15 (Must-Have) Qualities Of A Godly Friend Who’s Genuine.

In this post, you are going to discover the 15 major qualities of a godly friend that make godly friends and godly friendships precious and special in your life.

We all have or have had a few genuine and faithful godly friends that are truly special and dear to our hearts. The ones we can count on and who are there for us when we need them most.

In this age of many fake friends and disposable friendships, finding a good friend who’s faithful to you is like looking for a needle in a hair stack as most don’t understand what real a friendship is all about.

Sadly, many people even in the church today who claim to be your friend are only so because you have something to benefit them in some way. Such people are not godly friends and you must avoid them at all costs.

If you claim to be a godly friend, there are many qualities that you need to have which will clearly show you are not a bad friend but a good friend many can trust.

Only then will you be a good friend that others can trust and confide in who has real godly love that is selfless and sacrificial.

With that said, let’s look at the 15 qualities of a godly friend that will help you be a good friend and remind you what being a godly friend is all about.

15 Qualities Of A Godly Friendship.

Below are the 15 qualities of a godly friendship that will help fully understand what godly friendships are all about and need to have.

  • A Godly Friend Never Backstabs You.
  • A Godly Friend Isn’t Jealous Of You.
  • Godly Friends Uplift You.
  • Godly Friends Pray For You.
  • Good Friends Wish The Best For You.
  • Godly Friends Want To See You Happy.
  • A Godly Friend Is A Blessing To You.
  • A Godly Friend Draws You Closer To God.
  • A Godly Friend Influences You Positively.
  • A Godly Friend Loves You Unconditionally.
  • Godly Friends Are Truthful.
  • Godly Friends Support You.
  • A Godly Friend Forgives.
  • A Godly Friend Never Supports Wrong Things.
  • Godly Friends Help You Live Godly.

1. A Godly Friend Never Backstabs You.

One of the major characteristics of a godly friend is that they don’t backstab you or say bad things behind your back that will ruin your reputation just so that they can look better in front of others.

If you have a friend who backstabs you, that friend isn’t a good friend but a fake friend you need to distance yourself from as a true friend, or true friends will never talk behind your back and make you look bad in front of others.

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2. A Godly Friend Isn’t Jealous Of You.

Another quality that you will notice if someone is a godly friend worth keeping in your life is that they will not be jealous of your success and the achievements you have.

Sadly, many people masquerading as friends have hidden jealousy and seek to ruin you and do so because you are doing better than them in life. Avoid such fake friends as quickly as possible before they ruin your life with their cancerous jealousy.

3. Godly Friends Uplift You.

A godly friend will always uplift you especially when you are at a low point in your life and won’t try to bring you down. Sadly, this is what most people in the body of Christ have forgotten.

This explains why there is so much division in the church today when we should all be uplifting each other up and not pulling or tearing each other down as 1 Thessalonians 5:11 in the new testament commands us to do.

4.  Godly Friends Pray For You.

A good friend or a real friend will pray for you so that God blesses your life and protects you from all the evil devices of the enemy. Never underestimate the importance of prayer in your friendship.

The Bible in James 5:16 tells us that we must pray for each other as doing so, strengthens the friendships and protects your friendship from anything that can bring division and animosity to your friendship.

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5. Good Friends Wish The Best For You.

All good friends who are Christ-centred will always wish the best for you and rejoice when you are happy and successful in your life and never wish something bad happens to you.

Sadly, most so-called friends today don’t want the best for you which is why they secretly wish you bad luck or something bad to happen to you. Such people who delight in seeing you suffer in life are to be avoided like a plague as they aren’t worth your time.

6. Godly Friends Want To See You Happy.

A true friend will always want to see you happy in life and not miserable. Unfortunately, this cannot be said with many fake friends out there who secretly rejoice when you are unhappy. For such people, your misery is their joy and pleasure.

A real friend will never rejoice when you are in misery but will encourage and uplift you in the Lord especially when you are going through the lowest moment in your life.

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7. A Godly Friend Is A Blessing To You.

Being a blessing to you rather than being a toxic burden is one of the major qualities of a godly friend that you will be privileged to have if you are in a godly friendship.

Proverbs 17:17 in the old testament tells us that a godly friend is a blessing from the Lord which is why you need to cherish such a friend as they are hard to come by.

