Sadly, many people, and I was such a person at one point in my life take God’s patience and longsuffering for granted by continuing living in willful sin and rebellion against him but God’s patience will one day come to an end and it will be judgment without mercy for the unsaved.

Please I plead with you dear reader reading this no that doesn’t go to the grave without fully giving your life to the Lord. It’s that simple and takes less than 5 minutes to do so.

3. Never Go Back To Sin.

After repenting of your sins, you must not decide to go back to your vomit or old sinful lifestyle because the Lord has no pleasure for those who draw back to eternal perdition (Hebrews 10:39).

If your drawback, then you don’t love you soul dear and many people, unfortunately, have drawn back. Some to no point of return but don’t be that person, dear, because the grace of the Lord is more than sufficient for you to help you not draw back into perdition as most have.

It’s terrible to fall into the hands of an angry God. Don’t let the temporary pleasures of sin be the reason you fail to see God’s glory in heaven.

Sin has nothing to offer my dear other than the eternal judgment and condemnation to all those who have pleasure in doing unrighteousness and love their sin (Romans 1:18-32).

escape God's judgement.


The above 3 steps are all you need to take with a sincere heart of course to escape God’s judgment that will befall this sinful word and on all ungodly men who love their sin.

I hope this post on how to escape God’s judgment has answered all your questions you need to know on escaping God’s judgment that is coming soon.

In closing, if this post about escaping God’s judgment has helped you in some way, kindly share it with others who need to urgently hear this message as time is short. Stay blessed.

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