5 Clear Signs God Is Testing Your Relationship For Sure.

There are many signs that will show God is testing your relationship and in this post, you will discover the 5 major signs God is testing your relationship that will show your relationship is being tested and refined.

Tests in a relationship or marriage are crucial as they strengthen the love you have for each other as a Christian couple in a godly relationship or godly marriage you are in.

They also help verify the authenticity of the love and commitment you have for each other. If your relationship or marriage never went through its tests, you wouldn’t know for sure if your partner truly loves you or is committed to you.

However, when tests in a relationship come, they truly expose if you truly understand what true love and commitment are all about and relationships and marriages that pass the tests are the ones that last a lifetime.

With that said, let’s look at the 5 major signs God is testing your relationship or marriage that will show you are being refined as a couple and help you understand what true love is all about.

5 Signs God Is Testing Your Relationship.

Below are the 5 signs that will show if God is testing your relationship or marriage to remind you what true love and commitment is all about.

  • Offenses.
  • Test Of Commitment.
  • Spiritual Warfare.
  • Test Of Patience.
  • Relationship Challenges.

1. Offenses.

One of the clear signs that will show God is testing the love you have for each other in a relationship or marriage through offenses, petty misunderstandings, and arguments that will occur from time to time.

God allows offenses in a relationship or marriage to occur to act as a reminder that there is no such thing as a perfect person who will never offend you knowingly or unknowingly.

You need to understand that offenses will come in a godly relationship or godly marriage you are in because you are two imperfect people coming from different backgrounds, and upbringings and have different ways of seeing things in life.

However, if you understand what true love that is Christ-based is all about, you won’t allow petty offenses or misunderstandings in your relationship or marriage to tear you apart or make you stop being at peace with one another in the Lord.

God allows them, as He wants to see if you truly love your partner as you allegedly claim. If you love your spouse, you will easily forgive them of their offenses and not hold grudges as we are told in Ephesians 4:32.

2. Test Of Commitment.

The second sign that will show God is testing your relationship or marriage is by testing how committed you are to each other in various ways.

One of the ways God will test your commitment to someone is by making a person you claim to love to be a little difficult to get along with to see if you will give up easily on the person you claim to love.

If you truly love someone, you won’t easily give up on them. Yes, your significant other may temporarily be a little difficult to understand but with God’s grace in your life, you won’t give up on your partner.

On the other hand, if your love isn’t genuine, you will easily give up on your other half at that slightest challenge in your relationship designed to test how committed you are to that person you say you love so dearly.

God also uses various challenges in your relationship such as financial challenges, and wilderness seasons in your relationship to test the commitment you have for each other.

3. Spiritual Warfare.

Spiritual warfare will also be another sign that will show God is testing your relationship especially when it comes to issues and matters having to do with your Christian faith.

If two of you as a Godly couple are in a godly relationship, you may begin to notice a lot of spiritual warfare going on in your relationship or marriage that is trying to tear you apart.

The spiritual battles that you may face in a relationship or as husband and wife in your marriage may come in various forms such as weakening your prayer life as a couple or finding it hard to read God’s word together. In such situations, prayer is needed.

Doing so will help you become stronger together as a couple and make you able to overcome any spiritual battle you face together. Remember, a praying couple is a powerful couple that can overcome anything together.

If you are experiencing any spiritual warfare or battles that are testing your relationship to the limit, just go to the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer for grace to overcome and not give up on each other as most people who don’t understand what real love is all about do.

4. Test Of Patience.

I am sure you know that patience is a virtue and that good things and the best that the Lord has to offer be it in terms of relationships only come to those who are patient and who wait on God.

At times, I am sure that you have experienced many delays especially when it comes to the area of relationships. Perhaps, your relationship may have been delayed from turning into a marriage at the time you hope it would.

In such situations, it’s easy to become impatient and try to rush things with God in this area, and those who do that end up with disastrous results and marry a person who isn’t in life with God’s will and purpose for their life.

Other ways your patience may be tested in your relationship or marriage is via many relationship and marital challenges that really put your love and commitment to the test to see if you are the real deal.

In such situations, especially when you are dealing with a frustrating partner who gets on your nerves, you must show grace and patience to your significant other if you truly love them as love is patient and longsuffering as 1 Corinthians 13:4 tells us.

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5. Relationship Challenges.

Last but not least, various relationship challenges will also indicate God is testing and refining your relationship so that it can be what it was meant to be.

Various challenges such as spiritual or financial challenges may come in your relationship or marriage that will test to see if you are truly committed to each other.

Sadly, many relationships due to not being built on the solid foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ crumble when various storms and financial challenges come to test those relationships.

One of the ways to know if your relationship or marriage is the real deal and that it will stand the test of time is how it will fare during challenges and trials.

If your relationship is genuine and founded on genuine love from God, it will overcome any challenge or storm that will come its way and stand the test of time.

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I hope the above 5 signs God is testing your relationship will now help you know if God is testing your marriage or relationship so that you don’t give up on each other.

The thing you need to understand is God allows tests in your relationship to strengthen, grow and refine the love you have for each other so that you can overcome anything together.

In closing, if this post has blessed you in one way or the other relationship-wise, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. God bless.

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8 thoughts on “5 Clear Signs God Is Testing Your Relationship For Sure.”

  1. is one of the challenges in marriage cheating also? would God allow one spouse to have sex with someone else to show if 2 people really love each other?

    • I wouldn’t say that because people cheat on their spouses as they don’t understand what true love is. If you truly love your spouse with Christ-like love, you will never ever cheat on them. Sadly, many are cheating on their spouses due to sin and a lack of understanding of what true love is all about as many mistakes true love for lust which is in no way remotely similar to each other. Yes, there are some couples who heal from infidelity but that’s not God’s intended will and purpose for marriage as marriage is supposed to be a safe haven where two people man and woman truly love each other by being faithful to one another. Hope, this clears your questions, dear.

    • I’m sorry, cheating is not from God, God cannot be tempted, so for that God will not tempt anyone. Cheating is the desire of the flesh , that would be our job as a Christian to crucify the flesh and daily renewing our minds with the word of God… God would want us to forgive one another the same way He forgave us..

  2. I love this. I think its wonderful and really changes the perspective of daily life in dating. I was having a hard time with thoughts of infidelity (on my girlfriend’s side due to past hurts and negative videos on social media) and for a sec I thought I felt God say “Test your girlfriend’s loyalty by doing a loyalty test” as the world does. I really thought it was God. I just did some research to see what other people say and have experienced. My girlfriend has never cheated on me however, other things have happened that hurt me a lot. your article really reminded me of what I’ve been saying to her lately – “The little habits we have done before might still happen however when they do we must not think that its the same problem because its not. we have moved away from that.”

    Your article reminded me that we will have humps and bumps on the road however, this is all a part of it, and none is different from the other – and none should be treated differently unless it truly is.

    • Good to know that you enjoyed the post dear brother in the Lord and found it useful indeed challenges be it in relationships are part of life as they help refine us and the love we have for our significant other in a good way. God bless


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