10 Warning Signs The Holy Spirit Has Left You[ For Sure.]

Have you ever wondered if the Holy Spirit has left you? And the signs the Holy Spirit has left you to look out for in your life if you suspect that is the case?

This is what this article will address today as many people including Christians want to know whether the Holy Spirit is still present in their life or has left them.

Without wasting much of your precious time, here are the 10 signs the Holy Spirit has left you that will clearly show that God’s Spirit is no longer present in your life.

10 Signs The Holy Spirit Has Left You.

Below are the 10 signs to look out for if you suspect and worry that the Holy Spirit may have left you so that you can do something about it.

  • No More Conviction When You Sin.
  • No Fruits Of The Spirit In Your Life.
  • Evidence Of The Works Of The Flesh.
  • Loss Of God’s Presence.
  • No Longer Interested In God’s Word.
  • No Longer Love The Truth.
  • No Longer Interested In Prayer.
  • No Desire To Fellowship With Other Believers.
  • You Will Love Sin.
  • No Desire For Spiritual Things.

1. No More Conviction When You Sin.

One of the signs that will show the Holy Spirit has left you is that the conviction you once had when you sin will no longer be there which is why you will indulge in willful sin.

This is why even when another believer in Christ tries to warn you of your sinful lifestyle, it will no longer matter to you as you will see no issue with the kind of sinful lifestyle you are living in as you will be filled in your own sinful ways (Proverbs 14:14).

It’s the Holy Spirit that is responsible for convicting us of our sins and acts as a watchman to help us not to stumble into sin but when that watchman is lost, you will have nothing to remind you that you have sinned and need repentance which is why you will continue in sin with impunity.

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2. No Fruits Of The Spirit In Your Life.

Another sign that will show the Holy Spirit has left a person is that the 9 fruits of the Spirit Galatians 5:22,23 talks about will nowhere to be seen in the life of such a person or a believer who has backslidden or fallen back into sin.

Instead, the works of the flesh found in Galatians 5:19-21 are what will now manifest in your life as now a different spirit is now controlling your life that makes you walk after the sinful desires of your sinful flesh.

This will be so because the Holy Spirit that helps any believer to walk after the Spirit and not fulfil the sinful lustful desires of the flesh will no longer be there to help you do that.

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3. Evidence Of The Works Of The Flesh.

The works of the flesh Galatians 5:19-21 talks about are what will now manifest if God’s Spirit is no longer present in your life to help you walk after the Spirit and not the flesh.

This is why you will now indulge in all manner of sins such as sexual immorality, drunkenness, strife, lasciviousness and so on, which you never indulged yourself in when the Holy Spirit was still present in your life.

You can only overcome the works of the flesh by the power of the Holy Ghost and not by your own strength, which is why you will find it impossible to live a godly life that’s above sin if the Holy Spirit has departed from you because of you backsliding into sin.

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4. Loss Of God’s Presence.

You will also lose the presence of God in your life if the Holy Spirit is no longer present in your life because it’s God’s Spirit that is responsible for attracting God’s presence in the life of any believer.

Since God’s presence cannot dwell in the midst of sin just like the Holy Spirit, it, therefore, follows that when the Holy Spirit leaves a person due to the presence of sin in the life of that person, the Holy Spirit will leave, too.

This is why 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost that is why you must not defile your body with sin if you don’t want the Holy Ghost to abandon you because the Holy Ghost cannot dwell in bodies that are defiled by sin.

5. No Longer Interested In God’s Word.

A person who no longer has the Holy Spirit in them will no longer be interested in reading God’s word anymore as they will now find God’s word boring and uninteresting.

On the other hand, if the Holy Ghost is no longer present in your Christian life, you will now be interested in the mundane things of this world, which please the flesh and not God as the flesh cannot please God as Romans 8:8 wonderfully put it.

If you no longer have the Holy Spirit in you that makes one thirst and hunger for God’s word, which nourishes your soul, you will love pleasure instead which is why going to parties will now be more interesting than going to church, which you will assume it’s for old people.

