10 Unmistakable Signs God Is Upset With You (For Sure)

This post today will show you the 10 signs God is upset with you that will clearly show the Lord is displeased with your life especially if you have fallen from grace.

There are many signs that will show in your life if the Lord is upset with you such as divine judgment, illness, and so on and this article will show you the 10 common signs to look out for.

Without wasting your precious time, below are the 10 signs God is upset with you to look for in your life if you want to know if God is angry with you or not.

10 Signs Indicating God Is Angry With You.

Take your time reading the 10 signs below that will clearly show that God is angry with you and that He wants you to repent of your evil ways.

  • Unanswered Prayers.
  • You No Longer Feel God’s Presence.
  • The Holy Spirit Is No Longer In Your Life.
  • Things Not Going Well In Your Life.
  • You Are Miserable.
  • Warning Through Dreams.
  • Removed From The Book Of Life.
  • Sickness.
  • Streaks Of Bad Luck.
  • Forsaken By The Lord.

1. Unanswered Prayers.

Unanswered prayers are one of the signs that will show that God is upset with you due to the willful sin that may be present in your life.

The bible in Psalms 66:18-20 tells us that the Lord cannot hear our prayers if we regard sin or iniquity in our hearts. Implying that your prayers won’t be answered if you are a sinner living in sin except if it’s a prayer of repentance.

The reason why God does not answer the prayer of a sinner except that of repentance is that sin separates us from God as Isaiah 59:1, 2 tells us. So, if you want to have answered prayers in your life, have nothing to do with sin.

2. You No Longer Feel God’s Presence.

Another thing that will indicate that God may be upset with you is the withdrawal of His presence from your life as we see in the case of Samson in the Old Testament in Judges 16:20 when he went after Delilah despite several warnings from the Lord not to be with her.

The same will happen to you if you don’t depart from evil even when God has warned you several times to have nothing to do with the sin you may be indulged in or clinging on to like super glue.

If you don’t want God’s wrath or anger to be upon your life, keep sin as far as possible from your life lest He withdraws His presence from you as He can’t dwell in the midst of sin.

3. The Holy Spirit Is No Longer In Your Life.

If God is upset with you, another this you will notice in your life is the departure of His Holy Spirit from your life due to the sinful lifestyle you may be living in.

Ephesians 4:30 tells us not to grieve the Holy Spirit and one of the things that grieve the Holy Spirit is living in willful sin despite His warnings that you stop living in sin.

And this results in the Holy Spirit being grieved because you are not listening to His promptings to stop living in sin. Consequently, He ends up leaving you as He can’t dwell in the presence of sin or people who defile themselves with sin.

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4. Things Not Going Well In Your Life.

Things not going well in your life will also be one of the signs that God is upset with you that will show in your life if God’s anger or wrath is upon you due to your disobedience or rebellion.

You will just begin to notice all hell breaking loose in your life and that everything you try doing just ends up in complete failure but this isn’t always the case as things cannot go well in your life during your trying moments.

But in this case, it will be perpetual as we see in the case of the children of Israel in Isaiah 1:1-49 what happened to them when they rebelled against the Lord despite several warnings from Him.

5. You Are Miserable.

When the Lord is upset with you, misery will also be one of the signs you will notice in your life. All the joy and happiness you once had will be completely gone.

But being in misery doesn’t mean that God hates you or that He has completely abandoned you as He can use those situations of misery in your life to draw you closer to Him and make you realize where you have gone wrong. God’s love doesn’t cease just because you are miserable.

You must remember that God doesn’t want you to be miserable but if you rebel and obey His commandments, as He warned the Israelites in Deuteronomy 28:14-60, you will have misery as a consequence of your sins as we reap what we sow and sin bring misery.

6. Warning Through Dreams.

The Bible says that when God is angry with someone, He will send them signs in their dreams and visions to make them realize what they are doing is wrong as we see in the case of Abimelech in Genesis 20:3.

And the reason why God will speak to someone through a dream when He’s upset with them is to try to make them repent of their evil deeds and return to Him so that they can obtain mercy and forgiveness for their evil deeds.

Sadly, most people ignore these warnings and end up in big trouble. You must understand that the Lord always warns someone before punishing them for their evil deeds but when the warning isn’t heeded, His wrath, anger, and judgment will be on that person, and rightfully so.

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7. Removed From The Book Of Life.

