5 Peculiar Qualities Of Jesus As A Friend (Only He Has.)

There are many qualities that make our Lord Jesus Christ the perfect best friend we will ever have and this post will look at the 5 major qualities of Jesus as a friend which makes Him a special friend.

Jesus Christ is the perfect and good friend that you will ever have in this life who unlike a human-based friendship will never fail you even when your friends you least expected fail you.

This is why He must be your friend today if you have not made Him friend yet by giving your life to Him as He’s the only true friend who will never leave you nor forsake you.

Since Jesus Christ is perfect, He’s the perfect definition and example of what true friendship is all about as He selflessly laid our lives for us, though we didn’t deserve it.

With that said, let’s look at the 5 major qualities of Jesus as a friend that make His friendship with us special and different from self-centered human friendships.

5 Qualities That Make Jesus A Perfect Friend.

Below are the 5 main qualities that make Christ Jesus our perfect best and true friend you will ever have in this life.

  • Unconditional love.
  • He’s Our Good Shepherd.
  • Truth.
  • Has Your Best Interests.
  • He’s Loyal.

1. Unconditional love.

Unconditional agape love is by far the most vital quality Jesus has that makes Him a perfect best friend for us as He loved us even when we didn’t deserve His love and continues to do so to this day.

His unconditional love Christ has for us is why He died on the cross for your sins and my sins knowing we might not love Him back which is sadly the case with many ignorant people who reject His love.

Unlike humans, Jesus doesn’t love us because of what we can do for Him but He loves us because it’s His nature to do so (1 John 4:16). Consequently, this is what makes Jesus the perfect and dearest friend we can ever have.

On a side, note, no human being can ever love you unconditionally due to the fallen sinful nature that makes us naturally selfish and self-centered as sinful humans only view love in the context of what they can get from another person rather than give.

Since, Jesus Christ is the only one who will ever truly love you, it’s why you only need His love, the only love that can satisfy your soul. So, stop pleading for love from selfish humans who can never even love you the way Christ does.

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2. He’s Our Good Shepherd.

Another quality that makes Jesus our real friend is He’s our good shepherd who leads us into greener pastures who we will never want as Psalms 23:1-6 reminds us in the old testament.

And what makes Jesus Christ our good shepherd is He will never lead us astray which is why you need to trust and confide in Him only. If you trust humans, they will lead you astray with their ill advice which isn’t godly.

Since Jesus is our good shepherd, He also protects us from evil and guides us into the right path of holiness and righteousness so that we can be with Him in heaven when we die.

On the other hand, the devil who’s a wolf wants to devour you which is why you must resist him and he comes in many different forms such as ungodly friendships and friends who may want to lead you astray and into sin.

If Christ isn’t your shepherd yet, make Him one today by surrendering your life to Him as He has your best interests at heart and He will never lead you astray.

3. Truth.

The other quality that makes a Christ-based friendship with Jesus the only true friendship in this world is Jesus is truth and He will never lie to you as is the case with sinful humans who can say one thing today and say something else tomorrow.

Numbers 23:19 tells us that our Lord isn’t a son of man that He can lie or repent and that whatever He’s said He will do it. Implying that He will never break His Promises He’s made to you.

This is why you must stand on His promises that never fail and not human promises that are bound to fail and fall through and I am sure you have had a fair share of broken promises made by even your friends that were never fulfilled.

Moreover, Jesus Christ isn’t like that and whatever He promises, He fulfills as He’s the way, the truth (John 14:6), and the life as falsehood and lying isn’t part of His nature.

Since Christ is truthful, it’s why you must trust Him alone and not over-trust humans who can lie to your face at any moment’s notice or break the promises they made to you without warning.

4. Has Your Best Interests.

Additionally, the other wonderful quality that makes Jesus our trustworthy friend we will ever have is He always has our best interests at heart, unlike humans who at times may wish us evil due to jealousy.

It’s why we are told in Jeremiah 29:11 that the Lord has good plans for our lives and to give us an expected end, the one we will proudly look back on when all is said and done.

Unlike humans, Jesus has no ill intentions to make us fail as Jesus is never jealous of us and wants us to succeed and excel in life in whatever we do be it spiritually or in our secular life.

On the other hand, fallen humans can be jealous especially if you are doing better than them in life and secretly plot your downfall by wanting to bring you down due to jealousy or envy. Jesus isn’t like that, however.

I am sure you have encountered such people in your life be it fake friends who gave you fake plastic smiles but secretly wanted you to fail and bring you down. Moreover, don’t let jealous people hinder you from enjoying the blessings you have.

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5. He’s Loyal.

Last but not least, the other quality that makes Christ Jesus our true friend is that He’s a loyal and faithful friend and will always be so even when we are not loyal and faithful to Him.

Implying that Jesus will always support you and be by your side even when people you least expected including so-called friends abandon and leave you without warning when you least expected it.

Unlike humans who aren’t particularly good at loyalty, especially during hard times, Jesus will never betray your trust and loyalty by abandoning you when you need Him the most ( 2 Thessalonians 3:3).

This is why you must only confide in Him as only He will never abandon you to your fate in times of trials and crisis in your life.

Yes, there are sadly many disposable fair-weather friends who will dump you when storms come in your life but don’t worry about such fake people as you have Christ on your side who’s your rock and foundation that can’t be shaken in times of trials.


Have the above 5 qualities of Jesus as a friend finally helped understand why Christ is the only trustworthy friend and friendship you will ever have in your life?

If so, drop a comment below as to why Jesus is your only bestie you will always confide in and how this post has resonated with you.

In closing, if you found this post beneficial, share it with others who need to see this and desire a godly relationship and friendship with Christ. God bless.

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