Meaning And Importance Of Salvation [And Why It Matters?]

Today in this post, you will discover the meaning and importance of salvation and why it’s the most important thing you can ever have in your life.

Salvation is a fundamental concept of the Christian faith and Christian doctrine. As such, many Christians wonder to some extent why they need to be saved.

And this article today will remind you of the importance of salvation so that you can be saved if you are not and know where you are going because our time on earth is very short.

What Is Salvation?

According to the bible, salvation means being saved from sin and the terrible consequences it brings upon a sinner. In short, salvation is being saved from the wrath to come (1 Thessalonians 1:10).

Since sin brings eternal death and God’s wrath, something had to be done to save sinful mankind from this horrible fate that original sin brings.

And this is where Jesus Christ comes into the picture to save doomed humanity by offering Himself as a perfect sacrifice for our sins so that we don’t have to go to hellfire for breaking God’s law.

Since salvation requires the shedding of blood for the remission of sins, Christ had to die on the cross for our sakes as He was the only perfect sacrifice suitable for this job as He had no sin (Hebrews 10:14).

This is why salvation and eternal life can only be found through Christ Jesus and no one else as He was the only one willing to die a gruesome death on the cross to save us from our sins and God’s judgment.

What Salvation Is All About?

This is an important question to answer concerning salvation because knowing the answer to that question will help you appreciate your salvation more and not take it for granted (Romans 5:9).

According to the Bible, salvation is all about being redeemed from the terrible consequences of sin and the wrath to come by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for you on the cross. It’s the greatest expression of God’s love for mankind.

This is because salvation requires to be saved from something and this something salvation saves us from is the wrath to come.

All humanity is under the curse of sin because of our first parents, Adam and Eve who first sinned and fell from grace by eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. This is where original sin comes from.

And this curse of sin can only be lifted through Jesus Christ since in Him alone is salvation and the forgiveness of sins found (Acts 4:12).

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Why Salvation Is Important To A Christian?

Salvation is important to a Christian simply because salvation brings everlasting life and saves a Christian from eternal hellfire prepared for the devil and his angels (Matthews 25:41).

Since sin brings eternal punishment in the lake of fire on all unsaved sinners, salvation, on the other hand, redeems true believers in Christ from this horrible fate

Secondly, salvation brings the forgiveness and remission of sins to all truly born-again Christians so that they may appear as though they have never sinned in God’s eyes since their sins have been washed by the blood of the Lamb.

Furthermore, being saved is what will make all born-again Christians make it to heaven and spend the rest of their eternity with God in everlasting joy and this is made possible by salvation.

Without this precious God’s love gift of eternal life, a Christian can’t have any hope of spending eternity with God in heaven.

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Two Types Of Salvation In Christianity.

There are types of salvation in Christianity namely: genuine salvation and fake salvation. The former is only present in truly born-again believers while the latter is present in false converts.

Genuine salvation that brings everlasting life only comes through genuine repentance and forsaking of one’s sins to follow after righteousness (Proverbs 28:13).

This is because, without true repentance, you can’t be saved at all. Also, the former brings about a new life made possible by the regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit that renews one’s inner being to conform to the image of Christ.

While the latter doesn’t bring about everlasting life because it’s not genuine in the first place and is found among false converts who have not truly repented of their evil ways.

Also, fake salvation is common among Sunday Christians i.e. people who are only Christians on Sunday but are worse than even people who don’t go to church during weekdays.

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Examples Of Salvation In The Bible.

There are several verses in the bible that talk about salvation and everlasting life both in the old testament and the new testament.

The fact that salvation is mentioned in the old testament just shows that salvation has been God’s plan since the beginning of time and shows how the Lord values human life.

Some of the bible verses about salvation in the old testament are Isaiah 53:4-6, Psalms 62:1, and Leviticus 17:11. All these verses in the old testament on salvation show that God’s plan for the salvation of mankind has been since the beginning.

And in the new testament, some of the verses that talk about God’s salvation are Romans 10:9, 1 Corinthians 15:3,4, and Acts 4:12.

The scriptures above in the new testament show how one can be saved by God’s grace and what biblical salvation is all about.

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5 Reasons Why Salvation Is Important.

In this section of this post, you will now discover 7 reasons why salvation is the most important thing in one’s life and without it, nothing else in this life matters.

