Who Will Not Go To Heaven According To The Bible & Why?

Who will not go to heaven according to the bible? I am sure you have asked and wondered about this at one point in your Christian life as a believer.

The Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament has a lot to say about who will go to heaven and the reasons why many will not make heaven in the end but will end up in hell.

Our Lord Jesus Christ goes on to say in Matthews 7:13, 14 that many will not enter heaven in the end due to many reasons and that only a few will make it.

When we think of heaven, we are mostly joyful about the prospects of being there and spending eternity with God in everlasting joy and bliss where there will be no more death and suffering.

However, most don’t understand that it’s not everyone that will get there as heaven has strict criteria and requirements one needs to have to enter there.

With that said, let’s find out who will not go to heaven according to the bible and Jesus Christ and why only few will get there and make it their eternal destiny.

Who Will Not Go To Heaven?

According to the Bible, the people who will not go to heaven are all those who have not repented of their sins, believed, and trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior for their salvation and eternal life.

In short, all unrepentant sinners and unbelievers who reject Christ now will have no part in God’s kingdom (Revelations 21:8), as it’s only through Christ Jesus one can enter heaven as He’s the door to heaven and the heavenly Father (John 14:6.).

1 Corinthians 6:9 also lists the group of people who will not inherit God’s kingdom if they don’t repent and turn from their wicked ways but choose to live their life of sin which has no place in heaven at all.

Only true believers who are truly saved with a genuine salvation experience and are living a transformed holy life are the ones who will enter heaven.

Hebrews 12:14 tells us that without holiness, no one will see God. Implying that if you want to go to heaven you must be holy and righteous living a holy life that’s above sin as sin can’t be allowed there.

Sadly, many due to their love of sin in their hearts are unwilling to live a life of holiness and righteousness that God expects of them despite claiming to be Christians or believers in Christ Jesus.

These people come up with all manner of meaningless excuses like no person can be holy and that we are all sinners which are true to some extent because all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23).

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Only Holy People Will Enter Heaven.

People who say you can’t be holy forget that God’s word in Titus 2:11 tells us that God’s grace that brings salvation and teaches one to deny all forms of ungodliness and worldly lusts has been made available to all.

Not wanting to be holy and saying bye-bye to sin that most love is one of the reasons many will not enter the new heaven and new earth, which are only for holy people and not unsaved unrepentant sinners.

You need to understand that God can’t ask us things we can’t do. The fact that He commands us to be holy as He’s holy as we are told in 1 Peter 1:16 is He knows by His grace through Jesus Christ we can be holy and righteous.

If you are finding it hard to be holy, it could be you still have the love of sin in your heart and you are yet to be a true born-again Christian so that you can have the new nature of Christ in you that will enable you to hate sin and be holy.

Therefore, if you want to enter heaven, you need to be holy and ensure you are genuinely saved by believing and trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by faith knowing that He died for your sins so that you can be saved.

Why Few Will Enter Heaven?

Jesus Christ tells us in Matthews 7:13, 14 that only few will ever enter heaven, and the reasons for why only few will enter heaven are varied.

Moreover, one of the major reasons why few will enter heaven and ultimately be saved from the wrath to come and eternal death in hell is that only a few understand what being a true follower of Jesus Christ is all about.

Simply putting it, many are not willing to do what is required of them to enter heaven. Just look at how many fake Christians we have in the church today who profess Christ but deny Him in their works (Titus 1:16).

Many will end up in hell and won’t be part of the redeemed saints of all ages in heaven due to their love of sin like no man’s business and choosing to reject Christ by refusing to repent of their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness to be forgiven.

Also, few will enter heaven because only few are willing to deny themselves by taking up their crosses daily to follow Jesus all the days of their lives as that requires one to give up the love of self most are unwilling to do (Luke 9:23).

You need to remember that as we early saw in the above bible verse, the road that leads to heaven and life eternal is too narrow to accommodate sin which is why few will make it as only few are willing to live their sins behind to follow after righteousness.

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Trusting In Jesus Alone Is The Passport To Heaven.

To add on, few will enter heaven as only a few have chosen to believe and trust Jesus Christ for their salvation and the gift of eternal life Christ promises to all those who believe in Him in John 6:47.

Considering that there are many false religions in the world put there by Satan to lead as many as possible ways from the one true living God into eternal perdition in hell, many are being led astray into perdition by choosing to believe in these false religions.

You need to understand that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and if you believe in some other faith and false religion other than Him that promises otherwise, you are 100% guaranteed that heaven won’t be your final resting place when you die.

Instead, eternal death and separation from our ever-blessed God, holy angels, and the redeemed saints of all the ages in hell are what you will inherit for all eternity, which will be tragic indeed.

Therefore, if you want to enter heaven where there will be no more suffering, death, and sickness we experience in this fallen world due to sin, you need Jesus Christ in your life as He’s the way to get there.

Being a good person without Christ can’t qualify you for heaven as we are only saved by grace through faith in what Christ Jesus did for us on the cross, not our good works as Ephesians 2:8,9 tells us.

Only if you have Christ in your life will you take part in the first resurrection that all redeemed saints including Old Testament saints will partake in that will usher us into eternity with God in heaven in our glorified bodies.

How Can You Qualify For Heaven Today?

The simple answer to that question is you need to be saved by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior by grace through faith.

You must understand that we are all sinners by birth and deserving of eternal death in hell. But the good news is Christ died for your sins so that you don’t have to pay the penalty of your sins in hell which is death as we are told in Romans 6:23.

In short, you need Jesus in your life ASAP so that you can have eternal life. You also need to repent and turn from your evil ways so that your soul doesn’t perish in hell.

Implying that, you need to be willing to forsake the life of sin you may currently be living in and come to Jesus Christ in repentance so that your sins can be forgiven which they will if turn to Christ today.

Only by being genuinely saved from sin and living a life of holiness is what will qualify you for heaven. If you are not saved yet, you can be saved today by giving your life to Christ and deciding to sin no more.

You Must Be Truly Saved To Make Heaven.

So, if you want to be in the New Jerusalem where God will dwell with His people physically as Revelations 21:3 tells us, be saved and don’t defile yourself with the sins and pollution of this present evil word that will one day pass away.

Let not pride and the love of this world make you be among many who have chosen to reject God’s love-gift of eternal life and who will ultimately end up in hell if they die in their unrepentant sinful state.

Missing heaven will be the most tragic thing that will ever happen to every human being who has ever lived on the surface of the earth since the world began.

Don’t be that unfortunate soul dear, please as heaven is too precious for you to miss. Don’t allow the mundane things of this world to hinder you from focusing on heavenly things above where your real home and resting place is.

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I hope the above post on who will not go to heaven according to the bible has now made you have a clear understanding of the people who won’t be there.

My prayer is after reading this, you be among the number who will finally make heaven when all is said and done with your earthly life by living a holy life free from sin.

In closing, if this post has been of great help to you on this vital subject of heaven, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share it with others as you leave. God bless.

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