By being a blessing to you, a godly friend will seek to bless you in several ways which could be financial, being there for you when needed the most, or just helping you with the various needs you may have.

8. A Godly Friend Draws You Closer To God.

Another important quality of a good friend is that they will always draw you close to God, not away from Him, which is why you need to choose friends who are godly and will help you grow in the things of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Any friend who tries to draw you away and estrange from God or your Christian faith is a bad influence and must be avoided at all costs before they ruin your faith.

9. A Godly Friend Influences You Positively.

A godly friend will always positively influence you and not in a negative way, which is why you need to choose your association carefully.

The apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that we must not be deceived as evil communication corrupts good manners. If you want a godly influence on your life, choose godly friends who will encourage you to live a godly life.

However, if you choose an ungodly friend who is sinful, they will influence you negatively with their sinful lifestyle, and before long, you will just be like them and start doing the evil things they do due to their bad influence in your life.

10. A Godly Friend Loves You Unconditionally.

A godly friend will also love you unconditionally with the Christ-like agape love 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about that is selfless, sacrificial, and never seeks its self-interests.

Implying a good and trustworthy friend will love you not because of who you are to them or what you can benefit them but will love you selflessly as a friend and seek to do good to you with no strings attached.

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11. Godly Friends Are Truthful.

Being truthful to each other is another important quality you need to have as a good friend for you to be a trustworthy friend.

This means, unlike a fake friend, a real friend will not tell you lies and will be honest with you, no matter what. If you are a godly friend, you are going to be truthful to others to build trust as trust can’t be built without honesty.

In addition, a godly friend will be honest and straightforward with you at all times and won’t play games or try to hide things from you just because it would make them look better in your eyes.

Sadly, this isn’t the case with many fake friends out there who are full of lies and deceit, which is why finding a trustworthy friend nowadays you can safely confide in is hard even in the church as most are hypocrites.

12. Godly Friends Support You.

A godly friend will always support you in life without compromising their godly principles, especially in bad times and not in good times only.

If you are a real friend, you will support your friend during their lowest moment in life and won’t be a fair-weather friend that only shows support when things are convenient.

Proverbs 17:17 tells us that a true friend unlike a fake friend will love at all times and is like a brother born in adversity. Implying that a true and loyal friend will not abandon you in times of adversity but will offer encouragement and support.

13. A Godly Friend Forgives.

Last but not least, a godly friend will easily forgive you of the wrongs you have done against them as they understand that you are not a perfect person and that we all make mistakes and need grace.

A godly friend who understands what true friendship is all about practices forgiveness and never holds grudges against you as that person understands that they need to forgive just as God through Christ’s sake has forgiven them (Ephesians 4:32).

A friend who fails to forgive you for the simplest mistakes or offenses you have committed against them is a bad friend and doesn’t understand what true biblical friendship is all about. Sadly, this is the case with many friendships out there.

How many friendships do you know that are no longer on good terms just because of a petty misunderstanding or an offense that occurred? I am sure you know many. Let this not be you and practice forgiveness at all times.

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14. A Godly Friend Never Supports Wrong Things.

A friend who is godly will also never support the wrong things you are doing as the person understand that truly loving someone doesn’t mean supporting their wrongs (1 Corinthians 13:6).

This is what most people seem to miss concerning friendships. Being a friend to someone doesn’t mean compromising your godly principles just to please your friend.

If you are a good friend, you will not support your friend’s wrongdoings that are sinful if that means losing them in your life as you know being a good friend is all about influencing others positively to do the right thing not wrong things.

15. Godly Friends Help You Live Godly.

Last but not least, godly friends will always encourage you to live a life characterized by godliness, holiness, and righteousness and not a life of sin that displeases the Lord.

Implying that if a godly friend sees you living a life of sin, they will lovingly correct you to stop living such a sinful lifestyle, as they know it will only bring destruction in the end.

An ungodly friend, however, will hinder you from living a godly life with their bad influence, which is why you need to avoid such evil friends that will only draw you into sin and away from God.

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I hope the above 15 qualities of a godly friend have now helped you fully understand what being a godly friend is all about so that you can be a better friend who’s a blessing to others. In closing, if this post has been beneficial to you, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay blessed.

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