  • Brings Redemption.
  • Makes The Remission Of Sins Possible.
  • Brings Eternal Life.
  • Brings A New Birth.
  • Restores Our Lost Relationship With God.

1. Brings Redemption.

This is perhaps the biggest reason why salvation is important in one’s life as it brings redemption from sin and its consequences (Ephesians 1:7).

We are all under the curse of sin and that is why there is so much evil in this world something had to be done to redeem mankind from this curse and this is where salvation comes in.

Redemption simply means to be redeemed and saved from sin and its consequences through the atoning blood of the Lamb that was shed on the cross for the sins of all humanity.

Without salvation through God’s son, we are all doomed and hopeless on our way to hellfire which was prepared for the devil and his fallen angels.

Salvation is what makes the forgiveness of one’s sins possible through repentance and this is what makes it very important.

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2. Makes The Remission Of Sins Possible.

By definition, remission means to forgive or cancel out a penalty for doing something, especially something very bad, sin in this context.

For example, if you are caught stealing something, according to the laws of the land the judge in court has the right to throw you in prison.

But for some reason, the judge decides not to arrest you for your stealing by showing you mercy. In this case, the judge has remitted you from the consequences of stealing.

In like manner, it’s the same with salvation as we are all natural-born sinners with a sinful nature that makes us do all sorts of bad things we see in this world.

And according to God’s laws of righteousness that are just, we must be punished but in His boundless mercy, He decided that we don’t have to go to hellfire and pay the penalty of sin.

This is where salvation comes in as it makes it possible for our sins to be forgiven so that we don’t have to pay and bear the full penalty of our sins which Christ already did on the cross if we accept Him as our Lord and personal savior (Matthews 26:28).

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3. Brings Eternal Life.

Eternal life is the hallmark of salvation and what makes it so priceless as it is. Without everlasting life, you won’t spend eternity with God in heaven which will be sad indeed.

And anyone can obtain this precious God’s love gift by believing in the name of Jesus Christ to be saved from sin through repentance.

Since the wages of sin is death according to Romans 6:23, it, therefore, follows that if you are not saved, you will face eternal death or the second death Revelations 20:14 talks about in the lake of fire.

The second death here means eternal punishment and separation from God who’s the source of all life as we know it because, without Him, life cannot exist.

No wonder Christ said that those who don’t have everlasting life are dead in the sense that they will be eternally separated from Him in eternity due to their sins as sin brings death.

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4. Brings A New Birth.

The importance of salvation cannot be complete without mentioning the new birth that comes with salvation after repentance (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Naturally, we are all sinners by birth and have a sinful nature inside of us we inherited from our first parents when they sinned.

It’s this old Adamic nature that we all have that causes us to sin in the first place but when you become saved, this Adamic sinful nature of every human being has innately since the fall is replaced with a new nature which is as a result of new spiritual birth in Christ (Romans 7:5).

With this new birth, you now have a new Christ-like nature that makes you want to follow after righteousness and hate sin. A new life of holiness and righteousness will also result from this new birth.

You will now love the truth of the bible you once hated when you were a sinner as a result of this new birth since our old nature loves to lie and hates the truth of God’s word concerning sin.

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5. Restores Our Lost Relationship With God.

Since sin separates us from God, something had to be done to restore this wonderful relationship man had with God before the fall (Isaiah 59:1,2).

Before Adam and Eve fell, they enjoyed a perfect relationship with their God and talked with him daily. Nothing hindered them from enjoying their presence with the Lord.

When sin came into the picture, this wonderful relationship was severed because God is holy and can’t allow sin in His presence which is why Adam and Eve had to be banished from the Garden of Eden.

God in His richness in mercy didn’t live us to perish without hope and this is why a great plan was made in heaven to restore this lost relationship to its original state even better than before.

And this is where salvation comes to the rescue which was made possible through the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Isn’t that beautiful?

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This is all I had to share with you in this post on the importance of salvation and why you need it in your life at all costs.

If you are not saved yet but want to right now, then check out this post on how to get saved and be on your way to heaven today. All you need to do is believe with all your heart and that’s it.

In closing, if this post has greatly benefited you, don’t forget to share it with others as they will benefit from it greatly as you have. Stay blessed.

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