12 Signs And Symbols Of God’s Love Signifying True Love

In this post, you will discover the 12 signs and symbols of God’s love that will remind you that God has loved you with everlasting love before you were even born.

Very often as Christians, we find ourselves doubting if God still loves us especially when we are going through trying moments that test our Christian faith.

Hoverer, this post will once again remind you that God still loves you which is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for your sins even if He knew you might not love Him back which is the case for most people, sadly,

With that said, let’s look at the 12 signs and symbols of God’s love that will remind you that God’s love is like no other with references to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament.

What’s The Symbol Of God’s Love?

The most significant symbol of God’s love that God has shown to mankind is sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins on the cross of Calvary so that anyone who believes in Him doesn’t perish but has overstating life as John 3:16 tells us.

God sending His son to die a brutal death on the cross for our sins, is the ultimate form of love God has ever shown us which cannot be compared to any love that any other person can give you.

If God never truly loved us, He wouldn’t have sent His Son to die for our sins considering that we are all naturally born sinners deserving of eternal death and punishment in hell which is why you must not reject His love as there is no other love like it.

God sending His Son to die for our sins on the cross knowing that we might not love Him back was the ultimate litmus test and proof that shows us that God’s love for us is genuine and not fake.

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12 Signs Of God’s Love.

Below are the 12 signs of God’s love that will remind you that no matter what you are going through, He still loves you and hasn’t forsaken you.

  • Jesus Dying For Your Sins.
  • Jesus Christ Forgiving Our Sins.
  • God Allowing Us To Live Another Day.
  • God’s Unmerited Goodness Upon Your Life.
  • Answered Prayers.
  • God’s Patience And Longsuffering.
  • You Easily Forgive Others.
  • You Selflessly Serve Others.
  • You Love Others Unconditionally.
  • You Will Show Unconditional Kindness.
  • You Will Not Give Up on Others.
  • You Won’t Support Wrong Things.

1. Jesus Dying For Your Sins.

One of the greatest symbols of God’s love God has ever shown to humankind is sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die for your sins while you were yet a sinner so that you can have salvation and eternal life and not perish in hellfire. The Bible in Romans 5:8 tells us that God loved us while were yet sinners and that He sent His Son to die for our sins even if we didn’t deserve His love at all. What greater love can be there than this?

2. Jesus Christ Forgiving Our Sins.

Another sign that shows that God truly loves us unconditionally is making the forgiveness of our sins possible through Christi Jesus if we come to Him in repentance. God’s word tells us in Acts 8:22 that God wants us to repent of our sins so that we can obtain mercy and forgiveness of our sins through his Son. If God didn’t love us, He wouldn’t forgive the sins we commit against Him which are too numerous to count.

3. God Allowing Us To Live Another Day.

The fact that you are alive and breathing as you are reading this is a clear sign of God’s love and mercy upon your life especially if you are still living in sin and have not yet repented of your wickedness. You are not alive because you are better than anyone out there but it’s by the mercies and Goodness of the Lord which He shows to all as we are told in Psalms 145:9. If you are living in sin, God is letting you live another day to give you ample chance to repent and forsake your wicked ways before it’s too late.

4. God’s Unmerited Goodness Upon Your Life.

God’s undeserved goodness, grace, blessing, and mercies upon your life especially if you are still a sinner living in sin is one of the traits that set God’s love apart from human love which is always conditional. Think of how many undeserved blessings and goodness of the Lord you are enjoying in your life and are taking for granted and tell me of any human being on this earth that is capable of such love. The answer is none that is why our Lord Jesus Christ tells us in Matthews 5:45 because God’s love is unconditional; it’s why He allows rain and sunshine to fall on both the wicked and the righteous as well as His common blessing to be enjoyed by all.

5. Answered Prayers.

Another sign of God’s love that shows that God loves you dearly as His child is that He answers your prayers when you pray to Him according to His will. The Bible tells us in Psalms 34:17 that the Lord hears the prayers of the righteous and delivers us from all our troubles when we cry to Him in prayer. What could be more blessed than knowing that when you pray to God, He will answer all your prayer requests you make to Him? And that He will grant all the desires of your heart when you delight in Him (Psalms 37:4)?

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6. God’s Patience And Longsuffering.

The Bible in 2 Peter 3:9-11 tells us that the Lord is not slack concerning His promises but that He’s patient and long-suffering with us because He doesn’t want us to perish. The fact that God is patient with us despite all the evil and sinful things we do is a testimony of how deeply God loves us and no humans being can be patient and long-suffering with you the way God is as we humans cannot love the way God does due to our selfishness. Sadly, most people take this for granted by continuing to live in sin, which is sad indeed. Don’t let that be you.

Signs You Have God’s Love.

This last section of our post will look at the signs that will show if God’s love is present in your life that will help you selflessly love others.

7. You Easily Forgive Others.

If you truly have God’s love in your heart, you will readily and willingly forgive others no matter the gravity of the offenses others have done against you just as God has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32 tells us that we ought to forgive others just as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven us. The reason why most people hold grudges against their offenders is that they don’t understand what God’s divine love is all about. If you can’t forgive those who wrong you, just know that God’s love is not present in your life.

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8. You Selflessly Serve Others.

Another sign that will show God’s diving love is reigning supreme in your Christian life is the way you selflessly serve others without any selfish motives or expecting anything in return. The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:9 that our love for others as believers especially must be sacrificial without dissimulation or selfish motives which will only be possible if God’s agape love 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about is reigning supreme in your life. Without this love, you won’t be able to selflessly serve others or put their needs above your own.

9. You Love Others Unconditionally.

Loving others unconditionally even if they don’t deserve it just as Jesus Christ commands us in John 13:34 is another piece of evidence that will show that you have God’s love in your life. When you love someone unconditionally, it means that you love them just as they are and not what they can do for you, as is the case of human love, which is always conditional. You won’t say,” I will only love you if you do this and that for me,” but you will love unconditionally without expecting anything in return from the person you claim to love and this is what we all need in marriage today as most who enter marriage have no understanding of what true love is.

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10. You Will Show Unconditional Kindness.

1 Corinthians 13:4 tells us that love is kind and the kind of kindness that is being talked about here is the unconditional kindness that comes from God which enables you to be kind to others, especially to those who don’t deserve your kindness. If God’s divine love and kindness in reigning supreme in your heart, you won’t be kind to others because they are kind to you but your kindness will extend to every person you encounter whether they deserve your kindness or not.

11. You Will Not Give Up On Others.

Not giving up on others, especially in their worst moments, and being there when such people need you the most will also be another indicator God’s love is in your life. This is especially true in marriage and if you claim to love your spouse truly, you won’t abandon them for another person at their worst moments which sadly most people do due to selfishness. Remember, as 1 Corinthians 13:5 tells us, true love that is selfless, sacrificial, and is from God isn’t self-seeking but bears and endures all things.

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12. You Won’t Support Wrong Things.

Finally, yet importantly, if you have God’s love in your life, you won’t support wrong things that people do even if there are your friends because 1 Corinthians 13:6 once again reminds us that true love that is from God does not rejoice in evil but delights in the truth. This is what this world fails to understand as it thinks love is supporting the wrong things of others, which can be clearly seen in gay prides that have a distorted meaning of what true love is all about. If you truly love a person, you will tell them the truth even if they don’t like what you have to say nor will you support the wrong things that person does.


I hope the above 12 signs and symbols of God’s love have helped you understand what God’s love is all about and to remind you that you are always loved by God. In closing, if this post edified you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Remember, love always wins.

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