Ruth Chapter 1 Summary & 3 Vital Lessons To All Believers

The book of Ruth chapter 1 in the old testament has a lot to tell us and in this post today, we will look at Ruth chapter 1 summary and the vital lessons we can get from Ruth’s story.

Ruth Chapter 1 begins with a story of Naomi’s family, who lived in the Land of Judah. God’s word tells us in that chapter that Naomi initially lived in the Land of Judah along with her husband Elimelech and their two sons Mahlon and Chilion.

Eventually due to the great famine in the Land of Judah at that time, as we see in Ruth’s story, Naomi moved to the nearby country of Moab with her family.

Sadly, tragedy struck and her husband eventually died, leaving her with her two sons, who then married Moabite women, Orpah and Ruth. Sadly, both of Naomi’s sons also died, leaving Naomi alone with her two daughters-in-law.

Due to this tragedy, Naomi decide to embark on the journey back to Bethlehem Judah, her homeland along with her two daughters in laws, namely, Ruth and Orpah after hearing that the famine in her homeland had ended.

As we see further in Ruth 1:11, Naomi urged her daughters-in-law to stay in Moab and find new husbands, but Ruth refused to leave Naomi’s side, saying, “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” (Ruth 1:16).

Ruth Chooses To Stay With Naomi.

However, Orpah decided to return to Moab, to her gods but Ruth cleaved to Naomi. The different choices Ruth and Orpah made that changed their entire destiny forever remind us that we are all responsible for the life choices we make.

Thereafter, the two women traveled together to Judah, where Ruth worked hard to provide for Naomi by gleaning in the fields as we see in the book of Ruth 2:1-8.

In a wonderful twist of fate, as Ruth 2:5 tells us, Ruth caught the eye of Boaz, a wealthy landowner, who showed her great kindness, and favor and would change her destiny forever.

Naomi then recognized that Boaz was a close relative who could potentially act as their “redeemer,” a role in Jewish culture that involved buying back a relative’s land and marrying their widow to continue their family line.

In the end, Boaz did act as their redeemer by marrying Ruth as we see in Ruth 4:1-17 and providing for Naomi as well. Despite being a Moabite woman, she found favor and redemption in Boaz’s sight by God’s providence.

The book of Ruth is a beautiful story of loyalty, redemption, and faithfulness. Ruth’s story also foreshadows the redemption of Jesus Christ for all sinners that would happen 1000+ years later in the New Testament.

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Key Lessons Of Ruth Chapter 1.

So, what are some key lessons we can learn from Ruth’s life and Ruth’s story? First and foremost, we see the power of loyalty and commitment in Ruth’s relationship with Naomi.

Even when Naomi urged Ruth to stay behind in Moab, Ruth stubbornly refused to abandon her mother-in-law despite her circumstances. How many people and so-called fake Christians and fake friends can do that today?

If it were most people and fake selfish friends of today, they will certainly leave you without any second thought if you found yourself in a similar situation to Naomi’s where the true test of loyalty comes.

The kind of loyalty Ruth showed to Naomi is rare and admirable in today’s world we live in as most people now are only willing to befriend you if you have something you can benefit them, full stop.

Ruth’s loyalty and faithfulness to Naomi during the challenging times both found themselves in is a reminder that our relationships and friendships with others should be characterized by a deep commitment to the well-being of others.

Indeed, Ruth unlike Orpah, showed she was a true friend and good daughter-in-law of Naomi who wasn’t after her selfish interests.

Instead, she showed how she valued her friendship and relationship with Naomi by sticking by her side even in the most challenging moments of her life as well as choosing to serve the true God of Israel Naomi served and worshipped (Ruth 1:16).

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Ruth’s Story Foreshadows Christ’s Redemption.

Secondly, Ruth’s story is a beautiful example of redemption considering she was a Moabite woman. Boaz acted as Ruth and Naomi’s redeemer, buying back their land and providing for them both.

In the same way, Jesus Christ is our ultimate redeemer who buys and redeems us from sin and death through his death and resurrection according to His riches in grace (Ephesians 1:7).

Ruth’s story foreshadows this ultimate act of redemption and reminds us that we can trust in God’s faithfulness to provide for us and save us from sin and its horrible consequences which is death.

Finally, Ruth’s story shows us the importance of faithfulness in our everyday lives as Christian stewards of the Lord Jesus Christ in our daily Christian walk.

In Ruth’s story, we see Ruth working hard to provide for Naomi by gleaning in the fields of Barley, and her faithfulness paid off when Boaz noticed her and showed her kindness (Ruth 2:12).

Similarly, our faithfulness in our daily responsibilities can lead to unexpected blessings and opportunities. You need to remember that God will never forget the faithfulness you have shown Him.

God Always Rewards Our Faithfulness To Him.

In due time when the timing is right, He will richly reward you openly in front of everyone for all the faithfulness you have secretly shown in serving Him with all your heart.

I know, it may take a while to see the fruits of the rewards of your faithfulness to God but don’t despair and lose heart as you will be rewarded as well just as early Christians in the bible were rewarded.

We are told in 1 Corinthians 15:58 that we must not be weary of doing good deeds but be steadfast, always abounding in the work of the Lord as our labor isn’t in vain in the Lord.

In Ruth’s story, we see that Ruth as well didn’t expect to meet Boaz who changed her fortune for good later making her become part of Jesus Christ’s bloodline despite not being a Jewish woman.

However, due to her faith in God, faithfulness, and steadfastness in well-doing, the Lord remembered her and rewarded her richly with a blessed future and an expected end.

The same will apply to you if you remain faithful to the Lord in all situations. Above all, if you endure to the end, you will receive the crown of life and eternal rewards in heaven as Revelations 2:10 tells us that await you if you finish your Christian race.


In conclusion, the Ruth Chapter 1 summary bible study you have read above is a beautiful story of loyalty, faith, redemption, and faithfulness we must all emulate as believers today.

Ruth’s commitment to Naomi, Boaz’s redemption of Ruth and Naomi, and Ruth’s hard work and faithfulness all teach us important lessons about what it means to live a life pleasing to God.

Ultimately, Ruth’s story points us to Jesus Christ, our ultimate redeemer and the source of our hope and salvation. Share this post if you found it a blessing to you and God bless.

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