If God is not happy with you due to perpetual sin in your life you are unwilling to repent of, He will remove you from the book of life just as we see in the Old Testament in Exodus 32:33 where He said that anyone who sins against Him will be removed from the book of life.

Implying that you won’t be able to make it to heaven if you were to unexpectedly die today in your sinful state which would be very unfortunate indeed as only people whose names are written in the book of life will enter heaven as Revelations 21:27 tells us in the New Testament.

But the good news is that if you feel that your name may not be in the book of life due to sin, it’s not too late as the Lord Jesus Christ is still calling you to repentance and salvation. So you can have your name written in the book of life today if you give your life to Jesus Christ.

8. Sickness.

When something unfortunate happens to you or someone you know such as an unexpected illness, don’t freak out or panic. It may be a sign from God that you or someone else needs to change something about your life.

Do some soul searching and ask God to reveal any sins in your life that may be causing all the sicknesses you are seeing in your life as God can use sickness in your life to help you come to Him and repent of your evil ways just as He did to the Israelites in Jeremiah 14:26.

Many people have returned to God after having a serious chronic illness in their life which wouldn’t have been the case if that illness that acted as a wake-up call hadn’t occurred.

9. Streaks Of Bad Luck.

Streaks or series of bad luck and misfortunes in your life will be another sign that will show that God is angry with you as He has said in 1 Peter 3:12 that He opposes those who do evil.

And these streaks of bad luck may be misfortunes, illnesses, or things just not well in your life no matter how hard you try to do things the right way but it seems that life is against you.

Now, the Lord may allow bad things to happen in your life to make you realize that something needs to change in your life so that you can repent if needed as He can use the very same bad luck you may be having in your life to draw you closer to him.

10. Forsaken By The Lord.

Last but not least, another sign that will show that God’s anger and wrath are upon you is that He will forsake you if you continue in your sinful rebellious lifestyle just as He did to the children of Israel when they sinned and rebelled against the Lord.

2 Chronicles 15:2 tells us that the Lord will forsake us if we forsake Him by living sinful rebellious lives He doesn’t approve of us but will draw close to us if we draw close to Him.

So, if you feel that the Lord has forsaken you due to sin, you can still repent and obtain mercy today so as to restore the presence of the Lord you may have lost when you abandoned your Christian faith due to one thing or the other.


I hope the above 10 signs God is upset with you will help you examine your life so that you can know whether the Lord is displeased with your life or not and repent if you discover that is the case. In closing, if this post edified you, let me know in the comments below along with the questions you may have on what you’ve read in the comments below. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share.

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18 thoughts on “10 Unmistakable Signs God Is Upset With You (For Sure)”

  1. Please, I would caution you to throughly research your article. Ephesians 4:30 says nothing about the Holy Spirit departing a believer. It says do not greive the Holy Spirit of God whereby you were sealed until the day of redemption. According to your article, you are actually not accounting the power of Christ Jesus and His ability to do as He says in John 6:39.
    In essence, your article examples are indicating that eternal security is “conditional”, contingent on good works, rather than the Blood of Jesus. And you are also saying that God is unable to fulfill His promises depending on what man chooses to do. So you are saying that God is “weak”.
    What you are doing is spreading false doctrine, which the Bible is quite clear about and gives stern warnings against.

    • I think you have things mixed up. There is nothing false I have said. Indeed the Holy Spirit can depart from you if you continue to live in wilful sin despite several warnings from Him. Eternal security is a false doctrine that Calvinists perpetuate which is nowhere to be found in the bible. I hope and pray God opens your eyes dear and delivers you from Calvinism as it’s false. Godbless.

      • So what if you are going through these things as a righteous person like Job? The Bible is clear about the suffering of the saint. Eternal security is not a Calvinist belief Calvinist believed that God selects who is going to heaven or hell. Calvinists believe that people’s choices do not play a part in salvation, which is false. Your zeal is admirable, but it isn’t based on knowledge. There is some truth in your article, but God.