6. No Longer Love The Truth.

Jesus Christ said in John 16:13 that He will send us the Spirit of truth that will help to guide us into all truth and protect every believer from the deception of false doctrines which are rampant nowadays in many churches.

But if the Holy Spirit responsible for this truth the Lord Jesus Christ talks about in the above verse that protects every believer or true Christian from falsehood is no longer in your life, you will now start finding the false teaching you abhorred appealing now.

This is why you will no longer be able to endure the sound doctrine of the bible as Paul says in 2 Timothy 4:3 as you will find the unadulterated truth of God’s word offensive now because the Holy Spirit to help you love the truth and hate falsehood is no longer present in your life.

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7. No Longer Interested In Prayer.

Prayer is one of the important backbones of every Christian as prayer is what helps you fight and win spiritual battles through the pulling down of the mighty strongholds as well as your spiritual growth as a Christian.

You must remember that it’s the Holy Spirit that helps every believer pray according to God’s will as He’s the one who gives utterance (Romans 8;26,27) so that we don’t make prayers that are full of vain repetitions and vain words.

However, if the Holy Spirit is no longer in your life, prayer will no longer be attractive in your life anymore, as you will find it burdensome. If you used to pray for one hour daily, it will now be zero if you no longer have the Holy Ghost in you to energize you in prayer.

8. No Desire To Fellowship With Other Believers.

If you no longer have the Holy Spirit in your life, you will no longer desire to congregate and fellowship with other believers in Christ Jesus as you will see no benefit of doing that.

This will be because you now have a different spirit controlling you that is different from that of a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:25 tells us not to forsake that assembling of each other as believers of the same faith as it’s very beneficial to the body of Christ as a whole.

Instead, you will now prefer to associate with sinners or other backsliders who are just like you who have abandoned and forsaken their Christian faith because of the same spirit that you all have in common.

9. You Will Love Sin.

You will also love sin if the Holy Spirit to convict you of your sins is no longer present in your life. Since God’s Spirit is holy and hates sin, there is no way you are going to love to sin if the presence of the Holy Spirit is in your life.

However, if God’s Spirit is no longer in your life that the Lord Jesus Christ imparts in you when you become truly saved that makes you hate sin and love righteousness instead; you will now love sin and hate holiness as 2 Thessalonians 2:10 says.

This will be seen in the kind of sinful lifestyle you now live which is why you will now justify and defend your sinful lifestyle now which you once condemned before you backslid.

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10. No Desire For Spiritual Things.

Last but not least, if the Holy Spirit has left your life, you have no desire for spiritual things or conversations about them because they will now be foolishness unto you as 1 Corinthians 2:14 wonderfully put it as natural man can’t perceive spiritual things that are spiritually discerned.

The only time you will think about church is when you are going there. You find yourself looking at your watch during worship services and sermons because you can hardly wait until they’re done.

Instead, you will now be interested in the things and pleasures of this world that pleases your flesh, which can’t even give you eternal life by the way. It is why you will rather spend time watching sports or going to parties than going to church or reading God’s word.

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I hope that the above 10 signs the Holy Spirit has left you will help you now examine yourself if you are still in the faith so that you can be sure that  God’s Spirit hasn’t left you due to sin or if He has, repent so that His presence can be restored into your life. In closing, if you found this post edifying, let me know in the comments below along with any questions you might have on what you have read. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share.

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68 thoughts on “10 Warning Signs The Holy Spirit Has Left You[ For Sure.]”

  1. I’m having a hard time right now cause I don’t want to sin against God and I won’t but the holy spirit feels far from me. I backslid for about a year and I just want to continue walking with the lord more than anything…I still feel conviction of sin but when I read my Bible it feels as though it’s too late…but even with that thought of feeling like it’s to late I still don’t want to sin against him so I’m having a hard time right now

    • It’s not too late dear brother the fact that it shows you want to walk with the Lord even when you backslid before shows that there is still hope for you for full restoration and that God’s Spirit is still at work in your life. Just don’t give up and vow to sin no more and you will be fine in no time. Stay blessed and hope my reply was of great help to you. Satan is the one who want you to think that it’s too late when in fact it’s not.

