Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen Meaning & Implications

I am sure you have come across the phrase,” many are called but few are chosen,” uttered by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthews 22:14 in the New Testament in the parable of the wedding banquet.

However, have you spent some time giving the above phrase some thought to what it truly means? The above phrase Jesus Christ said in that above bible verse is very important.

You may be wondering if God wants everyone to be saved, why He would only choose a few people top to be saved and enter heaven if He’s calling many to salvation and eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is what this post today will try to decipher as to why many are called to the wedding feast of heaven and few are chosen as well as why ultimately only few will manage to enter heaven.

The reason why only a few will be guests to the great wedding feast and marriage supper in heaven which is only meant for redeemed saints of all ages are many. But we will cover a few in this article today.

With that said, let’s find out what the phrase,” many are called but few are chosen meaning,” truly implies and how it affects you are a believer.

Why Many Are Called But Few Chosen?

To fully understand the above statement Jesus Christ said to His disciple in Matthew 22:14 we will break down the above phrase in two parts. Namely, the many are called and the few are chosen respectively.

Indeed, Jesus Christ is calling and inviting everyone to His great wedding feast that will take place in heaven at a later future date. However, the question is, how many are responding to that call and preparing their wedding clothes?

You need to understand that for you to be a guest and participant in the great wedding feast in heaven; you first need to prepare your wedding garment with righteousnesses. This is where the catch is for most people.

If your wedding garment isn’t prepared, you will be chased and cast into outer darkness where you will be weeping and gnashing of teeth just as the unprepared guests were chased and not allowed to the wedding feast in Matthews 22:11-13.

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The Called Part.

To fully understand why many are called but few are chosen, let us now look at the first part of that statement Christ Jesus said in Matthews 22:14. Indeed, Jesus Christ is inviting and calling everyone to this wedding feast through the call to salvation.

It’s for this reason why He said in John 6:37 that anyone who comes to Him for salvation, He will in no wise cast out. We are further told in 2 Peter 3:9 that God desires everyone to be saved and He isn’t willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance.

You need to understand that God wants everyone to be saved but you need to understand that it’s up to you to accept the salvation offered by grace through faith He’s offering you through His Son, Jesus Christ.

In as much as God wants you to be saved, He won’t force you to do so. You have to want this salvation thing yourself and how many are responding to this generous offer?

Sadly, only a few are. Many are rejecting Christ today by saying they don’t need to be saved from anything and that they are fine the way they are.

This can be clearly seen when you try to preach the gospel of salvation to many people out there who think you are crazy with your Jesus thing and will mock and call you a Jesus freak.

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The Chosen Part.

Just because God wants everyone to be saved by sacrificing His dear Son to die a brutal death on the cross so that you and I can have salvation and have our sins forgiven doesn’t mean everyone will respond to the offer.

Sadly, many will ultimately end up rejecting this salvation offer because they love their sin and hate the light as John 3:19 tells us because many delights in their evil and sinful deeds.

To be a chosen guest to this wedding banquet, you need to accept the invitation Christ is talking about in Luke 9:23,24 of giving up everything in this world to follow Him.

It also means accepting the offer of salvation and eternal life He’s freely offering to you by believing in what He did for you on the cross just as the few invited guests accepted the wedding invitation by the king in Matthews 22:8.

Jesus Christ is calling everyone today unto salvation and repentance. It’s why He said in John 6:47that everyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life and will not perish in hell.

But you need to remember that salvation is strictly a personal thing and no one can be saved on your behalf nor can salvation be inherited from someone else.

Implying, just because your parents or your spouse is saved doesn’t automatically mean you are saved, too as salvation is an individual thing you need to accept freely out of your own free will by yourself or reject.

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Only Few Will Accept The Of Salvation.

Unfortunately, many are rejecting this offer of salvation due to their love of sin. This is one of the reasons why only few will be saved in the end.

Just like in the parable of the wedding feast where the king sent his servants to invite many guests to attend his wedding where only a few were interested, and few will respond to God’s call to enter His kingdom.

As we see in the parable of the wedding feast in Matthews 22:4-12 where the king sent an invitation to all the guests to come, many were rejected because they didn’t prepare their wedding garments.

In like manner, many will be denied entry to the great wedding feast that will take place in God’s kingdom because they didn’t prepare their wedding garments by keeping them spotless from sin.

You need to understand that if you want to be a participant in this wedding feast in God’s kingdom, you need to prepare your wedding garment with righteousness and make sure it’s unspotted from all the evil and pollution of this world.

It is why Ecclesiastes 9:8 in the old testament tells us that we must always keep our garments white and unstained by sin if we are to enter heaven as you can’t enter there if your garment is spotted by sin.

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Why Only Few Will Enter Heaven?

To further understand why ultimately few will be saved and enter God’s kingdom in heaven, we need to consider the words Jesus Christ said in Matthews 7:13,14.

In the above bible verse, He said that we must enter into the straight and narrow gate of holiness and righteousness that leads to life, which only few will ever find as most aren’t willing to live a holy life separated from the world and sin.

He further said in verse 14 of Matthews 7 that there is also a broad and wide road that leads many to eternal death, destruction, and ruin many are choosing today.

Few will enter heaven because only a few choose the narrow way of righteousness, consecration, self-denial, and suffering. While on the other hand many due to their love of sin, choose the broad way of sin, self-indulgence, and ease.

Many choose the broad way because of the ease and comfort it brings as there are no restrictions there unlike the narrow way. If you are on the broad way, you can do as your sinful flesh pleases and live, however, you want.

The freedom to do as you please is one of the reasons why many are on the wide gate that leads to eternal ruin in hell and forsake the narrow way that leads to eternal life as it won’t allow them to do as they please.

On this broad road, you will find all manner of evil, sin, drunkenness, and moral perversions, such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual immorality, etc. that seem to be commonplace in society today.

Many Choose The Broad Way As They Love Sin.

Just look around at how society today has become morally perverted where sin is now celebrated and embraced whereas righteousness is hated and forsaken by evil and vile people.

People nowadays are so in love with their filthy sinful lifestyle, which is why they don’t want anything to do with God and His word that condemns their sinful lifestyles.

Very few are willing to live holy and righteous lives that are free from sin including many fake so-called Christians in the church today who see nothing wrong in sinning here and there.

The narrow way is the highway of holiness where sin cannot be tolerated. Since only a few are willing to forsake sin and be on this highway of holiness, self-denial, and service to the Lord, it’s why few will ever be saved in the end.

It’s not that God doesn’t want to save everyone. God desires all to be saved but we need to choose whether we want to be saved or not. Sadly, many are choosing the latter as they love their sin too much to forsake it and choose life instead.


I hope the above post on why many are called but few are chosen has fully made you understand why few will ever be saved and enter heaven in the end.

My prayer as you leave is you must be among the chosen ones who will enter heaven by accepting the offer of salvation Christ is offering you today if you don’t have it yet.

In closing, if this post has been beneficial to you, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay blessed.

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