    • no, the Bible says the holy Spirit will not strive with men forever. if we keep sinning he will depart from us. we will grieve him. this man speaks the truth who has written this article. I am living testament of what he speaks of someone who has walked with christ full of the holy spirit and could hear the Lord’s voice. keep blessed me. he filled me full of love. he gave me the gift of healing and the gift of speaking in tongues of angels to worship him. I failed him. I know what he says to be true because I am broken smashed into destroyed. what he speaks of is true. so please be warned. do not take the holy spirit lightly or God’s mercy. you need to search your Bible more, rent your heart and ask Lord to open your eyes for the Bible is alive and it will speak to you as it is. Christ and Christ is alive in the word. if you believe anything else, it is you who are blind

  2. Job went through a lot of things including bad luck, Missouri, hard times is that because God hated him? If you believe that salvation is so frivolous I guess it would not matter that anything could separate us from God. And think about an earthly father did they get rid of their own child for small in fractions? I think your doctrine is even more false than Calvinists. I believe God is a lot more generous and loving and forgiving than you are painting him out to be

    • True God is loving just because we are suffering doesn’t mean God hates us but allows suffering to perfect our faith so that we can learn to appreciate the Good things Goblesses us with which would otherwise be impossible if everything in our lives came by easy

  3. Deuteronomy 31
    8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

  4. Hello,

    I believe the problem is in how scripture is written. The Bible is incredibly ambiguous in the wording. I’ll give you a couple of examples and then try to explain why God never keeps His “Word”

    Psalm 34:15 and 34:17 KJV

    15 The eyes of the Lord are apon the righteous, and His ears are open unto their cry.

    17 The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

    Let start with what appears to be promises from God but are actually ambiguous deceptions.

    Here is what makes them deceptive promises. Both verses refer to the person’s being promised. The “righteous.” Why is this important, you ask? Because NOBODY IS RIGHTEOUS. The Bible is quite clear that none of the human race can ever meet God’s definition of righteous. We are all sinners that fall short of the glory of God. Nobody can measure up. The Bible is also quite clear that God doesn’t hear sinners. He only listened to the righteous man, of which there are none.

    Look through out the Bible, and you will notice that all of God’s promises are worded in the same ambiguous, deceptive manner. Loopholes that allow God to not do anything that He promised. Thanks

    God bless you through the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

    • Your question is reasonable but God’s word is spiritual and can only be understood, received, and believed to the regenerate mind, someone with the Holy Spirit. Context is also important. God also desires people who don’t want to be spoon feed but will search out the truth. When you have His Spirit His word brings life and deepens fellowship with Christ and changes the heart. God’s Spirit begins to teach the believer in revealing spiritual truth and understanding to bring life and godliness. The “righteous” often time are referring to believers, those who have His Spirit and are united to Christ by faith. It is faith in the righteousness of Christ that saves a person and makes them righteous as God imputes His righteousness to the believer. However, just because a true believer (born again/Holy Spirit) and is still a sinner in one sense, they can still be righteous in their conduct in God’s eyes in that they are walking in the Spirit and loving God and neighbor with a pure heart. Not ours in that they don’t have sinful thoughts and desires but pure in that they are crucifying the flesh and confessing sin and taking their thoughts captive and changing their thinking and God changes their desires and emotions to become more confirmed to His nature. This is sanctification, heart change (holiness) which also leads to outward godliness (speech, actions, habits, etc). You’re scripture about no one being righteous is true in one sense but that context is often describing unbelievers who are not righteous in any sense as their don’t have faith in Christ (don’t have His righteousness), don’t have the Spirit, and aren’t able to walk in newness of life and live how God desires which is a heart of selfless love and devotion to God and love for all people. Someone born again and loving and obeying Christ is righteous both positionally and spiritually. Can they stray and walk in the flesh, yes and when they are waking in the flesh they would not be righteous in their heat and conduct. This is why God said Jon was a righteous man and even Job knew it because he was a child of God and faithful in his heart and life.

    • The Bible clearly says we are the righteous through Christ Jesus, which makes a man righteous, which means God answers their cry. The Bible is also clear that Job was considered a righteous man.

  5. This is completely DEMONIC and a FALSE doctrine you are spreading. The Holy Spirit does not come with guilt, nor shame, nor sorrow. God does not hold grudges nor does he accuse. 1 Chronicles 28:20 tells us that God will never leave nor forsake us. If i were Satan, I would convince a believer of everything you just wrote in order to lead them into a spirit of shame and opposition to the Lord. Delete this foolishness!

    • You sound like a lost disgruntled Calvinist who believes in eternal security which is a lie from the pits of hell. Who told that you can’t fall away if you live a careless sinful lifestyle? Hope you come to the truth before it’s too late, dear. God bless.


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