  2. First off you cannot lose the Holy Spirit when you are saved you are sealed to the day of redemption this is a false hope if your saying the Holy Spirit can be lost yes you can grieve the Holy Spirit but never lose it he that starts a good work in you will finish it without the Holy Spirit you would have no salvation and there wouldn’t be no regeneration there is nothing we can do to lose the Holy Spirit unless it is by works to keep it the only requirement is to be born again by grace through faith in Jesus death burial and resurrection and we are promised eternal life and the Holy Spirit to the day of redemption there is nothing else we can do to keep our salvation we don’t follow Gods laws or are we saved by works when Jesus went to the cross you took all of our sins from past present and future there is power in his blood God bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ ❤️✝️

      • Hi. I need help. I felt the holy spirit leave me literally. I DESPERATLY want to recieve him back. I watch sermons on you tube all day and try stay away from sin as best as possible. I don’t even go around people o. Fear of sinning. I’m scared ro death an I miss the fellowship I had with the lord I just don’t feel him there anymore. Please help I think I’m going crazy. I cry all day and have such anxiety now. I didn’t head to the warnings and relapsed on drugs and that is why the holy spirit left I believe. Is it too late?? I am sober and have Been for awhile but I still can’t seem to get my relationship with th hs back

        • Just pray to God for help and grace to help you stop sinning if you are struggling with any sin in your life and all will be well with your soul, dear and the Holy Spirit will come back in your life in no time just don’t panic.

        • Darling, have an honest talk with God. Speak from your heart, if you have to start off by saying what you think you should be praying about, eventually, if you focus on speaking, God will give you the words. When that line of communication is opened, the holy spirit will flood through!

        • That’s true indeed the Lord will not forsake us as long as we abide in Him but if we forsake Him, He will forsake us, too, dear. Thanks for chiming in. Godbless.

        • It depends on the apostate state of the person. Most cannot come back not because God doesn’t want them saved but because many out of their own free will have chosen to reject God which is why many apostates don’t return as they couldn’t care less about God. Hope this helps God bless. If you fell like returning to God then, it shows you are not a true apostate because if you were, God wouldn’t matter to you anymore.

  3. From the evidences, I fear I have actually blasphemed the Holy Spirit all these years, deceived without realizing that. Please keep me in prayer for God’s forgiveness

    • I don’t think so because if you did, you wouldn’t even care at all. The fact that you want God’s forgiveness shows that there is still hope for you to be restored. Just keep praying and say no to sin; you shall be restored in no time if you are willing to do so. Godbless

  4. I have drifted away and been indifferent to the Lord for the past 3 years. I am now cold hearted and not interested in living a righteous life. Fear that i was never a true believer and lived in the past assuming in the past that I was a true believer when I was not actually one. Please help and advise how can I come back to the Lord where I fear I have become an apostate now

    • Hi dear, there, It’s not too late to return to the Lord as long as you really want to with all your heart and want nothing to do with sin. If you want to know how you can be fully restored, Kindly check out this post on how to be fully restored after backsliding which will be of good help to you. Thanks and wish you full restoration in the Lord better than you were in the beginning. Godbless.

  5. These 10 signs have not been seen in my life for the past 10 years I remember the day the Holy Spirit left my heart It was the most terrifying day of my life Ever since he left my life has been dark gloomy I’ve lived in despair depression anxiety fear hopelessness I feel I have no direction no answers from God no guidance no leading from the Holy Spirit empty. The 1st 12 years of my walk with God. I continued watching pornography pornography smoking marijuana marijuana very angry, mean. ,lusting, sexual immorality. Until one day in prayer the Lord spoke to my spirit and told me that if I can that if I continued and will for sin that I would go to hell. Until one day I decided to smoke some marijuana after the 1st hit right when I inhaled I heard him say to me that I made my choice and his Holy Spirit left my heart I felt the spirit leave my heart And has never returned up to this day I can’t repent no matter how much I try No amount of fasting praying or reading the word of God I feel condemned abandoned and forsaken I’m doomed. Not even in church do I feel his presence his people don’tWant anything to do with me I feel rejected by everyone even his people.. 1st John 5:16 says that there is a sin that leads to death I believe that is where I’m at now with no expectation of salvation only of hell fire. He says in his word that he’ll never leave you nor forsake you, that is true he will never do it not of his own accord, but if we continue to sin he will depart, He We’ll give you over to a reprobate mind.

    • Hi Rey, you need love, Gods love. I pray that God brings people who will show you love, I pray that you believe in his powerful love and receive it, as long as you’re alive there’s still hope. Please keep declaring that you belong to God. I am writing this,I am also struggling to believe that the Holy Spirit is with me. But I couldn’t scroll without saying anything. God bless you:)

      • True indeed dear sister in the Lord there is still hope for brother Rey to be restored if he’s willing of course. Thanks for your godly encouragement to brother Rey as it will go a long way. You as well must know that the Holy Spirit is still with you as long as you say no to sin even and test to holiness and righteous living if you don’t feel like it at times.

  6. I’m TRULY in trouble. ALL 10 of these describe me to a T. There was a time when the Holy Spirit was fully working in my life. I pushed him away and he left me on April 22,2018. Today is July 22,2022 and I feel the firthest away from him than Evers I’ve asked Him over and over and over to come back to me, but it hasn’t happened yet so I’m convinced he’s left me for good. I would love if you all could pray for me ( if there’s any hood left for me)

    • Just pray for restoration and vow to sin no more dear and you will be restored in no time I also used to be in your position at one point in my life. Just don’t listen to Satan’s lies there is still hope for you as long as you determine to have nothing to do with sin.

    • I believe there’s hope, please hold on hope. I’m crying as I read these. Hang in there. I really don’t think he can leave a person just like that.

      • True indeed there is hope. Indeed the Holy Spirit cannot just leave us just like that. It’s us who chase the Holy Spirit many times due to our sinful lifestyles.

        • Thanks Sam, I feel better, ever since I read this, I can now silence the voice of the devil like telling me lies that God is ignoring me.

          • I Am glad that this article blessed you, dear. Just don’t allow Satan to feed you with lies that God is done with you because that’s far from the truth even if you backslid you can be fully restored if you are willing to. God bless

    • The fact that you are asking God over and over again to come back and you are asking for prayer. The fact you are even on this forum proves how the Holy Spirit wants you back. If all was lost you certainly would not be asking for prayer because you would not care. God loves you so much Serena! We all sin and make mistakes. No one is perfect. Don’t let let the enemy trick you into believing God has left you.This is exactly what the enemy wants you to believe. He would love nothing more than for you to give up. We are in a battle everyday.
      Put on the armor of God and remember God loves you more than you could ever possibly imagine.

      • Thanks for your encouraging reply dear sister in the Lord to Serena. Indeed, God hasn’t given up on us. It’s Satan and his lies that make us believe so. As long as you are truly repentant of your sins God is willing to fully restore you today dear Serena Palmer better than you were at the beginning but you must repent and renounce your sinful lifestyle for that to happen. God bless you dear Sister Janice for encouraging your fellow sister to return to the Lord.

  7. I realized about 5 years ago that I am not saved. I thought I was all these years because I have a reprobate mind. When I was 18-19 I was constantly going against what the Holy Spirit was convicting me to do. I never really repented of my sins just kept asking Jesus to save me. One night after I had just moved my boyfriend in with me (I was separated but not divorced from my husband) I was laying in bed with him and I felt my conscience (the Holy Spirit) go out like a light. All of the sudden the guilty feeling I had had in my stomach for so long went away. Since then I had a quiet sound in my head. Hardly any thoughts, nothing to talk about nothing to be passionate about, no convictions and not really any feelings. I thought all these years that I was just depressed and I didn’t realize that I was not saved and I don’t have the Holy Spirit or Jesus. I dont understanf how I could have done that. I don’t know why I didn’t realize I was losing God and that I was going to be eternally condemned. I am so scared. I can’t live life. I lay in my bed all day long and try to pray but I know it’s too late for me. I have been reading about how some are made for destruction and to be the product of His wrath and I am so sad that I was not chosen as one of the elect. I heard about Jesus all my life and I don’t know how I didn’t do it right. Why would I refuse a Savior and not want to walk through life with the Holy Spirit and all the children of God. I thought I had a mental illness and that was why I couldn’t connect. That’s not it it’s because I have no Holy Spirit or conscience. I keep hoping there is some way out and some way to change my life but I know there isn’t.

    • Just be truly repentant dear and be willing to forsake your sin and you will obtain the forgiveness of your sins and full restoration. Quit your adulterous relationship with your boyfriend if you are still with him and reconcile with your lawfully wedded husband if you haven’t done so and report the findings I can assure you that you will be fully restored and forgiven if you do what I have told you dear. Praying for your full restoration.

  8. Thank you for your merciful reply, God’s children have so much love. I have loved without loving others at all. My pastor knows I am not a believer and he won’t talk to me. I have no guilt and have tried to repent for 5 years but I can’t. I don’t have a conscience or that feeling in my gut about right and wrong. It is too late for me

    • It’s too late only if you decide to be so in your heart, dear. As long as you are alive, there is still hope remember, salvation isn’t based of feelings as feelings can deceive you. Bear that in mind and God bless.

    • It will come if you listen to it. The fact that you are almost 50 it is when you need to even be concerned about your eternal future and where you will spend your eternity should you suddenly die today as you don’t have much time left, dear. Remember, life is like a fleeting vapor it’s there today and is no more tomorrow.

      • I have prayed for hours and hours begging God to forgive me and bring back the Holy Spirit. He has been gone for over 30 years and I can’t get Him back. I believe what I did by not listening and never repenting is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I can not remember a time when I made the right choice even once and I always lived with that guilty feeling in my stomach until the day it just went away. I have read everything I can in the Bible and I don’t believe I am one of Gods chosen people. I want so much to hear.that still small voice and have a soft heart and connection with people but I don’t think I ever will. I am lost forever

        • You are only lost forever if you die in your sins, dear. Remember, being saved isn’t about feelings. So, if you truly repent today, I think you can get the Holy Spirit back even if you don’t feel like at the moment. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy who falsely wants to convince you that you are done. Thanks and God bless.

        • Hi Thami, I realized that the Holy Spirit has senses of a man even though He is God in everything and everyway. Meaning that you can talk to Him about anything, He does get angry and go silent but I am telling you one thing He’s not far from you. Look at it this way, if God asks a man to forgive a person 70 x 7 (if not mistaken) How much more can God forgive us? Its not too late for you, you just need to receive all that God has for you (forgiveness, love, mercy and many more) and if you are struggling to receive it talk to the Holy Spirit about all of it, remember He’s our helper He will help return to God, if you lack faith He will give you that faith, it is not us its Him who is doing all the work you just need to ask Him to help. It was His work that you realized you are not saved, others die without even realizing. God was gracious to you in opening your eyes that you were walking in deceit. He is inviting you again, you just need to accept the invite.

  9. I definitely think the Holy Spirit left me. The things of God have become burdensome and I do not know how to get the Holy Spirit back. I hope God will let Him come back.

    • That’s bad but the good news is that you can get the HolySpirit back if you truly repent of your backsliding even today as it’s not too late for you to be restored if you are truly repentant, dear. Praying for your restoration and God bless.

    • Hi Kathryn, don’t you think maybe you became religious and neglected a relationship with Christ? Matthew 11 28-30 msg says “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take real rest. Walk with me and work with me-watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” May the Holy Spirit minister to you with this word, Jesus wants a relationship with you, He wants you to look to him and be his friend. He wants you to learn from him and rest in his finished works. Remember we cannot earn salvation or his love with our works, we were not saved by works but by His Grace. I love you and God love you even more:-)

      • Thanks dear sister in Christ for the helpful reply you provided your fellow sister in Christ and this is how it’s supposed to be as we need to edify each other in the body of Christ. God bless.


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